Book of the Crumlin Bazaar.

FATHER M'BRIDE wishes to avail of this opportunity to convey his best thanks to one and all who contributed to the success of the undertaking.



Foundation Stone of New Schools.

[Report taken from the "Irish News," 15th August, 1914.]

THE interesting ceremony of blessing and laying the foundation stone of the new schools at Crumlin was performed yesterday by the respected parish priest, Rev. Francis M'Bride, in the presence of a representative gathering of the parishioners and visitors. Perhaps in no other parish in the diocese has the want of modern school accommodation been so much felt as in that portion of Glenavy parish in which the good work was so auspiciously commenced yesterday ; and Father M'Bride has reason to congratulate his people, and to be congratulated that, after the many efforts made by himself and his predecessor, the late Father O'Malley, he is enabled to begin what, in a short time, will be the full realisation of his and their efforts and aspirations to provide adequate and proper school accommodation for the children of this portion of his parish.

From the rented dwelling-house in the main street of the town, in which the education of the children has up till the present been given, the children will, a few months hence, he provided for in a building which bears all the essentials of a perfect modern school. Designed on the single-storey plan, and following - if not, indeed, improving upon - the most recent productions of the architect, J. J. M'Donnell, Esq., M.R.I.A.I., J.P., the school may briefly be described as providing accommodation for 150 pupils, boys and girls. The class halls are separately entered from short corridors, off which are the entrance halls, cloak rooms, and lavatories.

The interior divisions are so arranged that the entire area of the class halls can in a few minutes he converted into a spacious single building, for parochial purposes.


After performing the ceremony of laying the stone, Father M'Bride addressed those present. He was, he said, pleased that in the busy season of harvesting so many had availed of the occasion to put aside their work and assist at what was to all of them a work of supreme importance. It was an earnest of the practical interest they took in seeing that their children were to be taught and trained, not in the restricted and unhealthy atmosphere of a building such as that in which education was, under difficulties, at present imparted in Crumlin - better, no doubt, than the mud-walled hedge-school of our fathers' time, but which was not of a type that conformed to the requirements of present-day wants. The new building which they saw steadily rising to completion would be a monument to their earnest and persevering efforts in the cause of education, and in the practice of their Holy Faith, which enjoined on them love and sacrifice for the little ones entrusted by God to their protection. If new schools had been long in coming, they must remember the difficulties Which had to be overcome. Two sites were offered and plans prepared by the architect for each, but both had eventually to be abandoned as title could not be made. It was only when the holder of the present site was approached that definiteness was reached. They were indebted to Mrs. M'Areavy for placing the site at their disposal, and a better or more convenient one, he was certain, could not be desired. The area of the land would, after providing for the school, leave ample space for a future church and presbytery. As they were aware, the contribution from the Board of Works was but a very small portion of the amount required for the building of the schools, especially as in their case the basis of the grant was for a smaller number of pupils than the accommodation provides ; but it was the wish of his Lordship, the late Most Rev. Dr. Tohill, that ample provision for an increased attendance should be made in the building, a request to which he most readily complied. He had faith in the generous, open-hearted people of the parish, and that by a united effort on their part, the debt would be liquidated before the schools were completed. He reminded them of the good work already done by the ladies of the parish in organising a Sale of Work, and commended their efforts to all who could assist. There was, lie concluded, pressing need for a residence for the curate at Aldergrove. This work he intended to proceed with immediately, believing that he could rely with confidence on their moral and financial assistance in this undertaking, which, next to providing schools, was a work dear to the heart of every Catholic.

Amongst those present were:- Rev. P. M'Namara, C.C. ; Rev. J. A. M'Laverty, C.C. ; Dr. J. M'Namara ; Messrs. H. Hickland, J. Curran, J. J. M'Donnell, J.P., M.R.I.A.I., architect ; and T. Richmond (Wm. Richmond and Sons, contractors of the building), etc.



[Report taken from the "Irish News."]

ON Tuesday, 6th October, there was opened at Crumlin a Bazaar and Sale of Work, organised for the purpose of raising funds to liquidate the debt incurred by the Rev. Father :M'Bride. P.P., in erecting New Schools and Parochial Buildings. There was a very large attendance of clergy and laity from Belfast and other districts in Down and Connor, when Chevalier John Burke, J.P, D.L., took the chair, on the motion of the Rev. Father M`Bride, P.P., and the opening ceremony was performed by Sir Alexander Dempsey, M.D., J.P.

There were present :--Rev. Francis M'Bride, P.P. ; Rev. James Kennedy, P.P., Antrim ; Rev. John A. M'Laverty, C.C., Aldergrove ; Rev. Geo. Clenaghan, C.C., Glenravel ; Rev. Geo. M' Kay, C.C., St. Malachy's. Belfast ; Rev. P. M'Killop, P.P., Aughagallon. The laity present included--Sir Alexander Dempsey, M.D., J.P. ; Chevalier John Burke, J.P., D.L. ; Messrs. J. J. M'Donnell, J.P., architect for the new buildings ; Patrick Laverty, LL.B., solicitor ; Henry Lowe, J.P. ; Nathaniel M'Areavy, J.P'. ; James Hunter, J.P. ; Wm. Hunter, Thos. Moore, Thos. Travers, James Townley, James M'Quillan, Thos. Clenaghan, and Patrick Wilson.


The stalls were five in number, and were neatly arranged in the school-room. Appropriately hung as they were with flowers and colours having a bearing on the present European struggle, the effect was striking. After the opening ceremony had been performed, the ladies in charge began to get busy disposing of tickets for the various wares for disposal at the stalls. The attendance was so large that early in the afternoon most of the " goods " were disposed of ; and Father M'Bride and his parishioners so ably assisting in the noble work were open to the heartiest congratulations.

