General Lesson.

CHRISTIANS should endeavour, as the Apostle Paul commands them, to live peaceably with all men (Romans; c. 12, v. 18), even with those of a different religious persuasion.

Our SAVIOUR. CHRIST, commanded his Disciples to love one another. He taught them to love even their enemies, to bless those that cursed them, and to pray for. those who persecuted them. He himself prayed for his murderers.

Many Men hold erroneous doctrines; but we ought not to hate or persecute them. We ought to bold fast what we are convinced is the
truth ; but not to treat harshly those who are in error. JESUS CHRIST did not intend his Religion to be forced on men by violent means. He would not allow his Disciples to fight for him.

If any persons treat us unkindly, we must not do the same to them; for Christ and His Apostles have taught us not to return evil for evil. If we would obey CHRIST, we must do to others, not as they do to us, but as we would wish them to do to as.

Quarrelling with our neighbours and abusing them, is not the way to convince them that we are in the right, and they in the wrong. It is more
likely to convince them that we have not a Christian spirit.

We ought, by behaving gently and kindly to every one, to show ourselves followers of CHRIST, who, when he was reviled, reviled not again. (Peter, c. 2, v. 23.)

November 1863.


 Issued from 1835 onwards by the Commissioners of National Education in Ireland with the requirement:

'that the principles of the Lesson be strictly inculcated in all schools

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