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Lynette Coleman  

LYNETTE ColemanLYNETTE Coleman, 30, has won the title of Miss karting GP. The part-time model is mum to two children aged 9 and 11 and is a rally driving fan. Lynette's career also includes television work on The Tudors, The Ultimate Guide to Everything, The Weakest Link and some TV adverts.

What do you like doing on your day off?
I like photography, horse riding and rally driving on my day off.

If you were to choose your favourite meal what would it be, where and why?
I really like Chinese food and enjoy going to the Red Panda restaurant.

What has been your proudest moment?
Having kids and my recent proudest moment was passing my driving test.

What was the most frightening moment of your life?
When a horse I was looking after ran away with me up a main road and it wouldn't stop - I thought I was going to get hit by a car. It was very terrifying

How would you describe your taste in clothes?
I like to keep up with the latest fashions but I love being comfortable with jeans and a top.

What would you do if you won a million pounds?
I would take all my family and friends on a mad holiday then the usual things like buy house and a new car

What was your most embarrassing moment?
I was in a rush to get out the door to go get my weekly shopping and I opened the wardrobe and grabbed two black boots. I pulled them on and drove to the local shopping centre. I had been in the place for an hour when I realised I was walking quiet uneven so I looked down and realised I had two odd boots on. I was so embarrassed as they were quite different.

What music do you like?
R&B and James Morrison.

What sports person do you most admire?
Frankie Detorri.

Describe your best ever holiday. What would your dream holiday be?
My best holiday was when I went to Cyprus for a family wedding. I had most of my friends and family with me it was the best holiday so far. If I could chose a dream holiday it would be to go to America to a working cowboy ranch like in the film City Slickers.

What is your greatest remaining ambition?
I want to travel the world and see all the sites like the pyramids of Egypt, the war museum in Poland and swim with dolphins in Florida.

If you could spend a day with a celebrity who would you choose?
Jim Carrey he is so funny I love a man that can make me laugh

If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you want with you?
I could not live without my phone and laptop and a boat.

Favourite things
Car -  Porsche 911.
Film - Brave Heart , Full Metal Jacket, Platoon.
Comedian - Lee Evans
CD - I love James Morrison at the minute.
Book - Angela's Ashes by Frank Mc Court. I read it in one day as I just couldn't put it down.
Actor - Nicolas cage
Actress - Angelina Jolie
Drink- Vodka and red bull

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