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Mark Porter

Mark PorterMark Porter, 35, from Lisburn is a business partner of new cafe Molly's Parlour in Castle Street. He also is the manager of Lisburn Rangers Football Club and has two daughters Megan and Katie.

What do you like doing on your day off?
I like to relax every chance I get -reading' or just watching TV but to be honest I don't have much free time With the cafe being open 7 days a week and my foot-b all commitments.

If you were to choose your favourite meal what would it be, where and why?
Fray Bentos mince and onion pie with mash and peas.

What has been your proudest moment?
My kids.

What was the most frightening moment of your life?
Waiting on John Terry to take that penalty in Moscow - luckily he missed.

How would you describe your taste in clothes?

What would you do if you won a million pounds?
I'd just leave the door open and walk off in to the horizon and be back sometime.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
Can't remember and I'm happy with that.

What music do you like?
Well I started off with heavy metal then progressed onto the rave scene and now I'm an avid Radio 2 listener. So I would say I'm in to all types of music.

What sports person do you most admire?
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson

Describe your best ever holiday. What would your dream holiday be?
My best holiday was my first trip to Canada with Lisburn Youth. My dream holiday would be to backpack around the world with my daughters and little backbacks.

What is your greatest remaining ambition?
To be successful in business and as a football manager.

If you could spend a day with a celebrity whom would you choose?
Stephen Fry - the only person I know who makes usless information interesting and makes it funny.

If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you want with you?
My daughters' Megan and Katie and Nintendo ds to keep them out of trouble.

Favourite things

  • Car Jaguar XJS sport
  • Film Alien
  • Comedian Bill Hicks
  • CD AC/DC - 'Back and black'
  • Book Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion
  • Actor Russell Crowe
  • Actress Charleze Theron
  • Drink Vodka and coke

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