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Field Marshal clean up at Seven Towers championship  

A VERY successful Seven Towers Solo Piping and Drumming Championship was held last Saturday in BalleeHS Ballymena, with the spoils going to local band, Field Marshal Montgomery.

The competition was the first solo event of 2008 and attracted over 100 entries.

Their new competition secretary, Lorraine McVeigh, was delighted with not only the support of all solo pipers and drummers, but those who came along to encourage them. All credit must go to the Co. Antrim section for their forward thinking in staging this event.

It was a clean sweep for pipers of the Grade 1 Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe band when they took the first three places in the senior grade. Kris Coyle won first place in the grade taking his first major solo championship title. Jonathan Greenlees was in runner up place pushing many times senior winner Andrew Carlisle into third place.

In the Intermediate grade the title went to Philip Tasker from the St.Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band from Dublin, making the long trip up to Ballymena very worthwhile.

In the junior sections three first place titles were won by pipers from Grade 1 Ballycoan Pipe Band. Jonathan Lamberton won the junior grade with Scott Wallace the 16/18 and Jamie Walker the 14/16 sections.

Cullybackey put up a strong challenge in the drumming sections, with Gregory Patton taking first place in the junior and William Glenholmes first place in the Intermediate one.

Full Results:

Novice Chanter- 1st Emma Sands 2nd. Pamela Sterritt.3rd.  Joshua Truesdale. 4th.Jake Walker

Advanced Chanter- 1st. John O'Donnell. 2nd.Kyle Duddy. 3rd.Hugh O'Donnell. 4th.Jill Thompson.

Under 14. 1st. Andrew Hegan. 2nd.Scott Barr. 3rd.Racuael Anderson.

14/16 1st. Jamie Walker. 2nd.Ross Hume. 3rd.Neil Badger. 4th Alan Glenholmes.

16/18 lst.Scott Wallace. 2nd.Mark Adair. 3rd.Gavin Hasson.

Junior. 1st. Jonathan Lamberton. 2nd.Derek Boyce. 3rd.Emmet Conway. 4th. Alistair Murray.

Intermediate. 1st. Philip Tasker. 2nd.Michelle Redman. 3rd.Robert Black. 4th. Connor McCallion

Senior. 1st. Kris Coyle. 2nd.Jonathan Greenlees. 3rd.Andrew Carlisle. 4th. Glenn Guppies.

Novice Drum Pad. 1st. Cameron Sharpe. 2nd.Andrew Thompson. 3rd.Eoin Rodgers. 4th.Jake Magill.

Advanced Drum Pad. 1st. Robert Gamble. 2nd.Wayne Campbell.

Under 14. 1st. Dean Smyth. 2nd.Matthew Shaw. 3rd.Gareth McCombe.

14 /16 .1st.lan McCombe. 2nd.Clarke Campbell. 3rd.Andrew Bennett. 4th.Rebecca Sands.

16/18. 1st. John Stewart.2nd. Steven McGall. 3rd.Cathy Callaghan. 4th Connor Murray.

Junior. 1st. Gregory Patton. 2nd.Jonathan Colville. 3rd.Brian Hassin.

Intermediate. 1st. William Glenholmes. 2nd. Jason Hoy.

The 77th AGM of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association will take place in the Quality Hotel, Glasgow on Saturday March 8 at 10.00am for a 10.30am start.

Bands having made payment for the current year are entitled to send two representatives to the meeting, one of whom will have voting power. Some items on the agenda following the President and Chairman's reports are as follows: -

  1. Chief Executive's report - Mr Ian Embelton.
  2. Treasurer's report and financial statement.
  3. Finance Insurance and Maintenance Committee report
  4. Marketing and Media Committee report
  5. Auditors' report
  6. Music Board's report
  7. Adjudicators' Panel Management Board report
  8. Proposed alteration of Rules
  9. Notice of Motions
  10. Election of Office Bearers
  11. Any other Competent Business. A small number of representatives will be travelling over from Northern Ireland for this AGM and decisions made at the meeting will be made known next week.

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