by Dean Anthony Davies

Kilbroney � Church of Bronagh.

St. Bronagh was a virgin of Glen Seich desertum. She set up a religious settlement in the 6th. century near Rostrevor where the ruins of an ancient church called after her are in the old graveyard of Kilbroney. Her convent was erected to help sailors cast up on the beach by a cruel sea. She is referred to in O'Cleary's Calendar of Irish Saints. Her feast day is 2nd April. The parish of Kilbroney includes two villages, Rostrevor and Killowen. Rev. Bernard J. Mooney B.D. gives many derivations on the name Rostrevor.

  1. Rose Trevor,
  2. Caislean Trever -- Trever's Castle,
  3. Caislean Ruaidh � Rory's Castle,
  4. Carraig abrachta � Rock of malting form,
  5. Carraig bracha � Malt Rock
  6. Carraig brachain � Rock of fermented matter.

Rostrevor is a beautiful village described by W. Haughton Crowe in his book Village in the Seven Hills as "nestling amid its mountain, stream, sea-lough and valley". This idyllic location, with its mountain air and sea breezes, has earned for Rostrevor a reputation for health and well-being attracting, in the past, many visitors to the village. With its old world charm and magnificent scenery, Rostrevor is still a very popular resort for sailing, hill walking and other outdoor pursuits. It is a very popular venue for all types of music, especially traditional Irish. The annual `Fiddlers' Green Festival' attracts large numbers from home and mainland Europe every July.

Cloughmore Stone

Located at 900 feet above sea-level on the ridge of the mountain above Rostrevor Village is the giant 30 ton boulder known as the `Cloughmore Stone'. This is a spectacular remnant of the Ice Age or `glacial erratic'. Local folklore maintains that Finn MacCool, the legendary giant, threw the great stone at an enemy across Carlingford Lough from the Cooley Mountains.

Kilbroney Parish has 19 townlands. It borders four parishes in Dromore Diocese, namely: St. Peter's Clonallon, St. Mary's Clonallon, St. Patrick's Clonallon, and Clonduff, and one in the diocese of Down and Connor: Upper Mourne.

Rostrevor is 2'/2 miles from Warrenpoint, 9 miles from Rathfriland, 9'/2 miles from Kilkeel. Its Catholic population is estimated to be around 4,500.

The ancient Cross of Bronagh is situated in the old Kilbroney Cemetery. The ruins of a pre-Reformation church can also be seen within this cemetery.

It falls wholly within the county of Down and the local government district of Newry & Mourne. Killowen is the other little village. It is located by an inlet famous for sailing. This area has two great men from the past: `The Giant Murphy' who was eight feet and one inch in height and Lord Charles Russell of Seafield, Killowen, who rose to become Lord Chief Justice of England.

St. Bronagh's Bell or Clog Bun

This bell, concealed in the ivy-covered fork of a tree was discovered when the tree fell in 1855. Conclusions about the bell from recent research suggest that it was one of about thirty bronze bells of similar type in Ireland, mostly found in Ulster. The bell is bigger than average and resembles most closely a group of three bells from Bangor, Co. Westmeath, and Cashel. These are decorated with finely engraved crosses and geometric patterns which suggests a date of circa A.D.825. St. Bronagh's Bell, although lacking this decoration, is probably contemporary with them.

The handle of this bell is very important and is unique for three reasons:

  1. It is of bronze cast on an iron core rather than on solid bronze.
  2. It is secured by insertion through the crown of the bell rather than by being cast in one piece with the bell.
  3. The terminals, i.e. the portions of the handle in contact with the crown or top of the bell, are of a highly unusual shape.

All other handles have simple terminals and are of solid bronze cast in one piece with the bell. The handle of the bell is a replacement of an original handle of simple form. The date of the present handle is circa A.D.1100. If this explanation is correct, the handle is a piece of 12th. century ecclesiastical metal work.

St. Bronagh's Baculus or Staff

`The custodian of the Staff of St. Bronagh,' was a title historically given to the incumbent of Kilbroney Parish. It has, however, long since disappeared from use.

St. Bronagh's Cross

This cross, located in Kilbroney Cemetery, dates back to the 5th. century. It is thought to indicate the grave where her body rests. Nearby is a large rough granite cross of unknown origin. The ivy-mantled ruins of an early pre-Reformation church still remain.

