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The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association  

Pipe Bands by Mervyn McConnell
Title The Association shall be called: "The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association"
1.0 Objects
1.1 The Association shall have for its objects:
1.2 To promote and encourage the culture and advancement of Pipe Band Music internationally, and to sponsor a Pipe Band College
1.3 To create and maintain a bond of Fellowship with all Pipe Band personnel throughout the world without discrimination as to colour, race, ethnic or National origins
1.4 To devise and operate a proper system of Pipe Band Contest Rules
1.5 To organise and operate the World, European, British, Scottish, and all Major Championships held within the United Kingdom

Our New President

As I write this foreword to the 2004 Programme of Events it is a dark, damp November evening The pleasant memories of the last year with the excellent weather and the large crowds seem a long way away

No doubt our bands are still keeping in tune and anticipating another busy year Hopefully the winter will pass quickly and we look forward to another season with some bands facing the great challenge of competing in a higher grade That is the price of success and I wish them well

Walter McKibben does an excellent job in preparing this Programme of Events and he is just one of many unsung heroes who beaver away, year in and year out, helping to keep the show on the road and I would like to thank all those who give of their time so generously and willing

We are the best Branch because we have the best and most dedicated people

As I stand at the competitions and see the massed bands in front of me, I am staggered to think what it must cost to produce such a wonderful spectacle All credit to the bands and the great fund raising work they must do, to keep their heads above water

I am anxious to see significant commercial sponsorship brought in to enhance the prize money and you can play your part by badgering your employers and customers alike to try and filch a few pounds to lighten the financial burden faced by all our bands Sponsorship can range from sponsoring a grade to sponsoring an entire competition and if you have any leads you would like us to follow up, please tell us

I would also like to thank those who presented trophies, often in memory of a loved one, in the course of last year and also those who advertised in this publication I wish you all a very prosperous and successful New Year and look forward to seeing our pipers, drummers and drum majors reaching even greater heights in 2004

Ronnie Crawford


Bands joining the Association will ensure that each person, including Committee members, complete an individual application form Each form must have the signature of the person making application, Juveniles only giving date of birth A computer print-out will be returned to the Band Secretary which must be carried by the Pipe Major or his/her assistant, at all contests or competitions and shall be available for inspection by the Association representative on request A further computer print-out will be returned by the Executive Officer to the Branch Executive Officer concerned No person shall be allowed to play in a contest or competition who has not been registered for at least 14 days prior to the contest or competition due All members shall be registered with their bands until such time as they wish to transfer to another band or leave the Association, for any reason Members wishing to transfer to another band or leave the Association must complete a Release /Transfer form which will be submitted to Headquarters for endorsement

For further details contact: NI Branch Secretary

Lorraine McVeigh, 16 Mossvale Park, Ballygowan, Co Down BT23 6LQ
Telephone (028) 9752 1657 Mobile: 07808 761623

Honorary President: THOMAS McCARROLL


Lord Laird of Artigarvan
Fred J Walker
Councillor Nelson McCausland
Councillor William Bell
Tom Buchanan
Noel Donohoe
George McClean-Holland
Canon Tom Keightly
Jim Major
Joe Cahoon
James Warnock
Thomas E Cooke BSc
Eddie Montgomery
Councillor Ann Wilson
Councillor Gerald Duglas
Tom Miller
Patrick J Long MEcom Sc
Cecil Shaw
George A McIlrath MBE JP
Malcolm Brodie MBE
Miss A Semple MBE
John K McAllister
Sandy McGimpsey
John Crozier

Life Members:
Fred J Walker, Charles Duncan Ernest Clarke

Honorary Member: Samuel Walker

Chairman George Ussher BSc

Vice-Chairman: Winston Pinkerton

Branch Honorary Secretary: Lorraine McVeigh 16 Mossvale Park, Ballygowan, Co Down BT23 6LQ Tel (028) 9752 1657 Mobile: 07808 761623 email:lmcveighl@utvinternetcom

Assistant Secretary: Miss Joanne Davidson

Contest Administrator: Mervyn Herron 9 Ballydown Meadows, Castlewellen Road, Banbridge, Co Down BT32 4QX
Tel (028) 4062 4849
Mob 07702 681189 E-mail: gha2921112@aolcom

Branch Treasurer: W Kenneth Crothers
Assistant Treasurer: Walter R McKibben
Trophy Officer: Mervyn Mayes Tel (028) 9079 1169

