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MAP competition format continues  

AS already announced, the Music Board, with the approval of the National Council, has decided that the two-stage Musical Appreciation and Presentation (MAP) competition format will continue to apply in 2008 in compétitions of Grade 4A, Grade 4B and Novice levels at all Major championships, and at the Ulster and English championships.

The 22 tunes which feature in the list of 2/4 marches prescribed by the Music Board for 2008 are available from Headquarters. These are not test pieces and bands may interpret the tunes as they wish and may add or remove as they think appropriate to suit the abilities of their pipers.

According to the Music Board, Pipe Majors and Leading Drummers should bear in mind that the key objectives of the MAP project are to improve the performance of pipe bands at the lower levels in terms of technique, basic rudiments and relative note values in order to prepare them better for progression to higher grades.

The MAP format also provides the opportunity for more accurate adjudication with the two-stage approach. This more flexible method also increases the opportunities for bands to achieve top placings.

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The Piping and Drumming qualifications Board will soon have its own website. Pipers and Drummers will be able to view the syllabi (Already' available on the College of Piping website), find out how to become a registered examiner and study all other information relevant to the international piping and drumming examination qualifications.

The new secretary of the PDQB is Ian Embelton, Chief Executive of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association and the chairman is Alistair Aitken, of the RSPBA adjudicator's panel.

The playing requirements at the Major championships in each grade for 2008 has been released. They are as follows:

* Novice Juvenile and Grade 4 – selection in quick march rhythm for all five majors.

* The requirements for novice juvenile and Grade 4bands listed are OMAP contests. Scottish Championships on Saturday May 24 Dumbarton.

Juvenile- MSR. Grade 3- Medley- Grade 2MSR (submit 2). Grade 1- Medley (Submit 2) British on Saturday June 28 Birmingham. Juvenile-Medley. Grade 3- MSR.Grade 2-Medley Grade 1-MSR (Submit 2) European on Saturday July 24 Lisburn. Co. Down

Juvenile- Medley. Grade 3- MSR. Grade 2Medley.Grade 1- MSR (submit 2)

Worlds on Saturday August 16 in Glasgow

Juvenile-Medley. Grade 3-MSR. Grade 2Medley.Grade 1-Medley & MSR (submit2) Cowal on Saturday August 30 in Dunoon Juvenile-MSR. Grade 3-Medley. Grade 2MSR (submit 2) Grade 1. Medley (Submit 2).

The Ulster bands and drum majors enjoyed a very successful season in 2007 and it is hoped that 2008 will prove to be even better.

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