A modern shrine to St. Bronagh was erected by Very Rev. Canon McGinn, P.P. in 1937. The water in the well nearby, contains carbonates and iron. Miraculous cures have been attributed to it. It is said to restore sight to the blind and beauty to the unbeautiful.


St. Mary's Star of the Sea Church is a finely spired revival gothic church dominating the village of Rostrevor from its position at the top of the hill overlooking Carlingford Lough and Slieve Foy.

The foundation stone of this church was laid by Rev. Bernard Mooney, P.P. on Easter Sunday, 24th. April 1848. The church was dedicated by the Most Rev. Dr. Cantwell, Bishop of Meath, on 15th. October 1854. Most Rev. Dr. Blake presided at the sacred function. The sermon was preached by the Most Rev. Dr. Leahy, O.P., co-adjutor bishop to Dr. Blake. St. Mary's replaced a small Mass House erected by Rev. M. McAlinden, P.P., in the mid-1770s.

According to tradition, the site for the church was obtained from the Ross Estate through the good offices of John O'Neill of Bannvale House, Hilltown. The spire was completed and the cross erected on 19th. October, 1859. The bell in the tower was solemnly blessed by Dr. Leahy on 21st. October, 1860. Rev. G. Maguire preached the sermon. The bell was cast by John Murphy of Thomas Street, Dublin; its weight about 15 cwt.

The Baptismal Font was blessed by Rev. B. Mooney on 6th. January, 1861.

The church was repaired by Very Rev. Mgr. O'Reilly, P.P., in 1922, and the Stations of the Cross, erected on 28th. November, 1925. Re-decoration took place in 1932, and the church was solemnly, consecrated by the Most Rev. Dr. Mulhern on 11th. August in that year.

In 1936, new confessionals were made by Felix O'Hare, Warrenpoint, while the originals were sent to Killowen Church.

In April, 1982, after the Church had been sandblasted, a new Cross, made by Liam Baxter of Rostrevor, was erected.

In 1990, in accordance with liturgical changes the sanctuary was extended and updated. A new lectern and new confessional boxes were installed. St. Bronagh's Bell was fitted in a glass case. On the 8th. December of that year, a new altar was dedicated by

Dr. F.G. Brooks, Bishop of Dromore. The preacher was Dr. John McAreavey, Maynooth, our present bishop.

In 1994-95, four new windows, representing St. Colman, St. Brigid, St. Oliver Plunkett and Blessed Margaret Ball, Irish Martyr, were added to the existing windows to the rear of the sanctuary.

In 1999, a new tabernacle was installed and, in 2003, further renovations, including the laying of a new floor, painting, interior and exterior plastering were undertaken. The car park was also upgraded, as were external railings.


The Church of the Sacred Heart was begun, at Killowen, in 1870. It was dedicated by the famous Cardinal Paul Cullen in August 1872.

A map of Ulster in 1609 indicates a church in this district near the Cassy water. This is likely the old church that gives its name to the townland of Cill Fhelchin (Kilfeaghan) - `Fechin's Church'. Though there is no trace of it, the old people called it "Seanchill" (Shankill) - `Old Church'.

Lewis, writing in 1836, tells us that there were some remains of the old church of Killowen in his time and he puts them on a par with the ruins of the former parish church in Kilbroney. These remains must have occupied the old site in Kilfeaghan for we have no reason to believe that there was any other church before the year 1779 when the new one was built in Ballyedmond on the site now occupied by the school.

St. Fechin

Although five Irish saints were so named, it is probably St. Fechin of Fobhar (Fore) who is celebrated or commemorated here. He was the most famous of them all. His name is also found in Termonfeckin.

The first post-Reformation church in Killowen district was erected in 1779 at the cost of �220. This latter building was the scene of the celebrated `Yelverton Marriage' on 15th. August 1857. It is now used as a school.

Church of the Sacred Heart, Killowen (Cill Eoghain - 'Owen's Church').

The foundation stone was laid by Very Rev. John McLeigh P.P. V.G. Clonduff on 8th. April 1870. Rev. Pat O'Neill, P.P. was responsible for its erection. The dedication ceremony was performed by His Eminence Cardinal Cullen, Archbishop of Dublin, on 11th. August 1872.

