Maureen Shannon (nee Davis)

I Remember.

My first day at Drumbo Primary School in 1959.

Mrs Clark's snow white hair, learning to write my name, queuing to read, spellings, painting on an easel, break-time, drinking milk through a straw, knitting a pair of pink bed-socks, playing on the grass in summer, sports-day, the school photographer, the nativity play at Christmas, crepe paper skirts with holly on them, stories from Greek mythology, a cardboard box of books under my desk, crayons, end of term exams, coming first in class (sometimes), nature rambles, dog roses, bird's nests on the nature table, the smell of my leather schoolbag, hula hoops and bean bags, "The Big Ship sailed on the Alley -Alley O", German jumps with rubber bands the "First Aid Girls", backing books in June, school dinners, Mr. Hamilton, library day, filling inkpots, learning to write in italics on newspaper with lollipop sticks, loving art and English, the big snow, walking to school, losing my jumpers on the way home one day, Singing Together, Music and Movement, the school doctor, the school dentist, School Savings, doing the '11 Plus', Mr Currie giving his class sixpence to spend in Crawford's shop at the end of the year.

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