The ladies in charge of the various stalls left nothing undone to make the Bazaar a success, and it will not be their fault if the financial outcome is not a success. The


was in charge of Mrs. Clenaghan and the following lady assistants :- Mrs. Hickland, Mrs. P. Gillen, Mrs. Mulholland, Megaberry ; Miss Kearns, Liverpool ; Mrs. Begley, Donegal ; Miss Wilson, Dublin ; Mrs. Madden, Belfast ; the Misses Clenaghan, Larkfield ; Miss Rose Clenaghan, Soldierstown ; Miss O'Hara, Derrymore ; Mrs. Barclay, Belfast. In the


Mrs. M'Areavy was president, and she was assisted by Mrs. Henry Lowe, Glenavy ; Mrs. Quinn, Antrim ; Miss Quinn, Antrim ; Miss Charlotte Megarry, Waterfoot ; Miss Rhodes, Antrim ; the Misses M'Veigh, Ballymacmary ; Miss M'Shane, Belfast ; Mrs Trainor, Belfast ; Mrs. Travers, Belfast; Mrs. M'Quillan, Ardogreeny ; Mrs. M'Quillan, Largey ; Mrs. Connolly, Feymore ; Miss Morrison, Thistleborough ; Miss Crosser, Ballyginniff.


Mrs. Armstrong officiated as president, and was ably helped by Mrs. M'Allister, Mrs. O'Boyle, Mrs. B. Armstrong, Mrs. M'Creanor, Mrs. M'Cartan Mrs. Diamond, Mrs. Gillen, Miss Armstrong, Miss Shiels, the Misses M'Allister, Miss Maggie Cormican, Miss Sarah Cormican, Miss M'Gonnell, Miss Brankin, Miss May Mulholland, Miss Lizzie Mulholland, Miss M'Guigan, Miss Shaw, Miss M'Cambridge.


Mrs. Fegan presided, and had as assistants - Mrs. M'Lorinan, Miss Hunter, Miss M'Quillan, Mrs. Townley, Miss Fegan, N.T., Belfast ; Miss Kennedy, Miss May Megarry, Miss M'Guigan, Miss Shaw, Miss M'Cambridge.


Mrs. M'Nally, the Hotel, Antrim, president. She was ably assisted by Mrs. Rogan, Belfast ; Mrs. M'Keown, Antrim ; Mrs. Mulholland, Glenavy ; Miss O'Hara, Bangor ; Miss Duffin, Antrim ; Miss Canning, Antrim ; Miss A. Crossey, Glenavy ; Miss Kerr, do. ; Miss I. Crossey, do. ; Miss L. Connon, Pigeonstown and Miss M'Keown, Antrim.


The Rev. Father M' Bride, P. P., called upon Chevalier Burke to take the chair.

Chevalier Burke congratulated Father M'Bride on the fine schools which he had erected, and went on to deal with the European situation. He need not, he said, remind those present of how much Ireland was indebted to France. There were amongst the French people to-day many men of Irish blood who were taking a leading part in the government of that nation ; and could they ever forget the achievements of Marshal M'Mahon ? Looking around him that day at the magnificent buildings erected by Father M' Bride for the education of the rising population of the district, his mind went back to the past, and he realised that were it not for the Catholic priests there would not have been any education in Ireland. The Irish Catholic priests had at all times been with the people in their struggles. Their parish priest was with them that day, and was appealing to his people to assist him. That was a parish of historic associations on the banks of famed Lough Neagh. In conclusion, Chevalier Burke introduced Sir Alexander Dempsey, who, he said, came of a family renowned for their fidelity to the Irish cause and for their patriotism.

Sir Alexander Dempsey, who was cordially received, then declared the Bazaar opened, and, continuing, said he hoped sincerely that the response would he most encouraging for Father M' Bride. Father M'Bride and he (Sir Alexander Dempsey) had been life-long friends ; they had known each other from boyhood, and he had a particular pleasure in coming there that day to assist him in his efforts to defray the expenses of the new schools and parochial building. He felt sure that the response to Father M'Bride's appeal would be very generous, not alone from his own parish, but from other parishes. The schools were perfect in every sense. He (Sir Alexander) maintained that nothing was so vital to the health of the community as school accommodation. When the standard of school accommodation was imperfect and in an unsanitary condition the health of the children could not be good. Children at school were at the transitory period, and it was therefore doubly important that they should he in schools where the laws of hygiene were properly observed. The schools which he had the pleasure of inspecting that day at Crumlin fulfilled all the requirements necessary ; they were perfectly healthy and hygienic, and that was a great matter for any town or district.

On the motion of the Rev. Father M'Laverty, seconded by Mr. H. Lowe, a vote of thanks was passed to Sir Alexander Dempsey, M.D., J.P., and Chevalier Burke.

Subsequently the Rev. Father M' Bride hospitably entertained the visitors. The Bazaar was continued each day until the 10th October.





