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Andrew GribbenANDREW Gribben, 23, is the proprietor of `creatiV' Coffee shop and art technology business in Railway Street, Lisburn. He originates from Dunmurry and is engaged to Lila Ross.

What do you like doing on your day off?
Now that I am self-employed I don't get much spare time. I work Monday - Saturday and Sunday is my day of rest.

If you were to choose your favourite meal what would it be, where and why?
Pizza and garlic bread from a restaurant in Italy. I was in Rome last year and I loved the food. The pizza toppings were lovely and fresh and eating outside in the wintertime with lots of heaters around our table, just added to the ambience.

What has been your proudest moment?
When my fianc�e Lila Ross said yes when asked her to marry me.

What was the most frightening moment of your life?
Quitting a good job to start up my own business. It was terrifying, as there was no turning back once I had left.

How would you describe your taste in clothes? What's the most you ever spent on a single item?
I like wearing casual clothes but will dress up in suits for business meetings.

What would you do if you won a million pounds?
If I won a million pounds I'd buy my business premises to give me a bit more security, look after my family and have a fantastic wedding.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
I have loads. I get embarrassed sometimes when I'm speaking in public and get tongue-tied.

What music do you like?
I like a mixture of laid back music. From Johnny Cash to Christian groups.

Do you admire any historical figures?
Yes most definitely Martin Luther King Jnr.

Describe your best ever holiday. What would your dream holiday be?
I spent a summer in America working at a kid': camp and travelled around the states after Working with the children was a great experience and I found America to be such an interesting country. My dream holiday would be anywhere with my fianc�e.

What is your greatest remaining ambition?
To make my business a success.

If you were on a desert island what three thing: would you like to take with you?
Fianc�e, knife and flint.

If you could spend a day with a celebrity who would you choose?
I would go back to the past and spend time with Martin Luther King Jnr.


Favourite Car Delorean
Favourite CD 'Be still' by the Monteith family
Favourite Film The Great Escape
Favourite Comedian Robin Williams
Favourite Actor Tom Hanks
Favourite Actress Keira Knightley
Favourite Drink Latte

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