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Football scout recalls time at 'Garvey'

Neil MastersA TOP football scout from Lisburn has recalled his fond memories of his time at Lisnagarvey High School which recently celebrated it's 50th anniversary.

Neil Masters left Lisnagarvey High when he was 15 to start his career as a professional footballer in England. He played professionally for 13 years and now lives in Norway working for Portsmouth Football Club as a chief scout all over Scandinavia.

He said: "I had a fantastic time at Lisnagarvey where I met lots of good friends and was taught by lots of really good teachers. I must admit if I had spent the same amount of time studying instead of playing football would have been an A student."

He continued: "I am now happily married in Norway with my beautiful wife Marianne and two wonderful boys James 4 and Kristoffer 14."

Neil will be home in Lisburn to celebrate Christmas with his friends and family.