  . S. P
Miss Hamilton, Aldergrove 100.0.0
Entertainments and Sweepstakes 50.0.0
Autograph Quilt 3.0.0
N. M'Areavy, Esq., J.P., Ballyginniff 2.0.0
Miss Hamilton, Aldergrove 2.2.0
W. Savage, Esc Belfast (per Mr. M'Ateer, Ballyginniff) 2.0.0
Mr. Bell, Rochester, U.S.A. (per Mrs. M`Cluskey, Crumlin) 1.0.0
Rev. J. M' Ardle, P.P., Crossgar 1.0.0
A Well Wisher .. . . 1.0.0
Rev. J. M'Cauley, Dean St. Malachy's College, Belfast` 1.0.0
Rev. P. Black, B.A., C.C., Ballycastle  1.0.0
Rev. D. M'Williams, Adm., Holy Family . 1.0.0
Rev. P. Bradley, C C., do. 1.0.0
Rev. J. O'Brien, C.C., St. Patrick's 1.0.0
J. J. McDonnell, Esq., Ballynafeigh 1.0.0
 Messrs. H. &.D. M'Shannon, York Street 1.0.0
Mrs. Murphy, Aldergrove .. 1.0.0
Miss Dineen, N.T., Feymore .. 1.0.0
Harry O'Neill, Esq., Glasgow 1.0.0
Thomas Travers, Esq., Atlantic Avenue 1.0.0
Rev. J. A. M'Laverty, C.C., Aldergrove 0.10.0
Rev. P. M`Namara, C.C., Glenavy 0.10.0
Rev. J.M`Laverty, C.C., St. Patrick's, Belfast 0.10.0
Rev. T. Blacker, C.C., do. .. 0.10.0
Rev. J. P. Clenaghan, B.A., B.D., St. Malachy's College, Belfast 0.10.0
Rev. G. Clenaghan, B.A., C.C., Glenravel 0.10.0
Rev. B. M'Cann, P.P., do. 0.10.0
Rev. J. C. M'Bride, C.C., Rasharkin .. 0.10.0
 Rev. J. M'Kee, B.A., C.C., Kilclief, Co. Down 0.10.0
Rev. R. Fullerton, B.D., C.C., St. Paul's, Belfast 0.7.6
Very Rev. M. M`Cashin, P.P., V.F., Lisburn 0.5.0
The Sisters of Nazareth, Ballynafeigh 0.10.0
 Mrs. Murphy, Old Lodge Road, 0.10.0
Belfast T. O'Hara, Esq., Ballynageragh 0.10.0
F. Connon, Esq., Crumlin.. 0.10.0
J. Robinson, Esq., Dungannon 0.10.0
J. M`Clure, Esq., Glenavy 0.10.0
W. M Cormack, Esq., N.T., Randalstown 0.10.0
Miss M'Faun, N.T., Randalstown 0.10.0
Miss Hannan, Fairview, Randalstown 0.10.0
Miss Mulholland, Randalstown 0.10.0
Mrs. M`Larnon, Randalstown 0.10.0
H. Millar, Esq., Antrim 0.10.0
W. M Quillan, Esq, .Antrim 0.10.0
Messrs. Riddell, Ltd., Belfast 0.10.0
C. H. Macauley, Esq., Brunswick Street. Belfast 0.10.0
S. Caldwell, Esq., L.D.S., Victoria Street, Belfast 0.10.0
The late P. M'Keown, Esq., Ligoniel 0.10.0
P. Quinn, Esq., Church Street, Belfast 0.10.0
E. Shiels, Esq!, Broadway, Belfast 0.10.0
P. Molloy, Esq., Falls Road, Belfast 0.10.0
R. Barr, Esq., Celtic Park, Belfast 0.10.0
D. Neeson, Esq., Solicitor, Belfast 0.10.0
P. Laverty, Esq., LL.B., Belfast 0.10.0
F. Kerr, Esq., Solicitor, Belfast 0.10.0
M. "Curley, Esq., Chichester Street, Belfast 0.10.0
O. Gallagher, Esq., Woodland :Avenue, Belfast 0.10.0
D. M'Causland, Esq., Belfast 0.10.0
W. Mullan, Esq., J.P., Carnmoney 0.10.0
D. Rooney, Esq., :Antrim Road, Belfast 0.10.0
Joseph Shaw, Esq., Belfast 0.10.0
J. Murtagh, Esq., Crumlin Road, Belfast 0.10.0
P. M `Causland, Esq., Belfast 0.10.0
M. M`Causland, Esq., Belfast 0.10.0
T. M'Alinden, Esq., Belfast 0.10.0
R. Quiery, Esq., Belfast 0.10.0
J. M.Cavana, Esq., Cullingtree Road, Belfast 0.10.0
F. Kane, Esq., Clonard Gardens, Belfast 0.10.0
13. Devine, Esq., Belfast 0.10.0
Charles O'Neill, Esq., Lurgan 0.10.0
Wm. Johnston, Esq., Dublin 0.10.0
Mrs. M'Cartney, Dublin 0.10.0
A Friend (per Miss Dineen) 0.10.0
.A Sympathiser (per Miss Dineen) 0.10.0
Miss Stewart, Dunedin Terrace, Belfast 0.10.0
Mrs. F. E. Meehan, Manorhamilton 0.10.0
Jas. O'Neill, Esq.. "The Wood," Lurgan 0.10.0
W. Carleton, Esq., Clonard Street, Belfast 0.10.0

The following contributed 5s. each : - Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Belfast; Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Ligoniel; Thomas Maguire, Esq., Solicitor, Belfast ; J. Macaulay, Esq., Falls Road ; Mr. Glover, Belfast ; F. Reid, Esq., Springfield Road ; H. O'Boyle, Esq., Antrim Road ; D. M'Cann, Esq., J. P., High Street ; J. Rogers, Esq., J.P., Belfast ; D. M'Closkey, Esq. J. P., Belfast ; Maurice Maguire, Esq., L.D.S., Belfast ; M. M' Donald, Esq., Chemist, Donegall Street ; F. Hughes, Esq., B. A., Solr., Belfast ; Mr. Rogers, Union Street, Belfast ; Messrs. M'Coy & Sons, Smithfield, Belfast John Magee, Esq , Greenisland ; J. M'Carry, Esq., Ballycastle F. Bigger, Esq.,:M.R.I.A., Belfast ; W. Jennings, Esq., High Street, Belfast ; J. Filbin, Esq., Lurgan ; A. M'Nally, Esq., Lurgan F. M'Corry, Esq., Aghagallon ; Mr. Doyle, Randalstown ; H. M'Carry, Esq., Ballycastle ; Miss M'Michael, do. ; B. Higgins, Esq., Randalstown ; H. O'Rourke, Esq., Old Lodge Road, Belfast ; John M'Peake, Esq., Aldergrove ; J. F. M'Kenna, Esq., J. P., Antrim Road ; Arthur M'Areavey, Esq., Crumlin.
Smaller Sums ... 3 0 0

Tickets.--Master Tom and Misses O'Hara, Ballynageragh, 2 10s ; The Misses M`Henry, Ballinderry, 1 10s ; Master P. and Miss R. Skelton, Ballyginniff, 2 10s; Miss Hamilton, Aldergrove, 1 10s; Mr. John M'Peake, Aldergrove, 1 10s ; Christian Bros., Belfast, 2 14s 2d; The Misses Bann, Crumlin, 1 John M'Connell, Esq., Aldergrove, 1 10s ; Miss Murray, Crossgar, 1 10s; Wm. M'Ateer, Esq., Ballyginniff, 1 10; Miss M'Laverty, Whiteabbey, 1 ; Mother Gertrude, Crumlin Road, 1 ; Miss L. Lavery, Crumlin, 2 ; Miss O'Neill, Royal Avenue, Belfast, 15s; the Misses O'Kane, Kerr, and Hutchinson, St. John's N.S., Springfield Road, 10s ; Miss Gill, Holy Family N.S , 10s ; Mr. T. M'Peake, Ballyginniff, 7s ; Miss H. Mulholland, Ballyginniff, 7s ; Miss Maggie M'Ateer, Ballyginniff, 4s ; Mrs. Arthur M'Areavey, Crumlin, 2.


