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Installation of Quilly LOL No 442 office bearers

Wilson Beggs (Worshipful Master)The annual installation of Quilly LOL No 442 office bearers was held in Quilly Orange Hall last Thursday evening (8th January).  Worshipful District Master Bro Eric Jess (Quilly LOL No 442) and Worshipful District Master elect Bro Dr Jonathan Mattison (Listullycurran LOL No 616), conducted the ceremony of installation; officer bearers for 2009 are as follows: Bro Wilson Beggs - Worshipful Master, Bro Gareth Lough - Deputy Master, Bro Walter Erwin - Secretary and Lecturer, Bro Alan Roulston - Treasurer, Bro Paul Roulston  - Chaplain and Bro Brian Roulston - First Committee.

Supper was served following the installations.