Those present included the Most Rev. Dr. Conaty, Bishop of Kilmore, the Bishop of Maitland, Australia and Thomas O'Hagan, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, Most Rev. Dr. Leahy O.P. was the preacher. The bell was blessed on 28th. October 1877. The church was redecorated by Mgr. O'Reilly, new flooring and seats were installed for the centenary celebrations on 21st. November 1971.

Killowen Church was re-opened and re-dedicated on Sunday 24th. September 1995 by Dr. Brooks. The following repairs had been carried out: the sanctuary was completely re-designed and a new altar installed; the windows were replaced and designed by Jack Calderwood; an extended mahogany inside-porch was built at the front entrance. The sacristies were refurbished, new Stations of the Cross were erected, the floors were newly carpeted, the roof renovated and the grounds re-designed.


Mercy Order

On August 20th. 1864 Rev. Bernard Mooney P.P. called to arrange a Branch House of the Mercy Sisters in Rostrevor but he died very suddenly in November and it was left to his successor, Fr. O'Neill, to put it into effect.

On 9th. June 1865, the foundation took place when Mother M. Aquin Russell, Sr. M. Teresa, Sr. M. Evangelist and Sr. Zita became the founding members, with Sr. Aquin as Superior. Fr. O'Neill gave up the parochial house to the Sisters until a convent could be built. One room was fitted up as a choir. The school room was a converted cow-house. It was impossible to buy land, so the old school-house was pulled down and a new convent and school erected with Mr. Barr as architect.

On Monday 3rd. May, 1965, Bishop O'Doherty presided at a Mass on the occasion of the centenary of the Mercy Sisters coming to Rostrevor. Very Rev. James P. Canon Burke was the celebrant and the sermon was preached by Very Rev. A. Canon McMullan, P.P. Dromara.

When the Mercy Sisters left their convent the local curates used the convent as a Parochial House.

Our Lady of the Apostles

The former 'Rostrevor House' became the Convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles in 1952. It served as a centre of retreats and other spiritual activities. The Rostrevor Benedictine community resided in part of it from 1998 until 2003. The property was sold in 2004.

On Sunday 14th. September 1952, a new convent for the Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles Rostrevor, was opened and blessed in Rostrevor by Bishop O'Doherty. On Monday 15th. September, the bishop celebrated the first Mass in the new convent chapel. Among the clergy present were Very Rev. Dr. L. Carr, Superior of Dromantine College, and Rev. M. Butler, chaplain to new convent.


The Benedictine Community of the Monastery of the Holy Cross arrived in Rostrevor on the I0th. January 1998.

They came from the Abbey of Bec in France, having been sent by the Most Reverend Dom Michelangelo M. Tiribilli, OSB, Abbot General of the Benedictine Congregation of Saint Mary of Monte Oliveto, to establish a monastic presence in Northern Ireland. It was Bishop Francis Gerard Brooks who first welcomed the community into the Diocese of Dromore.

With the accord of Bishop John McAreavey, the formal Canonical Erection of the Monastery took place on 29th. September 2000.

From the time of its arrival in Northern Ireland until this date, the community has resided in part of the Convent of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles (Rostrevor House).

A providential gift of land was offered to the community on the Feast of Our Lady of Holy Hope, 23rd. October 2000, for the building of a monastery on the present site, situated in Kilbroney Valley. (Benefactors Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Joseph Kielty).

The turning of the sod and blessing of the land took place on the Feast of All Saints of Ireland, 6th. November 2002.

On 29th. June 2003, Solemnity of the Apostles Peter and Paul, at the request of the very Reverend Dom Mark-Ephrem M. Nolan, OSB, first superior of Holy Cross Monastery, the Most Reverend John McAreavey, Bishop of Dromore, blessed the cornerstone of the Monastic Church.

On this stone were engraved these words:

"Jesus Christ is himself the cornerstone" (Ephesians 2:20)

The ceremony took place in the presence of the foundation Community:

Dom Mark-Ephrem M. Nolan, OSB
Dom Eric M. Loisel, OSB
Dom Thierry M. Marteaux, OSB
Dom Benoit M. Charlet, OSB
Dom Pascal M. Jouy, OSB

A representative group of friends of the Benedictine Community gathered for the occasion.