Messrs. T. & J. M'Ervel, Belfast - Eclair Vermorel potato sprayer.
Mr. J. Barr, High Street, Antrim - Rudge-Whitttorth Tandem Bicycle.
Messrs. Higgins, Royal Avenue - Large crayon portrait of Joseph Devlin, Esq., M. P
Messrs. Lizars & Co., Wellington Place - Telescope.
J. Marini, Esq., Ann Street, Belfast - Pretty picture.
Messrs. Millar, William Street, Belfast - Pair of valuable pictures.
Messrs. Leahy & Kelly, Castle Place - Meershaum pipe and cigarette case.
A Friend - Valuable china tea set.
Dodd's Remedies Co., Crumlin - Case of animal medicine.
Miss G. M `Aleenan, Castlewellan - Dress length and blouse length.
Mr. A. M'Manus, Glen Road, Belfast - Dress length.
Miss M'Areavy, Ballyginniff--Oil painting.
Miss M'Shane, Milford Street - Large ham.
Mr. Smith, Union Street - Large ham.


Mrs. Connor, Atlantic Avenue, Belfast - Pair of Dorothy bags in pen-painting, and hand-painted mirror.
Mrs. Travers, Belfast - Handsome black satin cushion in pen-painting, and collection of fancy articles.
Messrs. Lowry & Co., Donegall Place - Collection of ornaments.
Sisters of the Cross and Passion, Bradford - Collection of fancy work.
Sisters of St. Dominick, Belfast - Box of fancy work.
Messrs. Simpson Bros , High Street, Belfast - Work.
Messrs. Robb & Co., Castle Place - Box of fancy articles.
Mrs. T. O'Hara, Ballinageragh - Pair of fancy ornaments and pair of pillow cases.
Miss H. M'Keen, Ballyginniff - Parcel of hand-knitted socks.
Miss Murray, Crossgar - Poker work cushion square.
Mrs. O'Neill, The Wood, Lurgan - Work.
Mrs. R. M'Ateer, Aldergrove - Fancy table cover.
Miss Mary Morrison, Crumlin - Beautiful crochet flounce and yoke.
Miss Lizzie Lavery, Crumlin - Collection of fancy work.
Mrs. Hunter, Crumlin - Work.
Mrs. and the Misses Bann, Crosshill, Crumlin - Collection of fancy work.
The Misses Grant, Crumlin - Work.
Mrs. Morgan, Aldergrove - Work.
Miss S. Morgan, Aldergrove - Parcel of socks.
The Misses Moore, Crumlin - Fancy work.
Mrs. Owen Gallagher, Woodland Avenue, Belfast - Fancy work.
The Misses M'Areavey, Ballyginniff - Four cushions and collection of fancy work. -
Miss M. M'Henry, Upper Ballinderry - Valuable drawn thread work tea cloth.
Miss Magee, Upper Ballinderrv - Drawn linen tea cloth.
Mrs. M'Cluskey, Crosshill, Crumlin - Fancy work.
Mrs. A. Davey, 215 Antrim Road--Handsome tray cloth.
Miss Burns, Antrim Road - Collection of fancy work.

COLLECTED BY Miss QUINN, High Street, Antrim, and MRS. QUINN, Massereene, Antrim.


. S. P.
Peter Conway, Esq., Antrim 5.0.0

Rev. T. O'Donnell, P.P., V.F., Ballymena


P. M'Keown, Esq., Liverpool


Mrs. E. Harkness, Ballyginniff


Mrs. Quinn, Massereene, Antrim


Miss Quinn, High Street, Antrim


J.W. Girvan, Esq., Ulster Bank, Antrim


J. M'Cavana, Esq., Cullingtree Road, Belfast


Belfast Mineral Water Co.


Old Bushmills Distillery Co.


Rev. J. Kennedy, P.P., Antrim .


Rev. J. Sloane, C.C., Antrim .


Rev. A. Walshe, C.C., Ballykinlar .


Rev. A. Brady, B.A., C.C., Randalstown .


Mrs. King, London .


Miss G. M`Keown, Antrim .


Mrs. M`Cavana, Antrim .


J. Kirk, Esq., Antrim .


S. J. Holmes, Esq., Solicitor, Antrim .


Dr. Gawn, Antrim .


R. Rice, Esq., Lisburn .


S. Duffy, Esq., Belfast .


P. M'Aleese, Esq., Grand Metropole, Belfast .


J. A. Armstrong, Esq., Belfast .


B. M`Quillan, Esq., Antrim .


J. Duffin, Esq., Antrim .


J. M'Ginley, Esq., J.P., Belfast .


J. Gracey, Esq., Comber .


F. Barr, Esq., Boghead, Antrim .


D. M'Cann, J.P., Belfast (per Mr. W. M`Ateer. Ballyginniff) .


S. Rea, Esq., Antrim .


The following contributed 5s. each - Mr. V. M`Ateer, Ballyginniff ; Mr. G. Marquess ; R. Mullan, Esq., Antrim ; Miss Kirk, do. ; Miss Shaw, do. ; Mr. M`Namee, Randalstown Mrs. Hannan, do.

Valuable gold watch - Gift of B. M'Quillan, Esq., Antrim.
Beautiful cut glass epergne - Miss Quinn, Antrim.
Dressed Doll - Miss N. M`Keown, Liverpool.
Fancy work - Miss M'Keown, Liverpool.
Fancy work - Miss M. Quinn, Liverpool.
Collection of Fancy Work - The Misses Duffin, Antrim.

