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Richard Hale

Richard HaleRichard Hale, 29, is a service user at the Praxis Care Secret Garden which is set within the grounds of Hillsborough estate, with beautifully maintained flower beds and elegant walk ways. It is a workskills and horticultural/catering training project run by Praxis Care for vulnerable people. The Garden works to provide vocational rehabilitation and personal development programmes for people with learning disability and acquired brain injury, to develop and provide a range of Secret Garden products and services, and to develop the walled garden site at Hillsborough Castle

What do you like doing on your day off?
Completing various maintenance tasks at home. Socializing with my friends and attending various programmes within my local community.

If you were to choose your favourite meal what would it be, where and why?
The Vintage Pub, Lurgan. Cajun Chicken Burger and Chips. It's mighty tasty.

What has been your proudest moment?
Award of NVQ in catering.

What was the most frightening moment of your life?
Dad dying with cancer.

How would you describe your taste in clothes?

What would you do if you won a million pounds?
Drop with shock. Donate a large amount to Secret Garden.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
Damaging ride-on lawnmower in Secret Garden

What music do you like?
All kinds including Rave, Country and Christian.

What sports person do you most admire?
Steven Gerrard.

Describe your best ever holiday. What would your dream holiday be?
I liked Spain. My dream is to go to Disneyland.

What is your greatest remaining ambition?
Get a full-time paid job.

If you could spend a day with a celebrity whom would you choose?
Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you want with you?
Mobile phone, boots, mini-moto

Favourite things

  • Car: Subaru
  • Film: Terminator
  • Comedian: Harry Hill
  • CD: Country classics
  • Book: Motorbike magazines
  • Actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Actress: Julie Dawn
  • Drink: Smithwicks, coke

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