31st May 1918

Good dear Sir

Herewith please find Returns for the month of May for completion and dispatch.

Attendance during the month was very good and reached 80 this week.

There are some matters connected with the school that I should like you to bring before the Committee as soon as possible. Most of these have been mentioned by Inspectors in recent reports as being necessary

1. Cookery. Setting the store and getting remainder of equipment. This subject must be taught next year, so that all arrangements would require to be completed before 1st October.

2. Desks. The desk accommodation is not at all adequate for the present attendance, nor are the desks sutible, particulary for the juniors. We hope Committee will at least provide us with a partial supply of modern desks.

3. (Press) accommodation is very limited.

4. Partition. Work in school would be very much more effective if there was a partition of some kind.

5. Arrangement re daily cleaning of schoolroom and washing about three times a year.

We trust the Committee will take these matters up and have the necessary improvements made as soon as possible.

I am Rev. Sir
yours sincerely

Ts. R. Todd