COLLECTED BY Miss MORRISON, Thistleborough, Crumlin.


. S. P.
Charles Morrison, Esq., Thistleborough, Crumlin 5.0.0
David Kelly, Esq., Belfast 2.0.0
Jim Rice, Esq., Belfast 2.0.0
Mr. Keenan, Belfast 1.0.0
D. Calvert, Esq., Belfast 1.0.0
E. J. Johnston, Crumlin 0.10.0
Mrs. J. Nelson, Crumlin 0.10.0
W. Woods, Esq., Belfast 0.7.6
Father Hubert, C.P., Ardoyne, Belfast 0.5.0
Small Sums 4.0.0
Tickets 2.0.0


Twelve dozen mineral waters-Gift of Messrs. Lyle & Kinahan, Belfast.
Fancy, work - Mrs. Wilson, Crumlin ; Mrs. Walker, do. ; Mr. Patterson, do. Mrs. Robinson, Lennymore.
Beautiful cushion and collection of fancy work---Miss Morrison, Thistleborough, Crumlin.

COLLECTED BY MRS. H. Lowe, The Leap, Glenavy.

  . S. D.
'Henry Lowe, Esq., The Leap, Glenavy 5.0.0
Rev. F. M'Bride, P.P'., Glenavy 1.0.0
H. Lowe, Esq.. Ballymaclose, Glenavy. 1.0.0
Mr. P. Crosse,, Ballyvannon (per Miss Crossey) . 1.0.0
W. J. Magennis, Esq., Solicitor, Lisburn. 1.0.0
Mr. M`Cavana, N.T., Glenavy, per Miss Lena Brankin 1.0.0
. H. Horner, Esq., Crewe, Glenavy 0.10.0
Mr. Charles Donnelly, Ballyvannan 0.10.0
William Moore, Esq., Ballyvorally 0.10.0
Miss Heaney, Ballyvorally 0.10.0
Rev. J. Boylan, C.C., St. Malachy's, Belfast (per Miss "Tweed) 0.10.0
Joseph Campbell, Esq., Glenavy ; J. Gillen, Esq., J.P., Glenavy ; Joseph Falloon, Ballyvannan. 5s. each
Tickets and Small Sums 1.0.0


Valuable quilt--Gift of Miss Crosser, Ballyvannan.
Half a dozen towels - Mrs. Hickland, Feymore.


  . S. D.
Rev. J. Kennedy, P.P., Antrim 0.10.0
Very Rev. G. Crolly, P.P., V.P., Portaferry 1.0.0
Rev. D. Rhodes, C.C., Portaferry 1.0.0
Rev. A. Walshe, C.C., Tyrella 1.0.0
S. M'Ateer, Esq., Crumlin Road, Belfast 1.0.0
Rev. J. Byrne, C.C., Downpatrick 0.15.0
Rev. P. O'Callaghan, C.C., Swateragh, Co. Derry 0.10.0
Rev. J. Macaulay, Dean, St. Malachy's College, Belfast 0.10.0
Rev.  -  M'Donnell 0.10.0
W. Clarke, Esq., Percy Street, Belfast 0.10.0
A Friend 0.10.0
Miss Ryan, Parochial House, Antrim 0.10.0
Mrs. A. Rhodes, Church Street, Antrim 0.10.0
Small Sums 0.8.0
Tickets 3.18.9

The following contributed 5s. each :- Rev. M. J. Fullen, C .C., Glenarm ; J. Barr, Esq., Belfast ; P Hurl, Esq.. N.T., Antrim ; Dr. Scott, Antrim ; Mr. Malseed, Belfast Bank, Antrim ; Mr. _M`Kay, Antrim ; Mrs. Byrne, Ballymena Road, Antrim.

Mrs, Hurl, Antrim - Pretty cushion.
Miss Rhodes - Cushion and toilet set.

COLLECTED by Miss M. M'VEIGH, Ballymacmary', Crumlin.

Messrs. M'Veigh, Ballymacmary) 1.0.0
B. M`Veigh, Esq., York Street, Belfast 1.0.0
W'. Thompson, Esq., Ardmore 0.10.0
J. Donaldson, Esq., Manchester 0.10.0
Bold Aldred, Manchester 0.10.0
Messrs. G. Muirhead & Son, Manchester 0.10.0
Messrs. J. Coombe, Manchester 0.10.0
Messrs. D. Gordon Stewart, Liverpool 0.10.0
Messrs. H. Barbour & Son, London 0.10.0
Sawers, Ltd., High Street, Belfast 0.10.0
Messrs. Wm. Barbour & Son, Hilden, Lisburn 0.10.0
Miss A. M'V'eigh, Belfast 0.10.0
Messrs. Hugh Craig & Co., Royal Avenue, Belfast 0.10.0
Mr. John O'Hara, California, America 0.10.0
The following Alexander, Waterfoot ; Miss R. Henry. 5.0 each
Tickets and Small Sums 4.0.0

Hand-embroidered drawn linen bedspread, and beautiful Irish crochet collar - Gift of Miss B. M'Veigh, Ballymacmary.
Large collection of work, and six pairs hand-knitted socks -  Miss M. M`Veigh,
Cot quilt and fancy table cover - Messrs W. D. M' Manus, Antrim.

COLLECTED by Miss REID, 5 Clonard Gardens, Belfast.

Con Maguire, Esq., Glasgow 2.2.0
D. Barbour Simpson, Esq., Solicitor, Lisburn 1.1.0
Miss K. Reid, Belfast 1.0.0
F. Reid, Esq., Springfield Road, Belfast 1.0.0
J. Reid, Esq.. Portmore, Ballinderry 0.10.0
Miss Macauley, Randalstown 0.10.0
Miss Gillen, Crewe 0.10.0
Mr. W. R. Yarr, Cromac Street, Belfast 0.10.0
Mr. Clapham 0.10.0
Mr. John Nelson, Portmore 0.10.0
Mr. James Reid 0.10.0
A Friend 0.5.0
Proceeds of Ballot of Clock (Gift of Miss Reid) 1.0.0

Drawn Thread Work - Gift of Miss Cinnamon.
Work - Miss Macaulay, Randalstown ; and Mother Gertrude, Convent, Crumlin Road, Belfast,


A Friends 1.0.0
Rev. R. M'Crudden, C.0 , Larne 0.10.0
Rev. J. Lagan, C.C., Whitehead 0.10.0
A Friend (per Miss M'Quillan, Aldergrove) 0.10.0
P. Meenan, Esq., J. P., Antrim ; Aldergrove Football Club ; Mr. M'Quillan, Colinwell House, Dunmurry. 5.0 each
Tickets and Small Sums 9.0.0


A fat sheep - Gift of Mr. M'Quillan, Aldergrove.