Appropriately, this group was drawn from across the wider Christian community, given the intention, which had inspired the building of the church:

"My house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples". (Isaiah 56:7)

With their building work complete, the small Benedictine community were able to occupy their new home in December of 2003. The monastery was solemnly dedicated on Sunday 18th. January 2004. This was the first day of the `Week of Prayer for Christian Unity' for 2004.

The date was very special for the new monastery as the monks consider the development of ecumenical relations to be an important priority in their spiritual endeavours. On the evening before Dedication, an Ecumenical Prayer Vigil was held. It was addressed by the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey. The Dedication ceremony itself was attended by representatives of the various Christian churches. Among those who took part in the liturgy of the occasion were Archbishop Sein Brady, Cardinal Cahal Daly, Bishop John McAreavey, Bishop Francis Gerard Brooks, Bishop Harold Miller of the Church of Ireland Diocese of Down and Dromore and the Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland, Dr. Guiseppe Lazzaroto.

The Sisters of Mercy were established in Rostrevor in June 1865. This Convent building, to the rear of the parish church, served as their home for several generations. It was later occupied by curates of Kilbroney Parish.


St. Bronagh's Cemetery (Old Kilbroney) dates back to the early centuries and contains the ruins of a pre-Reformation church. The new portion of the cemetery was added in 1917.


The Convent of Mercy School for girls was opened in 1866. The school room was a converted cow-house. The foundation stone was laid by Dr. Leahy O.P. on 7th. July 1868. The first extension was made in 1961. The second extension and Youth Centre followed in 1983.

The Boys' school was opened in 1889. It was extended in 19.68. The extension consisted of new classrooms, a kitchen and servery, an assembly hall and a toilet block.

It is now intended to build a new co-educational school in Rostrevor.

Drumreagh or Grey Ridge was opened in 1910 and closed in 1968. It is now a dwelling house owned by Seamus Ferris.

Killowen was opened as a school in 1910.


Rev. Pat Mc Evoy, P.P. secured the tenancy of the oldest front portion of the house in 1832, and a lease of the same was secured by Rev. Bernard Mooney, P.P. on 8th. January 1861. A lease of the entire front was purchased by Rev. Pat O'Neill, RP on 26th. May 1865. The rear was added by Rev. M. Lynch, P.P. about 1890. The new house is situated in the garden of the old house and was first occupied on 24th. March 1980.


The school roll in 1926 : Total was 282. Drumreagh 46, Killowen 50, Rostrevor boys 65, Girls 121. The school roll in 1911, was 328. The parish population in 1933 was 1,737.

Place names of Rostrevor by Rev. B.J. Mooney B.D., published in 1951, is a mine of information regarding the early history of the parish of Kilbroney. Village in the Seven Hills, by W. Naughton Crowe, also tells the story of Rostrevor.


Ballincurry Mass Stone was situated on Ballincurry Braes in the Killowen District.

Ballintur Mass Stone was located in Fitzsimmons' Braes.

Kilfeaghan Mass field is called 'Alt Niffern', on the land of James Murphy.


Prior to the Reformation, the bishops of Dromore were the rectors of Kilbroney and the parish was administered by vicars, of whom only the names of the following remain:

Rev. Florence McDonegan, Canon of Dromore. was vicar in 1307 when he was appointed bishop of Dromore.

Rev. Hugh O'Rooney was vicar in 1424.

Rev. Agholy McDermydan was "Guardian of the Staff of St. Bronagh" in 1427.

Rev. John McGerywery, Canon of- Dromore, was granted the churches of St. Bronagh the Virgin and Disertmoy on 4th. January 1428. He does not appear to have taken up the charge.

Rev. Gyllabroney McKeown was granted by the Primate, selle vacante, on 6th. August 1428.

Rev. Philip McKeown appointed by the Primate. cede vacante, to collect the revenues and tithes of the lands of the parish in 1431. It is not clear that he was vicar.

Rev. John McAvoy, Canon, 1433 - 42.

Rev. Clement McDonegan vicar on 16th, November 1443.

A vicar unnamed on 12th. September 1492. Rev. Arthur Magennis vicar in 1526.

Rev. Patrick Byrne vicar in 1526, died in 1534. Rev. McGinn vicar on 2nd. February 1534.


Rev. Fr. Cowan P.P. in 1657.

Rev. Marcus Fegan P.P. in 1670.

