Hillhall Primary School
1893 - 2007


Present Staff Reminisce

Hillhall Primary School

Hillhall Primary School - rural school, good fun, happy times
enthusiastic, conscientious pupils,
Learning for life � our mission every day,
Laughter, the spice of life, along the way.
High quality ethos, strong community links,
Auctions, car boot sales, fashion shows and barbecues.
Lucy danced us to Saintfield, Stormont and The Lord Laird Cup.
Lunch lady- Mrs Fleming served the meals, supervised too!

Plays, pantomimes, concerts and great show stoppers
Reach for the stars with Miss Halliday, along the yellow brick road!
n tune on Monday, Mrs Casement's choir, carol singing, recorders.
Mrs McAteer, "Who's for dinner today?" in true secretarial mode.
And Mary groans, "the glitter's on the floor." We await our fate!
Recipient of the James McCord Art Bursary and UTV experience.
Yellow bus at the gate, "Hurry Ernie won't wait!"

Swimming, cycling, Good News Club and resident artists too.
Computer accreditation-Mrs Moore �you're nearly through!
Hold on Mrs Young, it'll be all right! Space mountain-a bit tight!
Open farm visits, Streamvale, Slievenalargy and the Ark
Off again aquarium, museum, Tayto, London, Paris or the park?
Long live the memories of Hillhall Primary School!

Mrs Heather Young
Teacher 1997 � 2007

Happiness Is...

There is one word that can sum up my memories of Hillhall Primary and that is `happiness'. It came in many different forms: camaraderie and laughter in the staff room; playground duty watching the children play their games and being told all their latest news; school trips near and far; Lucy teaching the Scottish Dancing routines; listening to the children singing in the classroom (and trying to sing along � just glad Mrs Casement couldn't hear me!) while I did my paperwork or counted the monies in the office; afternoon chats with Mary; hearing the children laughing in Mrs Moore's classroom as she made learning fun; toast on a Wednesday morning; the amazing artwork on the walls; and the end of term productions. But most of all, happiness was part of just belonging to the `Hillhall Family'.

My single, most favourite memory is that of looking down onto the West Strand Beach in Portrush, on a brilliantly sunny June afternoon, on the last trip of the school year, to see all the children and several of the staff with their socks and shoes off and trousers rolled up to their knees, laughing, splashing and paddling in the water � pure magic � just like Hillhall Primary!

Mrs Catherine McAteer
School Secretary 2002 � 2007

So Many Memories

I was first introduced to Hillhall as a final year student in 1998 and here I have remained for the last eight years.

So many memories.....

  • Plays and productions - the first play...the production of Joseph. The room might have been small but the enthusiasm was huge!! Things grew from there and the ideas got bigger especially with the arrival of our very own musical magician Mrs C who could make the piano dance and the children perform way beyond their wildest dreams.
  • Trips and outings- near and far. Our school has visited most of the `places of interest' on the Northern Ireland tourist guide and all gained truly brilliant experiences.
  • Fun and laughter - learning in Hillhall was always combined with fun! Laughing children, playtime on the grass and through the trees in summertime and building snowmen in the winter.
  • Brilliant children - smiling happy children who just brought so much to Hillhall and made the school special.
  • Great staff - friendship and `Craic' made working much more enjoyable

............Hillhall has been a truly unique and amazing experience and one, which I will remember forever!!

Miss Suzanne Halliday
Teacher 1999 � 2007

Miss You

I first came to school when my nephew Andrew Simpson was in P1 and I remember having to change both his and Simon Bruce's shoes into the black slippers we then wore.

I became Caretaker in 1989 and I have always enjoyed supporting everything that has happened in school � the plays, the concerts, the church services and even going on the odd trip both in the 80's and since I became Caretaker.. I always tried to fit in when I could.

Two memories that stand out are, coming to school one morning to find the TV in the playground � we'd had visitors during the night! Then one New Year's Day when the school pipes burst in every toilet - the toilets, cloakrooms and office had water everywhere.

I will always remember the boys and girls playing under the trees and playing football � I still don't know what hacking is! But most of all I will remember the fun and laughter with both pupils and staff Miss you all.

Mrs Mary Simpson
Caretaker 1989 � 2007

Musical Memories

Musical memories have got to be the highlight of my time at Hillhall. In my four years at the school we have put on four Christmas Nativities and three summer musical productions.

Christmas Nativities and three summer musical productions. We have `Sparkled' over Bethlehem, sailed with `Pirates' on the briny sea, gone over the rainbow to see `The Wizard of Oz' and flown with `Peter Pan'. All the children in the school have been given the opportunity to star and have shone radiantly with their talent.

We have also had occasion to sing with other Lisburn schools and perform in a large choir at the Island Centre in aid of the Red Cross. A great night, not only really enjoyable for us, but also beneficial to others. Our biggest success, however, must have been winning 3rd place in the Lisburn Choir of the Year competition in 2006. A worthy achievement for such a small school.

However, it is not just the public face of the music that I will remember, but also the happy, smiling faces as the children banged, shook, hit, blew and sang their way through music lessons with instruments of all types, from drums to triangles and xylophones to recorders. I just hope that their musical memories will be as happy as mine!

Mrs Lynda Casement
Teacher 2003 � 2007

I have many memories of Hillhall from over the years. One of my favourite memories is of the year the school produced The Wizard of Oz because my little Cairn Terrier, Oscar, was used to play Toto. Another is of Clair Lindsay who so enjoyed the custard that I called her my Custard Kid. I will really miss the children that I have watched grow over the past eighteen years � some of whom already have babies of their own. They have been a joy to know and I will take their hugs and laughter with me wherever I go. Working in Hillhall has been so good that it has ruined all other schools for me. Good luck to all my children.

Patricia Fleming
Supervisory Assistant 1989 - 2007

The Staff of Hillhall Primary 2007

From left to right
Front row: Mrs Adeline Carson (Classroom Assistant,) Mrs Mary Simpson (Caretaker), Mrs Angela Moore (Principal), Miss Suzanne Halliday (Teacher), Mrs Heather Young (Teacher),
Back row: Mrs Lynda Casement (Teacher), Mrs Catherine McAteer (Secretary)
Inset: Mrs Patricia Fleming (School Meals)

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