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Young Achievers are hailed at solo piping and drumming event 

Pipe Bands by Mervyn McConnell

IT was a very successful solo piping and drumming event held recently at Cullybackey High School when this year's 18th Annual Solo Piping and Drumming championships took place.

Organised by Cullybackey Pipe Band there were 110 entries and a considerable number of young people received `Young Achievers Awards'. Adrian Hoy, spokesperson for the band, was delighted with the response received since they initiated the certificates a few years ago.

It was very encouraging to see so many young people getting involved in both piping and drumming.

This is a credit to the bands and tutors who give of their time in the continuing task of introducing young people to the pipe band fraternity.

A special thank you to everyone who supported the competition with special thanks to the Principal and caretaker of Cullybackey High School and the ladies section of the band committee for their excellent catering arrangements.

Adjudicators were - for piping Tom Spiers Edinburgh, Ben Greaves Belfast and Billy Dunlop who kindly stepped in at the last minute after Bobby Rea had to withdraw due to ill health. The band would like to wish Bobby a speedy recovery.

Philip Bell won the open drumming championships and Andrew Carlisle the senior piping championship title. This is the second solo victory awards these young men have won this season having came first at the Competing Soloists Organisation competition held recently in Monkstown.

The 56th Ulster solo piping and drumming championships take place in Monkstown Mossley Community School next Saturday, 16th April. At the moment there are 175 entries - 114 pipers and 61 drummers - and the starting time is loam for pipers and l lam for drummers.

Please remember all trophy holders must return their trophies before this event.

The entries are coming in for the Saintfield Full Bands competition which will take place in Saintfield High School on Saturday 23rd April. Promoted by Saintfield Pipe Band, this full bands event replaces the former mini bands competition and it is hoped many bands will support the new venture.

The last competition to take place in April will be the Co. Down Full Bands (indoor) event held on Saturday 30th April in Banbridge High School.

Drum Pad under 14. The first three winners all received Gold achievement awards. 1st Blake McVeigh. 2nd Ian McComb. 3rd Kyle Black. Silver Awards. Dean Bingham, Cameron Sharp. Bronze Awards. Renwick Sharp, Philip Armstrong.
Drum Pad under- 16. 1st plus Gold award Richard Green. 2nd Plus Gold award David Johnston.
Juvenile drumming under 14. 1st plus Gold award Steven Paynter. 2nd Plus Silver award Clark Campbell. 3rd plus Bronze award Robert Thompson.
Juvenile drumming 14116. 1st plus Gold award Gareth McLees. 2nd plus Silver award Aaron McClean. 3rd plus Bronze award Graham Craig.
Bronze Achievement award Gavin Brown.
Junior drumming. 1st Jason Hoy. 2nd Jonathon Colville. 3rd William Glenholmes.
Open Drumming. 1st Philip Bell. 2nd Gavin Noade. 3rd Tommy Sloan.
Novice Chanter under 14. All first 3 winners received Gold achievement awards. 1st Caroline McCrystal. 2nd William Wallace. 3rd Emelie Cromie. Gold awards were also given to David Kirkpatrick and Ross Hume. Silver awards were given to Robert Green, Adam Martin, Laura Campbell, Joshua Truesdale, Dean Cinnamon, and Adam Fittis. Bronze awards went to Jane Wylie, Demi Connor, Alison Sharp, Rochelle Brown, Naomi Campbell, Jade Myles and Jordan Hughes.
Advanced chanter 14/16. 1st Bradley Parker plus Gold 2nd Deborah Elliott plus Gold. 3rd Matthew Kelso plus Silver award. Bronze awards - Hannah Maxwell, Holly McCornbe.
Juvenile Piping under 14. 1st plus Gold Emmet Conway. 2nd plus Gold Jamie Walker. 3rd plus Silver Neil Milliken. Silver achievement awards also went to Alan MacPherson and John Fittis.
Juvenile piping under 16. 1st plus Gold Jemma Redmond. 2nd plus Gold Jonathon Lamberton. 3rd plus Gold Laura Lane Lawson. Silver awards - Junior Duke, Mark Ferguson, and Stuart Higgins. Bronze awards Stefan Blakely, Sarah Gibson, Philip Lewis and Kylie Beavers.
Junior Piping. 1st Ashley McMichael. 2nd. Kris Coyle. 3rd Philip Tasker.
Intermediate. B Piping 1stAlan Ferguson. 2nd Richard McGrath.
Intermediate A Piping. 1st James Gibson. 2nd Andrew Shilliday. 3rd Robert Walker.
Senior Piping. 1st Andrew Carlisle. 2nd Amos Gilmore. 3rd Glen Cupples.

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