Rev. Maginn P.P. in 1690. He was living in exile in Paris after 1691.

Rev. John Doran was registered as P.P. of Kilkeel and Kilbroney on 11th. July 1704. He was then residing at Drumreagh. He was a priest of Down & Connor and ministered in both parishes, due to the scarcity of priests.

N.B. According to the report of the Protestant bishop to the House of Lords, there was only one priest and one school in Kilbroney in 1731. It was also reported that Mass was celebrated in two old forts every Sunday and Holy Day.

A parliamentary report of 1766 furnished to the House of Lords states that:- "There is one Parish priest, Priest Collins".

Rev. Fr. Collins P.P. in 1768 and maybe earlier.

Rev. M. McAlinden P.P. in 1772. He built the original Mass House in Kilbroney.

Rev. Fr. McKey P.P. in 1779.

Rev. Matthew Lennon P.P. in 1769. He became bishop of the diocese in 1780.

Rev. Thomas P.P., (Forby) in 5th. September 1782. Rev. Bernard Devlin P.P. 1805 and died 1807.

Rev. ,lames Gilmore P.P. in 1814-17 a native of Dechomet in the parish of Lr. Drumgooland. He received his early education of classical training from a Presbyterian minister, Rev. Samuel Kennedy of Rathfriland. Served in France. He went abroad acting as chaplain to the British Soldiers at the Battle of Waterloo. During his absence from Kilbroney, 181417, Fr. Peter Devlin was Adm.. Fr. Gilmore resigned in 1825.

Rev. Peter Devlin was Adm. and was appointed PP. in Magheralin in 1817.

Rev. Patrick McEvoy P.P. in 1825. He was a native of the Parish of Lr. Drumgooland. Died of a fever caught in the discharge of his duties on 16th. October 1847.

Rev. Bernard Mooney P.P. 24th. December 1847. He was a native of Clonduff Parish. He erected the Church of St. Mary's Star of the Sea, Rostrevor, 184854, and died in the Parochial House, Rostrevor, on 25th. November 1864. He was the priest who officiated at the celebrated `Yelverton Marriage' which took place behind closed doors in the old Killowen Church (now the school) on 15th. August 1857.

Rev. Patrick O'Neill P.P. on 8th. December 1862. He was born in the diocese of Kilmore. He established the Sisters of Mercy in the parish and erected the church at Killowen. He founded the Newry Conference of the St. Vincent De Paul Society and was its first Spiritual Director. He died on 16th. August, 1890.

Rev. Matthew Lynch P.P on 26th. April 1890. Born in the parish of Drumgath, Fr. Lynch was educated by one of the old hedge masters in his native parish and when he entered Violet Hill College he was already a brilliant classical scholar. He died on 3rd. February 1907.

Rev. Daniel Mallon P.P. on 16th. February 1907. He was born in Ballydoo in the parish of Drumgath. Canon Mallon was a forceful and polished speaker. He died on 28th. March 1921.

Rev. Hugh O'Reilly B.A. M.R.I.A. P.P. on the 30th. March 1921. He was a native of Dechomet. Under his father's tuition, he was able to read Latin authors at the age of six, and Greek authors when he was eight. He was said to be a good classical scholar by the age of eleven. In Maynooth he was referred to by his contemporaries as "Genius O'Reilly"!

He was appointed President of St. Coleman's College on 2nd. September 1896. On the death of Bishop O'Neill, in 1915, he was named 'dignissimus' by the parish priests for the vacant see but owing to Fr. O'Reilly's failing eyesight Dr. Edward Mulhern was appointed Bishop. Fr. O'Reilly was made a Privy Chamberlain by Pope Benedict XV. He died on 19th. January 1927. He was an eminent garlic scholar and is said to have known the history of every inch of his native diocese. His only published works were pamphlets on SS. Conall and Dalian (Newry 1891) and Fr. Theobald Matthew (Newry 1891). He was elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy on 13th. January 1896.

Rev. William McGinn P.P. on 14th. February 1927. He was born in Goward in the parish of Clonduff. He carried out many improvements to Rostrevor Church which was solemnly consecrated by Dr. Mulhern on 11th. August 1932. He erected the shrine in honour of St. Bronagh, patroness of the parish, over the Holy Well in Kilbroney Cemetery. He died in Killowen on 16th. August 1943.