James Quinn, Esq., Ballyginniff 1.0.0
J. M'Ginley, Esq., J.P., Belfast 0.10.0
P. Finnegan, Esq., Belfast 0.10.0
W. Quinn, Esq., Milltown, Ballyginniff 0.10.0
Miss Moran, Glencree 0.10.0
Mr. A. Skelton, Ballyginniff 0.10.0
J. King, Esq., Belfast 0.10.0
Miss M. Campbell, Corbally; Mrs. R. Campbell, do.; Mr. J. Morrow, Ballyginniff ; Miss M'Keown, Corbally ; Messrs. M'Kibbin & Sons, Belfast ; Mr J. J. Martin, Antrim ; Mrs. D. Skelton, Ballyginniff; Mrs. Erskine, British. 5s each
Mrs. D. Moore, Corbally. 0.4.0
Smaller Sums 0.2.6

Tickets sold by Miss S. Crossey, Ballyginniff, 3 2S 6d ; Miss R. Skelton, Ballyginniff,1 7s 6d ; Miss Maisie Quinn, Ballyginniff,1 545 2d ; Bro. Cormican, O.M.I., Glencree, Wicklow, LT ; John Campbell, Corbally, 9S 8d; Dan Cormican, Glasgow, 7S; Bro. O'Hagan, O. M.L, Glencree, Wicklow, b; Miss M. Wilson, Muckamore, 5s ; smaller sums, 7S 6d.

Valuable china tea set - Gift of W. Quinn, Esq., Ballyginniff.
Beautiful picture, pair of frames in wood carving - Br. O'Hagan.
Pair of opera glasses, fountain pen and wedgewood tobacco jar and ornaments.
Work - Miss R. Skelton.
Crochet work - Miss M. Wilson, Muckamore.

COLLECTED BY Miss V. M'LAVERTY, Carrickfergus.

Rev. F. C. Henry, P.P., Carrickfergus 1.0.0
P. M'Laverty, Esq., sen., Carrickfergus 0.10.0
Miss Bradley, Randalstown 0.10.0
Miss Connor 0.10.0
B. Devine, Esq., Belfast, 0.5.0
Nurse Millar, Largey, Crumlin, 0.3.0

TICKETS sold by  - Miss Vera M'Laverty, Carrickfergus,  - 2 10s; Miss L. M'Laverty, Whiteabbey,  - 2.10s.

Work - Beautiful statute of Our Lady of Lourdes - Gift of Miss Bradley, Randalstown.
Cut glass decanter and two claret jugs - Gift of Miss M. M'Laverty, Carrickfergus.
Beautiful cushion and fancy work - Mrs. M'Laverty, Carrick.
Valuable set of drawers - Mr. Fitzsimmons, Greencastle.
Valuable collection of wool work and fancy work - The Misses M'Laverty, Whiteabbey.

COLLECTED BY MRS. J. M'Quillan, Largey, Crumlin

James M'Quillan, Esq., Largey to 0.10.0
John Heaney, Esq., Aldergrove 0.10.0
Miss S. M'Quillan, Belfast 0.10.0
E. J. Johnston, Esq , Crumlin 0.5.0
Mrs. Meenan, Ballycraigy, Muckamore ; Miss M'Quillan, do. ; Mrs. Robinson, Lennymore ; Mr. W. J. Kidd, Belfast. 5s each
Smaller Sums and Tickets 5.0.0

Twenty-one pound crate of section honey - Gift of Mr. J. M'Quillan.
Work - Valuable quilt - Gift of Miss Mary Megarry, Lennymore.
Cushion and collection of fancy needlework - Gift of Mrs. J. M'Quillan, Riverside:, Largey.

COLLECTED BY MISS M'DONNELL Feymore, and MRS. J. BRANKIN, Gawley's Gate, Lurgan.

Mr. Cardwell, Feymore 1.0.0
Mr. J. Rice, 21 Sorella Street, Belfast 0.10.0
Mr. P. Brankin, Belfast 0.10.0
5s each : - Mr. W. Nelson, Feymore ; Mr. J. Brankin, Gawley's Gate; Mr. Joe Kane, do. ; Rev. E. MacGowan, Aughagallon Mr. H. Murray, do. ; Mr. P. Murray, do. ; Mr. P. Brankin, Scotland ; Mr. M. Best, Aghalee ; Mr. D. M'Cavana, Rochester. 0.5.0
Smaller Sums 2.2.0

Beautiful crochet cot quilt - Gift of Miss M'Donnell.
Fancy work - Miss Kane, Miss Yarr, Miss Gillen, Mrs. Doran, and Mrs. Brankin.


B. Connolly, Esq., Feymore 1.0.0
W. Hickland, Esq., Feymore 1.0.0
Mrs. Braithwaite, Feymore 1.0.0
Mr. R. Megarry, Feymore Mr. D. Brankin, do. ; Mr. J. O'Neill, do.; Messrs J. & J Hazlett, Ltd. ; Mr. P. Mooney, Mrs. M'Areavey, Feymore Mr. M. Gilfedder, Mr. J. Burnside, Mr. J. Brankin, Feymore Miss L. Gibbons. 5s each
Small Sums and Tickets 0.10.0
Entertainments at Feymore 12.0.0

Mr. D. Barnes, Belfast - 1 dozen tray cloths and 3 Irish poplin ties.
Miss Nevin - Pair of vases.


