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Andrew makes it 15 with new All Ireland success  

Pipe Bands by Mervyn McConnell

THE All Ireland Piping and Drumming solos were held last Saturday in Newry High School, where many of our up and coming young players competed in be the best in Ireland.

Andrew Scullion, the Leading Tip with the 2002 world Grade 1 champion band - Field Marshal Montgomery - won the senior drumming title with a brilliant display of drumming. This victory has given Andrew an amazing record of 15 All Ireland titles and his success will take a long time to be equalled.

Taking the All Ireland senior piping title was Gary Watterson, who pipes with Grade 2 Bleary & District Pipe band. .

This win must be the pinnacle of Gary's career for the All Ireland, is a title that all pipers want to achieve.

Winner of the intermediate grade was Brian Crawford from Ballydonaghy Caledonia. Brian has been absent from the solo scene for some: years now which must make this victory all the sweeter. He will now be promoted to the senior grade.

Gifts of a new practise chanter were presented to some of the winners by 'Beat Street' which is owned by Adrian Hoy, Leading Tip of Grade 2 Cullybackey Pipe Band.

Lisburn man Jonathan Greenlees, who was runner up at this year's All Ireland solo senior piping grade, also had another success recently.

Playing at the Northern Meeting at Inverness, he was just narrowly beaten for first place by New Zealand lady Fiona Manson.

Jonathan took second place and the silver medal, and is now promoted to the gold medal class for next year. He pipes with Grade 1 Field Marshal Montgomery.

A branch meeting of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association will take place on Saturday 28 September at 2pm in the Bridge Community Centre, Lisburn.

This will be the last meeting before the Annual General Meeting on 12 October and a good attendance is hoped for.

The tape and CD of this year's world pipe band championships will be in the record shops very shortly.

This is one recording that all pipe band enthusiasts really need to get hold off - and learn from.

According to top adjudicator Malcolm McKenzie, this tape is first class in both sound and playing. Especially the recording of our own champions - Field Marshal Montgomery.

Everyone can then judge the performance which gave them deservedly the ultimate prize in pipe banding - the world title in Grade One. 

Results of the All Ireland Solo Piping and Drumming Championships.
Senior Piping. 1 Gary Watterson; 2nd Jonathan Greenlees; 3rd Brian Martin.
Intermediate. 1st Brian Crawford; 2nd C. Shilliday; 3rd D.Farrelly.
Junior. 1st A.Tully; 2nd W. Evans; 3rd.G Stirling.
Juvenile under 16. 1st C.McCallion; 2nd K.Coyle; 3rd G.Louden. (All received practise chanters)
Juvenile under 14. 1st K.Houlihan; 2nd G.O'Regan; 3rd S.Cullerton.
Piobaireachd. 1st W. Evans; 2nd G.Reville; 3rd G.Watterson.
Senior Drumming. 1st Andrew Scullion; 2nd S.Creighton; 3rd B.Megoran.
Intermediate. 1st D.Doyle; 2nd T.Smith; 3rd G.Noade.
Junior. 1st S.McWhirter; 2nd K.Dowey; 3rd G.Doherty.
Best Female. Rhona Saunders.
Juvenile under 16. 1st J.Irvine; 2nd J.Hoy; 3rd M.Weir.
Juvenile under 14. 1st S.Murphy; 2nd J.Hoy; 3rd. M. Featherstone.
Chanter. Gold Certificates.  N.Milliken; J. Lamberton and C. Conway. (Each received a practise chanter)
Novice piping under 12. Gold certificate Gemma Redmond.
Drum Pad (under 12). K. Love (Gold Cert.); S.Kerr (Silver cert.); L.Srnith (Silver cert.)
Novice drumming (under 12). S. Painter (Gold cert.); G. Brown (Gold cert.); J.Beverland (Silver cert.);-A. Stephens (Bronze cert.)

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