Through Changing Scenes

The Very Reverend Howard Cromie,
BA, B. D., M. A., D. D.,

Recollections of Life And Ministry in the 20th Century
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Joseph Thomas Cromie Margaret Cromie nee Herron Howard the Schoolboy The Cromie Family Scarva Street Church Banbridge
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Rev William Moore Richmond Craigmillar Church, Edinburgh The Manse in Enniskillen The Kirk Session in Railway Street Congregation The Rupert Gibson memorial Van
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Graduation - Trinity College Dublin 1950 With David Alderdice and Stanley McIvor at 
New College
Magee University College Londonderry Trinity College Dublin With David Alderdice at Graduation
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Great Victoria Street Church, Belfast French Reformed Church in Chateau Tierry With David Alderdice in Nice St. Enoch's Carlisle Circus, Belfast The Presbyterian College Staff and Students 1951
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Our Wedding Day The Scot's Church Kirk Session The Scot's Church, Enniskillen The Presbyterian Students Council Centenary Dinner 1954 Children's Christmas Tree Service in Railway Street Presbyterian Church
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The Railway Street Manse TheCongregational Committee in Railway Street Church The Railway Street Choir Railway Street Presbyterian Church Lisburn The Cromie Family
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Rev Howard Cromie B.A.,M.A., B.D., D.D.,
Moderator of The General Assembly 1984
The College of Moderators in Procession of The Rt Rev 
Dr Howard Cromie 
Monday 4th June 1984
The Moderator's Chaplins 
Harold Graham 
& Harold Gray
The Moderator visits Guysmere boy's Camp 1984 Preaching in 1st Presbyterian Church Fort Lauderdale, USA
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Dedication of the Organ in 
Scarva street Church, Banbridge
With the rev David Chan Singapore January 1984 After Lunch at the Singapore Swimming Club Bethesda Hospital Tomahon 
January 1985
Jim and Pamela Ferguson 
Paul and Susanna
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Dedication of the Egaleson Hall in Scrabo Church Extension, Newtownards Newcastle Presbyterian Church



Rev Douglas Armstrong; Mrs Elizabeth Gibson, The Rt Rev. Dr. J. W. Orr, Rev. H. Cromie in the Rupert Gibson Memorial van With the Irish Church Leaders in Sligo October 1984  
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Newcastle Co. Down
Howard and Kathleen Cromie President of Donard Probus, Newcastle The Very Reverend Howard Cromie,
B.A., M.A., B.D., D.D.,