Mr. H. Brannigan, Crumlin 1.0.0
Small Sums 3.5.0
Entertainment in Crumlin 3.0.0
Tickets 9.0.0


Pair of Boots - Gift of Mr. Magill, Crumlin.
Collection of work--The Misses Brannigan, Crumlin.


Mr. J. P. Brady, Belfast, 0.5.0
Miss M. Byrne, Belfast, 0.5.0
 5s. Small Sums 1.0.0
Tickets - Miss M. Megrady 1.10.0

Pair of pictures, Ecce Homo and Mater Dolorosa, in gilt frames, and three drawn linen teacloths, and collection of fancy articles - Gift of Miss Megrady.
Fancy work - Gift of Miss M. Megrady, Crumlin.


Rev. B. Laverty, P. P., Ligoniel 0.10.0
The Misses Magill, Kilcross ; Mr. W. Adams, Ligoniel; Mr. A. M`Bride, The Glen ; Rev. W. Salmond, Carmavey ; Mrs. Price, Kilcross ; J. Drennan ; P. O'Neill, Ligoniel. 5s each
Small Sums 3.4.0
Tickets 4.1.0

COLLECTED BY MRS. BURNS and Miss K. BURNS, Freehold, British.

Mr. J. M`Colgan, Londonderry 0.10.0
Mrs. Kealy, British 0.10.0
Robert Burns, Esq., British 0.10.0
Mrs. G. Erskine, Ballyquillan  
Mr. NV. M`Givern, Corbally ; Mr. J. O'Kane, Ballycastle ; Mr. Magill ; Miss Cuningham, 5s each
 Mrs. S. Erskine, Ballyquillan. 4s
 Mrs. J. Campbell, Corbally ; Mr. Keenan, Ballycastle ; Mr. A. M'Kinley. Mr. Mooney ; Mr. M'Henry. ; Mr. M'Lister ; Mr. M'Laughlin,do. 2s 6d each
: Mr. J. Black, Ballycastle ; Mr. Scally, Miss Verdon. 2s each
Small Sums 0.2.0
Tickets sold 0.12.7

Work - Mrs. M'Garry, Dungonnell,
Work - Miss K. Burns.


George M'Shane, Esq., New York 1.0.0
Patrick M`Shane, Esq., New York 1.0.0
Rev. J. F. M'Auley, B.A., P.P., Newtownards 0.10.0
Mr. J. Lanahan, Belfast 0.10.0
Mr. P. M'Gowan, Belfast 0.10.0
Miss M'Shane, Milford Street, Belfast 0.10.0
Rev. J. Healy, C.C., St. Peter's, Belfast ; Mr. P. J. O'Neill, Belfast ; Miss Kate Finegan, Belfast ; Miss L. Murray, Belfast ; Mr. J. Maguire, Belfast. 5s each
Small Sums and Tickets 0.15.0


Mrs. P. Donaghy, Lisburn 0.10.0
Mrs. Courtney 0.5.0
Mr. E. Donaghy 0.5.0
Small Sums and Tickets 2.10.0


Handsome drawn linen bedspread - Presented by Miss Becket.

Subscriptions Received since October 1st, 1914.


  . s. d.
A Friend 2.0.0
Rev. J. O'Hara, P.P., Dundrum 0.10.0
Rev. D. Mageean, St. Malachy's College, Belfast 0.10.0
Rev. C. Byrne, C.C., Dunsford, Co. Down 0.10.0
Rev. W. Byrne, C.C., Kilkeel 0.10.0
H. Thomson, Esq., The Elms, Crumlin 0.10.0
T. M'Ilroy, Esq., sen., Greencastle, Co. Down 0.10.0
Miss Armstrong, Railway Hotel, Lisburn 0.10.0
Mrs. Armstrong, 6 Railway Street, Lisburn 0.10.0

5s each : - A Friend, per Miss C. Megarry, Lennymore; Mrs. M'Afee, Rasharkin, per Miss Beattie, Crumlin ; Miss T. Lavery, Crumlin.

Tickets sold by: - Miss Charlotte Megarry, Lennymore, 3 Is 6d; Miss M'Faren, N.T, Randalstown, 2 8s ; Mrs M`Cormack, do., 9s 9d ; Miss M'Laverty, Moss, do., 1 5s; Sisters of the Cross and Passion, Ballymacarrett,1 1s 3d ; Miss M`Larnon, St. Patrick's N.S., Belfast, 1 ; Miss M. M'Comb, Largey, 1 ; Miss M'Larnon, Ardboe, 13s ; Miss Loughrey, St. Patrick's N.S., 12s 6d ; Miss Donnelly, do., 10s ; Miss Rogan, St. Peter's N.S.. 12s 6d ; Miss A. Barr, Muckamore, 11s 8d ; Miss Gill, Holy Family N.S., 10s; Miss Hart, Edenduff, Randalstown, 10s; Miss E. M`Comb, Aldergrove, 10s; Miss M. Hughes, Alder-grove, 10s ; Miss S. Gillespie, Cavan, 12s; Mrs. S. M'Ateer, Crosshill, l0s 9d ; Mrs. Connellan, Caledon, Tyrone, 9s ; Mrs. D. Allen, Killealy, 8s 6d ; Mrs. R. M'Ateer, Aldergrove, 8s 6d ; Mr. G. M'Killop, Aldergrove, 10s ; Miss Bradley, Balkan Street N.S., 6s 6d ; Sister Magdalene, C.P., Bradford, 7s 6d ; Mrs. M'Givern, .Aldergrove, 7s ; Mr. J. Barr, Belfast, 5s ; Miss
Hannen, Randalstown, 5s ; Miss M'Crory, N.T., Randalstown, 5s ; Miss J. Magill, Corbally, 6s ; Messrs. Cooley, Corbally, 5s 10d ; Miss Marron, Cavan, 5s ; Miss Dineen, N. l'., Feymore, 1 13s.