National Council Reps:
W Kenneth Crothers, Mervyn Herron

Finance Committee: Winston Pinkerton (Convenor), G Ussher, WR McKibben, James Crothers, James Henderson, FSCA, MI Mgt, WK Crother Ex-Officio

Executive Committee: G Ussher, W Pinkerton, L McVeigh, E Clarke, FJ Walker, T McCarroll,
K Crothers, R Parkes, W McKibben, B Montgomery, S Steel, M Herron, P Murphy, B Harvey, W Pollock, M Mayes, S Bailie, Mrs P Crothers, W Hanna, D Frew

Press Officer: Mervyn McConnell, 25 Greystown Avenue, Belfast BT9 6UG Telephone: (028) 9020 5317

Pipe Band Magazine Correspondent: FJ Walker, 11 Carnvue Crescent, Newtownabbey BT36 6NH Telephone: (028) 9083 3811

Northern Ireland Pipe and Drumming School:
Convenor: G Ussher
School Director: S Bailie
Asst School Director: (piping):- J Moles
Asst School Director: (drums):- F Noade
Administration Officer: Mrs Lesley Wilson Telephone: (028) 9072 9063
Administration Officer: S Noade
Treasurer:- C McNicholl
Publications and Librarian Officer: C McNicholl
Pibroch Co Ordinator: R Brannigan
Executive Committee: All elected officers plus B Rea and C Brown

Advisory Committee:
N Ussher,
S Connolly, W Hanna, D Taylor, S Hodgen, M Campbell, M Mayes, S Moore, G Moore,
Reps to the music board: R Parkes, M Wilson (Ex-Offico Advisory Committee)

Steering Committee Convenor: G Ussher, Secretary: S Steel, All Executive Committee, 4 from Piping & Drumming School, 4 Adjudicators, All Advisory, 2 Music Board Reps

Ladies Committee:
Mrs P Crothers
Mrs A Mack,
Mrs S Hanna,
Committee: Mrs S Butcher, Mrs B Harvey, Mrs L Crothers, Miss E McVeigh, Miss K Stevenson

Appeals Committee: Councillors, R Crawford, W Bell, G Douglas and TE Cooke BSc

Solo Committee: Convenor: W Pollock, Secretary: Samuel Lawson,
Committee Members:
R Brannigan, F Carlisle, F Gibson, G Greenless, Miss L Lawson, K Orr, R Parkes, H Stevenson, R Watt, G Watterson, M Wilson NI Branch Representative: G Ussher or W Pinkerton

Chief Steward: B Harvey

Drum Majors Committee: Convenor: G Ussher, Secretary: A Patterson, Stewards: D Spence, J Butcher, W Graham, B Milligan, R Davidson

Senior Drum Major: B Wilson

Drum Major Adjudicators Committee: Convenor: K Crothers, Secretary: R Young Snr

Piping and Dumming Adjudicators Committee: Convenor: S Steel

Contest Committee: B Harvey, E Montgomery, S Spence, R Weir, A Campbell, W McKibben, J Crothers, J Major, I. Cummins, T Wallace, J Crothers, Mrs L Crothers, D Mack, W Hanna, M Mayes, D Spence, W Graham, B Milligan, W Wallace, E Urey, R McCullough

Public Relations Officer: George Ussher Public Relations Committee: Ronnie Crawford, Eddie Montgomery, Gordon Parkes, Nelson McCausland

Publications Officer: WR McKibben Financial Advisors: Harry Stevenson, Mrs Heather Stevenson
All cheques, money orders and postal orders should be crossed and made payable to the RSPBA (NI Branch)




President: Jim Henderson FCA, MI Mgt
Chairman: P Murphy
Vice-Chairman: D Nixon
Treasurer: I Kee
Trophy Officer: A Booth Tel: (02866) 324078
P RO: David Brownlee
Secretary: Kenneth Booth, 14 Laragh Road, Ballycassiday, Enniskillen
Tel: (02866) 324078
E-mail: kbooth@onetelnetuk
Section meets 1st Monday each month at 8 pm in Railway Hotel, Enniskillen Section Annual General Meeting: 6th September



President: Tom McCarroll  Fairfield Antrim BT414DJ Tel: (02894) 467397
Chairman: W Pinkerton
Vice-Chairman: D Wilson
Treasurer: G Ussher
Trophy Officer:  M McCullough, M Johnston 20
PRO: T McCarroll
Secretary: J McLeod-Whiteside, 104 Milltown Road, Derriaghy, Lisburn
Tel: (028) 9061 0854
Mob: 07813 635838
Section meets 3rd Tuesday in March, April, May, June and October at 8pm, Adair Arms Hotel, Ballymena Section Annual General Meeting: 21st September

will be held last Saturday in the Month, January, February, March, September, November in the Bridge Community Centre, 50 Railway Street, Lisburn




