Hillhall Primary School
1893 - 2007


Dear Memories

My memories of Hillhall Primary School are dear to me. The school and everyone associated with it during my time there held a very special place in my heart.

Over the years I saw many changes leading to better facilities for both pupils and staff. After my first few years a telephone was installed. Previously, calls were made and received at the Meals Kitchen just outside the entrance. The girls' cloakroom was transformed into a library and afterwards it became the school office. We began having swimming lessons in Lisburn and weekly visits to the Leisure Centre. Football matches with neighboring schools always caused great excitement.

I particularly remember Harvest Services and Christmas Plays when each child was involved and performed superbly on the Jay! The School Outing each June included mothers, grannies, aunties and neighbouring friends. Throughout the years we visited almost all of The National Trust properties, The Folk Museums at Cultra and Omagh, the Planetarium etc. One former parent recently recalled that she had visited "all places of interest with Hillhall Primary!" Weeklong school camps were taken during the Summer Holidays when we joined with Newport Primary at Ardglass, Newcastle and Donaghadee. We slept in Primary School classrooms on camp beds and had the services of the School Meals Staff. In later years we enjoyed term-time breaks at The Share Centre, Cultra Folk Museum and Ardnabannon Activity Centre.

It was a privilege and pleasure to work with the following teachers at Hillhall: Patricia Black, Jean Campbell, Frances Elliot, Myrtle Millar and Judy Robinson. I am pleased to say hat we still keep in touch and meet up from time to time.

Mrs Mac, Dorothy Davison, Patricia Fleming and Mary Simpson bring to mind happy memories, not forgetting several support staff and students.

The hard work and dedication of staff and pupils of Hillhall Primary over the many years right to the present day have resulted in great achievements and success. Both pupils and staff may look back with pleasure remembering the friendly, family atmosphere.

I feel very sad indeed that the school is due to close at the end of term and I take this opportunity to wish staff and pupils every blessing in the future.

Mary McKeag
Principal 1973 � 1992

Past Pupils of Hillhall Primary

Past Pupils of Hillhall Primary
Photography Courtesy of J Kelly


What will I remember about Hillhall Primary? - the happiness and joy that being a member of the school community has brought to me. For a small rural school we aimed high, with school productions, concerts, charity work, choir, art competitions, Scottish Dance, Cycling Proficiency, 10 Stet Award, day trips and residentials as well as our day to day) education - an education second to none. Nothing was too big for us to try because as well as having a willing staff; we had superb parents who backed us in all our ventures, supportive Governors and a wonderful community spirit.

Some things I will never forget:

  • The mud walk in Tollymore Forest Park where we trudged through 30cm � 45cm deep mud beds and the children found the real meaning of `stuck in the mud.'
  • Crawling through the irrigation tunnels (again in Tollymore) and trying not to think of rats! Remember Mrs Young and the pipe.
  • Being hosed down before being allowed into the Killyleagh Centre because we were so dirty.
  • On my 50th birthday jumping into a freezing mountain pool and wondering how many people in other walks of life were having as much fun as I was. (Thanks to Aaron Evans who pulled me/pushed me up the river bed so that I got that far.)
  • Losing my dignity when I sat down on the ice in Edinburgh and having two P5 boys (George Sleator and Andrew Henry) search the ice for it � unfortunately it was long gone.
  • Getting locked out of our London hotel - after Dr Doolittle.
  • Pretending not to be scared as I held a tarantula � couldn't pass on my fears to the children.
  • The reaction to our `tour hats' from all and sundry and the fun this gave us.
  • The looks of amazement as the Eiffel Tower lit up and began to flash.
  • The wonder in a child's eye when he/she sees something new and the happiness when the penny drops.

I could go on and on... Hillhall has given me so much to remember, so much to be thankful for, and so much to miss now that it is gone. I have been honoured and privileged to be a part of it and although our school is going � no one can remove my memories.

Angela Moore
Principal 1993 - 2007

Mrs Moore's Pupils

Then ...

Photography Courtesy of J Kelly

Photography Courtesy of J Kelly

And Now.

The Parent Teacher Association

On behalf of the Parent Teacher Association we would like to thank everyone for his or her help and support over the years. Our motto sums it up "Our Happy School". This could only have happened with teachers and parents working together. We have had many great successes and `memorable moments'. Who could forget the Queen's Jubilee celebrations and the typical Northern Ireland weather that destroyed our flags and bunting � but even the weather didn't dampen our spirits.

For such a small PTA the amount of fundraising we were able to do was a credit to all. Between craft sales, car boot sales, family fun days, BBQs, cake sales, treasure hunts, bus trips to Dublin, ladies nights, table & fireside quizzes to name but a few. Through this fundraising we were able to provide our children with new tables, chairs, books, computer equipment, arts and crafts and helped support fund some school trips.

All that is left to be said is thank-you all again and as we move forward may we all take fond memories of "Our Happy School" with us.

Shirley McAuley
Chairman PTA 2002 - 2007

Hillhall School Choir � Farewell Thanksgiving Service 3rd June 2007
Photography Courtesy of J Kelly

Hillhall School Choir � Farewell Thanksgiving Service 3rd June 2007

The Right Worshipful the Mayor and Mayoress meet 92 year-old Jim Rush, the oldest surviving past pupil of Hillhall Primary School. Farewell Thanksgiving Service 3rd June 2007

The Right Worshipful the Mayor and Mayoress meet 92 year-old Jim Rush, the oldest surviving past pupil of Hillhall Primary School. Farewell Thanksgiving Service 3rd June 2007



  • Reach for the Stars

  • Hurt no-one on the way

  • Have confidence

  • Work hard

  • Believe in yourself

  • Be a friend to all

  • Enjoy life � we pass this way but once

How we were.