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A Picnic up the lagan in the SS. Mary


ON the 4th September we arrived at the mouth of the  River Lagan, and found the yacht moored to the side, and only waiting our arrival. We soon were on board, and then commenced arranging the numerous stores which we had brought with us. This being a marine trip, we made the vessel look as much like a marine store as possible, by the number and variety of clothes we placed on deck. Our many occupations and arrangements did not prevent us enjoying the beautiful scenery through which we passed in the first mile. Many of the reaches on the river, within two or three miles of Belfast, are certainly very fine, and were much appreciated by the voyagers. It should have been previously stated that we were at this time a crew of six people, possessing amongst us twelve soles.

Our passage was very satisfactory and pleasant, not marked by any particular incident, until we approached Shaw's Bridge. This triumph of engineering skill exists, primarily, for the benefit of man and beast ; secondly, for the perplexing and ruining of the pilgrim voyager. Such it proved to us, in the following manner :-Consisting of a number of arches almost exactly alike, no one could decide through which lay the deep channel. After a brief council, an attempt was made, which crowned our efforts with abundant success : we not only got through the arch, but ran triumphantly upon the bank on the far side. Each individual then carefully assured his colleagues that he was perfectly certain, before entering this particular arch, that it was the wrong one; and by this plan we managed to circulate the blame, and not burden any one excessively. This course suggested many thoughts to the writer's mind, and carried him mentally back to the early years of his parents. They had a little difficulty on one occasion about an apple  which they ate between them, and to avoid, as they thought, any evil consequences, they alternately blamed each other. How clear a proof of the law of moral transmissions ! that little apple transaction occurred 6,000 years ago, and yet in the 19th century of the Christian era exactly the same plan was pursued. How proud I was of my ancestry, no words can describe.