A Friend - Valuable dinner set.
Mr. Henson, Crumlin, per Miss Lavery--Tweed skirt length.
Miss M. M 'Comb, Largey - Valuable table lamp.
T'. Sterling, Esq., Belfast, per Miss O'Byrne, Crumlin--Carpet.
G. Rankin, Esq., Largey-Large crate of bananas.
Mrs G. Rankin, Largey - Half dozen tea knives.
Miss Heffron, Antrim - Six dozen minerals.
Miss M'Corry, Berry Street, Belfast - Beautiful framed picture of the Sacred Heart.
Mr. M'Cann, Feymore - Iron gate.
Mrs. R. Scott, Crumlin, per Miss lavery - Box of valuable ornaments.
Inglis . Co. - Bread and pastry.
Bloomfield Bakery - Pastry.
Hughes & Co. - Bread and pastry.
F. Connon, Esq., Crumlin - Meat.
Mrs. T. Campbell, Diamond - Hamper of apples.

Mrs. F. M'Closkey, Alexandra Avenue, Belfast - Box of fancy work.
Miss Charlotte Megarry, Lennymore - Valuable drawn linen tea cloth.
Miss Molyneux, Ballyginniff - Boy's tweed suit. Mrs. R. M'Ateer, Aldergrove--Fancey table cover. Miss E. Hull, Christie's Hill - Child's petticoat.
Miss Hamilton, Aldergrove - Collection of ornaments. Mrs. Kelly, Crumlin - Valuable tea cloth.
Mrs. Gibbins, Crosshill--Child's dress and pinafore. Mrs. D. Allen, Killealy - Work.
Mrs. S. M'Ateer, Crosshill - Work.
Miss C. Mulholland - Work.
Miss E. Megarry, Crumlin -  Work.
Mrs. Mulholland, Crosshill - Work,
Miss :M'Laverty, Randalstown - Collection of work. Miss Megarry, Ballyrobin - Work.
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, Gartee - Fruit and flowers. Mr. Pender, Antrim--Box of stationery.

Per MISS L. LAVERY, Crumlin.

Work - Presented by Miss Beattie, Crumlin ; Miss Dargen, Belfast ; Mrs. Maguire, Crumlin ; Mrs. M'Connell, do. ; Mrs. Maguire, jun. ; Miss M. J. Maguire, Miss E. M'Comb.

Per Miss QUINN, Antrim.

A Friend 1.0.0
Mrs. Sloane, High Street, Antrim 0.10.0
A Friend 0.10.0

Mrs. King, London - Pen-painted table centre.
Mrs. M`Karnon, Antrim - Parcel socks.
The Misses Barr, Antrim - Box valuable ornaments.
Miss G. M`Keown, Antrim - Collection fancy work.


Mrs. John Park, Belfast, per Miss Macaulay 0.10.0
Small Sums and Tickets, per Miss Lena Brankin 2.18.0
Do. do. per Misses Corey and Tweed 1.2.0
Do do. per Miss Macaulay 0.18.0

Miss A. Hamill, Bracknahill - Valuable drawn linen tea cloth.
Miss Cinnamon-Drawn thread work.
Miss Wilson, Derraghrin - Work. Miss Gilliland - Work.
Miss Donnelly - Sacred Heart statue.
A Friend - Religious pictures.
Miss S. Brankin - Fancy work.
Mrs. Smyth - Large collection work.
Misses Corey, Tweed, and Harrison - Fancy work.
Lipton's, Lisburn - Box of chocolate.
Mr. T. Sterling - Sweets.
Mrs. M`Dowell - Work.

Per Miss RHODES, Antrim.

Rev. D. M`Donnell, P.P., St. Brigid's, Belfast 0.10.0

Per Miss M`VEIGH, Ballymacmary, Crumlin.

Mrs. W. Thomson, Ardmore 0.10.0

Irish crochet collar and collection work - Gift of Miss Barclay, Lisburn.

Per Mrs. M'QUILLAN Aldergrove. 

Mrs. Potts, Belfast 0.10.0
J. Colgan, Esq., Belfast 0.10.0
Mr. M'Govern, Belfast ; Mr. M`Gill, Hannahstown. 5s each

Collection Work - Gift of Mrs. M'Quillan, Aldergrove.
Prize Cockerel - Gift of Mr. Graham, Killealy.

Per Miss CROSSEY, Ballyginniff. Clock - Gift of Mr. W. Barron, Crumlin.

Per Miss V. M`LAVERTY, Carrick.

Tickets 8.0.0

Beautiful surplice - Gift of Miss V. M'Laverty.
Pair of pictures - Gift of Mr. P. Gillen. Carrick.

Per MRS. M`QUILLAN, Largey, Crumlin.

Mrs. O'Rourke, Scotland 0.12.6
Mrs. M'Manus, Scotland 0.5.0

Mr. M'Quillan, Largey - Box of apples.
Mrs. O'.Rorke, Scotland - Fancy work.
Mrs. Geraghty, Langford Lodge - Tea cloth.
The Misses Manderson, The Cottage, Gartree - Fancy work.
Mrs. J. Heaney, Largey - Tea cloth.
Mrs. E. Heaney, Largey - Work.

Per Miss M`DONNELL., Feymore.

J. Falloon, Esq., Feymore 0.10.0
D. M'Cavana, Esq., Rochester, U.S.A. 0.10.0

Case of razors, gift of Mr. Doran, Lurgan.
Fancy work - Presented by Miss O'Hare, Belfast ; Mrs. Finnigan, do. Miss Mulholland, Miss Rice, Miss Falloon, Feymore.

Per MRS. CONNELLY, Feymore.

T. M`Garrell, Esq., Feymore 0.10.0

10 lbs. tea - Mrs. Connelly, Feymore.
Box of apples - Mr. Connelly, Feymore.


Miss M. Brannigan, Racine, U.S.A. 1.0.0
Additional ticket money 3.6.0

Gifts of work - Presented by Mrs. E. J. Johnston, Crumlin ; The Misses Rooney, Belfast ; Mr. J. Megrady, Killyleagh ; and box of apples, Mrs. Canning, Crumlin.

Per MRS. BURNS, British.

Mr. O'Neill, British, 5s ; boy's suit, gift of Mr. Patterson, Crumlin ; Mr. M'Kenna, Ballymoney, 5s.