President: Councillor Sam Glasgow
Chairman: R Montgomery BEM
Vice-Chairman: A Crooks
Treasurer: J Gilmore
Trophy Officer: A Ferguson Tel: (028) 8676 5429
P RO: A Patterson
Secretary: Miss G Patterson, 126 Castlederg Road, Drumquin, Omagh, Co Tyrone BT78 4PU
Tel: (028) 8283 1232
E-mail: GloPatt1@aolcom

Section meets 2nd Tuesday each month at 8 pm in The Royal Hotel, Cookstown
Section Annual General Meeting: 14th September



President: Councillor W McFadden
Chairman:  W Connolly
Vice-Chairman: D Mack
Treasurer:  J Major
 Trophy Officer: J Crothers Tel: (028) 9751 0459
Secretary: M Herron, 9 Ballydown Meadows Castlewellan Road, Banbridge, Co Down BT32 4QX
Tel: (028) 4062 4849
E-mail: gha9291112@aolcom

Section meets as notified at S00pm Bands will be notified Section Annual General Meeting: 16th September

All bands in Branch membership are entitled to send representation to the local section meetings Section officers are expected to attend the monthly branch meetings In this way business and all items of interest will be known to all bands at the branch

The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association Northern Ireland Branch

DATES 2004


31st January 

Branch Meeting Lisburn

28 February

Branch Meeting  Lisburn

6th March 

Solos, (Seven Towers PB)  Ballymena

13th March 

Annual General Meeting  Glasgow

20th March 

Ulster Piping Quartet's Ballynahinch

27th March

Branch Meeting Lisburn

3rd April 

Solos (Cullybackey PB) Cullybackey

l0th April

Mini Bands (Saintfield PB) Ballygowan

16/17th April  

Ulster Festival Piping & Drumming

Fri Night/ Sat

Monkstown Community School

24th April 

Full Bands (Indoor) Co Down Section  Banbridge High School

1st May

Mini Bands (Gortaclair PB) Malahide

*22nd May

Scottish - Major Championship Grades: Novice, juvenile, 4,3,1 Med 2MSR Dumbarton

29th May

Co Fermanagh Championships (cc) Grades: Novice, juvenile, 4,2,1 Med, 3 MSR Enniskillen

5th June

Co Antrim Championships (cc) Grades: Novice, juvenile, 4,3 Med 2, 1 MSR Broughshane

*12th June 

British - Major Championships Novice, juvenile, 4,2 Med 3,1 MSR Turriff

19th June

 Mid Ulster Championships (cc) Grades: Novice, juvenile, 4,2,1 Med 3 MSR Cookstown

26th June

Co Down Championships (cc) Grades: Novice, Juvenile, 4,3 Med 2,1 MSR  Banbridge

3rd July 

All Ireland Championships  Grades: Novice, juvenile, 4,2 Med 3,1 MSR   Letterkenny

24th July

North Down Championships (cc) Grades: Novice, juvenile, 4,2 Med 1, 3 MSR  Bangor
*31st July  European Major Championship Grades: Novice, juvenile, 4,2 Med 1,3 MSR (Northern Ireland) Lisburn City
7th August  North West Championships (cc) Grades: Novice, juvenile, 4,2 Med 3,1 MSR Portrush
*14th August  World Championships Grades: Novice, juvenile, 4,2 Med, 3,1 MSR Glasgow
21st August Ulster Championships (cc) Grades: Novice, juvenile, 4,3,2 Med,1 MSR Newcastle
*28th August  Cowal Major Championships Grades: Novice, juvenile, 4,3,1 Med 2, MSR Dunoon
4th September  Broad Island Gathering - Ballycarry
11th September  Section & Executive Officers Meeting Enniskillen
18th September All Ireland Solo's (Piping & Drumming) Newry High School
25th September  Branch Meeting - Lisburn
9th October Annual General Meeting - Lisburn
27th October Branch Meeting - Lisburn

cc- Champion of Champions
Best 5 out of 7 (NI Branch)
Med - Medley Contest MSR - March, Strathspey and Reel Contest
* - 5 Major Championships (Headquarters Scotland)

RSPBA (Northern Ireland Branch) On the World Wide Web

E-mail: nipples@AOLcom

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