Rev. Timothy Boyle R.P. on 8th. September 1944. He was born in Gilford, in the parish of Tullylish. Fr. Boyle was President of St. Colman's College Newry from 1st. August 1925. He was appointed a Domestic Prelate on 7th. March 1963 and Archdeacon of the Diocesan Chapter on 15th. November 1963. He died on 23rd. December 1971.

Rev. Thomas Mooney P.P. on 22nd. January 1972. A native of Drumgath Parish, he was appointed Ecclesiastical Inspector of Primary Schools of the diocese on 27th. August 1937. He was the first chairman of the Dromore Diocesan Historical Society. Fr. Mooney became Archdeacon on 20th. January 1984. He retired on 30th. August 1987 and went to reside in Drumgath Parish.

Rev. Arthur Byrne P.P. on 30th. August 1987. A native of Lurgan, he was appointed Dean of discipline in St. Colman's College, Newry on 20th. March 1955. He was Adm. in Newry from 1981. Fr. Byrne was transferred to St. Peter's, Lurgan in 1992, and was made Vicar General of the Diocese.

Rev. Arthur Bradley R.P. on 11 th. September 1992. A native of Aughnagun in the parish of St. Patrick's Clonallon. He was a late vocation and became Adm. in Newry on 30th. August 1986. He was made a Domestic Prelate by Pope John Paul II on the 27th. November 1990. Monsignor Bradley became Diocesan Lourdes Director in 1993 and a member of the Cathedral Chapter in 1998. He retired in 2004.

Rev. Michael Hackett was appointed P.P. of Kilbroney in August 2004. A native of Co. Tyrone, Fr.

Hackett previously served on the staff of St. Colman's College, Newry, and was a curate in Ballela and later in Lurgan. He was parish priest of Moyraverty (Craigavon) prior to his appointment to Rostrevor.


Rev. John O'Neill, 1817
Rev. John Doran, 1834 - 7
Rev. Eugene Crolly, 1837 - 8
Rev. Thomas Loy, 1838 - 40
Rev. Patrick Mc Iver, 1840 - 8
Rev. Robert Denvir, 1849 - 50
Rev. William Ronan, 1850
Rev. John O'Reilly, 1850 - 5
Rev. Patrick Polin, 1855 - 6
Rev. James Mc Kenna, 1856 - 63
Rev. John Mc Grath, 1863 -7
Rev. Stephen Mc Anulty, 1867 - 8
Rev. Daniel Mallon, 1868 -72
Rev. John Lowry, 1872 - 4
Rev. James Lowry, July 1874 - 6
Rev. Andrew Lowry, December 1885 - 95
Rev. Joseph Doyle, February 1895 - 1901
Rev. Edward Mc Givern, Dec. 1901- Oct. 1905
Rev. William Mc Ginn, September 1905 - 11
Rev. Michael O'Neill. February - November 1911
Rev. Daniel Toman, November 1911 - 3
Rev. Edward McRory, August 1913 - 7
Rev. Michael H. O'Hare D.D., June - July 1917
Rev. Edward Mc Conville, July 1917 - 33
Rev. Daniel Pollen, 1917 - 9
Rev. Henry Doran, July 1921 - 7
Rev. Bernard J. Mooney B.D., April 1933 - 6
Rev. John Joseph Mc Parland. November 1936
Rev. Hugh Connolly, July 1943 - September 1944
Rev. Edward Moore, June 1952 (Temp.) - Nov.1952
Rev. John Joseph Pettit, Nov. 1952 - Jan. 1965
Rev. Frank Treanor, January 1965 - 80
Rev. Oliver Mooney, Oct. 1971 -Jan. 1972 (Temp.)
Rev. Anthony Davies, January 1980 - August 1990
Rev. Peter Lennon, October 1985 - January 1988
Rev. Jim Kerr, January 1988 - September 1993
Rev. Patrick Joseph Murray, August 1990 - 95
Rev. Colum Wright, September 1993 - 98
Rev. Gregory McGivern, February 1992 - 99
Rev. Stephen Ferris, October 1999 - 2004.

A new feature of the religious life of Kilbroney Parish and the Dromore Diocese is the community of Benedictine monks who have lived in the area since 1998. Their impressive new Holy Cross Monastery located between Rostrevor and Hilltown was opened in January 2004.