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THE 58th Ulster Solo Piping and Drumming Championships were held last Saturday in Monkstown Community School where over 50 drummers and 70 pipers competed for the Ulster title.

The competition was organised by Mervyn Herron Contest Administrator on behalf of the Northern Ireland Branch of the RSPBA, and it was an excellent event well attended by supporters and competitors alike.

Taking his fourth victory of the season was Andrew Carlisle who added the Ulster trophy to the ones he had already won at the Seven Towers, the CSO Festival of Piping, and the Cullybackey solos.

Andrew pipes with the reigning Grade 1 world championship band - Field Marshal Montgomery.

Philip Bell also from the Field Marshal Montgomery band took the senior title in drumming.

The prize giving ceremony was held at 5.30pm with the drumming awards presented by Sam Hodgen from Andante Percussion and Rob Wallace from the College of Piping in Glasgow presenting the honours to the pipers.

Newtownabbey Borough Council were the main sponsors with Andante Percussion, Beat Street, Pipers Cave, and A.S. Warnock providing prizes to the younger players.

At the recent drumming workshop organised at the Cullybackey Solos, the guest instructor was Barry Wilson, leading- drummer with the Scottish Power Pipe Band and one of the world's top exponents of pipe band drumming. He was warmly received by all competitors on the day.

The workshop ran throughout the day in conjunction with the individual competitors and such was the success of this event that plans are already underway to introduce both piping and tenor drumming classes next year.

In addition, the band has been discussing the possibility of hosting a presentation from the adjudicator's panel, which would create a forum for both adjudicators and bands people to discuss all areas of adjudication.

Cullybackey would like to thank Mr Boyd and his staff for the use of their immaculate facilities at Cullybackey High School along with everyone who helped make the day such a success.

The ICTU organises an annual May Day march, which this year is on Saturday May 5. The march is made up of trade unions with their banners and marching bands such as silver, accordion flute and samba.

Unfortunately this year they have been unable to get any pipe band and they are asking if any bands would be interested in joining them on that day.

The march starts at approx 12.15pm from Custom House Square in Belfast and marches through Belfast, ending up at St. Georges' Market (approx 45 minutes to one hour). A small fee is also available to bands who join the march.

Contact Claire Moore Education and Training Officer at Irish Congress of Trade Unions Carlin House, 4/6 Donegall St Place, Belfast BT1 2 FN, telephone 9024 7940 or 9024 6898 for further details.


Piobaireachd B - 1st. Emmet Conway. 2nd. Graham Harris. 3rd. lemma Redmond.

Piobaireachd A - 1st. Andrea Boyd. 2nd. Andrew Hall. 3rd. Charles Noin.

Practice Chanter under 14 - 1st. Hugh O'Donnell. 2nd. Dale Fisher. 3rd. Ben McKee.

Practice Chanter 14 to 16 - 1st. Kyle Duddy. 2nd. Scott Barr. 3rd. John O'Donnell.

Juvenile Piping under 14 - 1st. Johnathan Gardner. 2nd. Ross Hume. 3rd. John Fittis.

Juvenile Piping 14 to 16 - 1st. Graham Harris. 2nd. Jamie Walker. 3rd Scott Wallace.

Junior Piping - 1st. Philip Tasker. 2nd. Jonathan Lamberton. 3rd. Laura J.Lawson.

Intermediate Piping - 1st. Kevin Rogers. 2nd. Andrew Shilliday. 3rd. Connor McCallion.

Senior Piping MSR - 1st. Andrea Boyd. 2nd. Andrew Carlisle. 3rd. Andrew Hall.

Hornpipe and Jig - 1st. Andrew Carlisle. 2nd. Andrew Hall. 3rd. Ashley McMichael.

Overall Ulster Champion Piping - 1st. Andrew Carlisle. 2nd. Andrew Hall. 3rd. Andrea Hall.

Drum Pad under 14 - 1st. Dean Bingham. 2nd. Cameron Sharp. 3rd. Adam Morrow.

Drum Pad 14/16 - 1st. Ross Taylor.

Juvenile under 14 - 1st. Blake McVeigh. 2nd. Dean Smyth. 3rd. Andrew Bennett.

Juvenile 14/16 - 1st. Stephen Paynter. 2nd. Clarke Campbell. 3rd. Calum Gibson.

Junior - 1st. Chris McNichol. 2nd. Gareth McLees. 3rd. Alan Bromwell.

Intermediate - 1st. Ian Lawson. 2nd. Chris Johnston. 3rd. Nicholas Harvey.

Senior MSR - 1st. Neil Ussher. 2nd. Philip Bell. 3rd. Brendan Megoran.

Hornpipe & Jig - 1st. Philip Bell. 2nd. Brendan Megoran. 3rd. Neil Ussher.

Overall Ulster Drumming Champion - 1st. Philip Bell. 2nd. Brendan Megoran. 3rd. Neil Ussher.

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