The Borough of Lisburn official guide c1985

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Civic and General Information


Contact for Co. Antrim
Kilpatrick House, 38-54 High Street, Ballymena. BT43 6DT. Tel: 44121. Contact for Co. Down
Knockbreda Crown Building, Upper Knockbreda Road, Belfast. Tel: 647221.
Sub-Office for both contacts
135 Longstone Street, Lisburn. Tel: 3839 (Down) and 77660 (Antrim) Advice on Tree Planting and forest recreation
Forester's Office, Hillsborough Forest, Hillsborough. Tel: 682345. Advice on Urban Drainage
Area Engineer's Office, 5-23 Hill Street, Belfast. BT1 2LA. Tel: 33796/ 830883.
Emergencies Contact
Newtownards 814729 or Portavogie 552.

Ulsterbus Limited operate bus services within Lisburn Borough and throughout Northern Ireland. Tours are operated throughout the Summer season and long distance express services operate via the Larne Stranraer ferry to London, Leeds, Manchester, Blackpool and other centres.
Enquiries to the Depot Manager, Ulsterbus Ltd., Smithfield Square, Lisburn. BT28 1TH. Tel: 2091 /2.

Located at Bridge Community Centre, Railway Street, Lisburn. Tel: 2251. Open as follows:
Monday� 10.00 to 12.00 and 2.00 to 4.00
Tuesday � 10.00 to 12.00; 2.00 to 4.00 and 7.00 to 9.00
Thursday� 10.00 to 12.00 and 7.00 to 9.00
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday - 10.00 to 12.00

Advice on matters relating to industrial development and industrial sites from
Factories and Sites Division, Chichester House, Chichester Street, Belfast. Tel: 34488. Ext. 346
Advice on Consumer Protection, Trading Standards, Weights and Measures and the Trade Descriptions Act from Trading Standards Branch, 176 Newtownbreda Road, Belfast. Tel: 647151.

Meals-on-Wheels Service and Alderman Sarah Crothers Senior Citizens' Centre
Community Service Council Chairman,
Councillor Mrs. Maureen McKinney,
"Calhame", Clonevin Park, Lisburn. BT28 3BJ. Tel: 6631.

Advice and assistance to the public in their day-to-day contacts with governments and public agencies.
(Department of the Environment, N.I.)
At the Town Hall, Castle Street, Lisburn. BT27 4ST. Tel: 2259.

(Department of the Environment, N.I.) Vehicle Inspection & Driving Test Centre, Smithfield Street, Lisburn. BT28 1TN. Tel: 3151.

Liaison between Police/Military/Government department in matters which may arise through the security situation
Department of Education,
Londonderry House, 21-7 Chichester Street, Belfast. BT1 4RL. Tel: 32253. Enquiries regarding Dunmurry/Twinbrook Area:
Civil Representative, Army Camp, Fort Monagh, Belfast. Tel: 617700. Enquiries regarding the rest of Lisburn area:
Principal Civil Representative, c/o Thiepval Barracks, Lisburn. Tel: 5111. For information on schools and institutes of further education:�South Eastern Education �f Library Board,
18 Windsor Avenue, Belfast. BT9 6EE. Tel: 661189.

Deputy Electoral Officer,
Bedford House, Bedford Street, Belfast. BT2 7DS. Tel: 45353.

For Lisburn, Dunmurry, Drumbo, Hillsborough, Stoneyford areas:-Lisburn Electricity Office. Tel: 4331/5072.
For Moira, Aghalee, Glenavy, Ballinderry areas:
Lurgan Electricity Office. Tel: 3661.
For Dromara Area
Banbridge Electricity Office. Tel: 22408.
A Freefone service is available through the operator for fault reporting out-side office hours, ask for Freefone 724.
Northern Ireland Electricity Consumers Council,
Stranmillis Embankment, Belfast. BT9 5FN. Tel: 661825.

The Department of Manpower Services provides the employment and careers service.
For adults the Employment Service Office is at Bow House, 71 Bow Street, Lisburn. BT28 1BJ. Tel: 77621.
Sub-office at The Protestant Hall, Glenavy.

For young people the Careers Service Office is at 4-6 Bachelors Walk, Lisburn. BT28 1XJ. Tel: 78328.

An employment body set up to rehabilitate and train unemployed persons. Area office at 2 Bridge Street, Portadown. BT62 1JD. Tel: 36697.

Information Centre,
Lindsay House, Callender Street, Belfast. BT1 5DT. Tel: 42752.

Fire Authority, 43 Castle Street, Lisburn. BT27 4SP. Tel: 4221. For emergencies dial 999.
Gas Department, Bridge Street, Lisburn. Tel: 2239. HEALTH Et SOCIAL SERVICES, DEPARTMENT OF�See under 'Social Services'.

Community Health Department.
The Health Centre, Linenhall Street, Lisburn. Tel: 5181. Lisburn District Offices,
The Health Centre, Linenhall Street, Lisburn. Tel: 2733. Lagan Valley Hospital (General), Lisburn. Tel: 5141.
Killowen Hospital (Adult convalescent & Geriatric), Lisburn. Tel: 3176. Lissue Hospital, (Child Psychiatric), Maze. Tel: 511. Thompson House (Physically Handicapped), Lisburn. Tel: 5646.

(Department of the Environment, N.I.)
1, Connsbrook Avenue, Belfast. BT4 1EH. Tel: 653251.

N.I. Housing Executive.
For general enquiries regarding publicly owned dwellings:
South Eastern Regional Office,
2 Mark Street, Newtownards. BT23 4DT. Tel: 814741.
Rent collection and maintenance request queries:
District Office, 1 Knockmore Square, Lisburn. BT28 1SZ. Tel: 77324/6 or District Office, 1st Floor, Kingsway Shopping Centre, Dunmurry. Tel: Belfast 61004/5.
Emergency Housing (bomb damage) queries:
Maintenance Office, 47 Culcavey Road, Hillsborough. BT26 6JD. Tel: 683077, or
Out of office hours Tel: Belfast 46039.

(South Eastern Education and Library Board)
Chief Librarian, Library H.Q., Windmill Hill, Ballynahinch. Tel: 2639. Branch Libraries:
27 Railway Street, Lisburn. BT28 1XP. Tel: 6749.
Upper Dunmurry Lane, Dunmurry. Tel: Belfast 623007.
Gardenmore Road, Twinbrook, Dunmurry. Tel: Belfast 619515.

(Department of Commerce)
Eastern Area Office, 21 Linenhall Street, Belfast. BT2 8AB. Tel: 42582.


Borough Offices � The Square, Hillsborough. BT26 6AH. Tel: 682477. Sub-Office � Town Hall, Castle Street, Lisburn. BT27 45P. Tel: 2259. Town Clerk�H.A. Duff Esq. FCA.

Building Regulations (N.I.)
Enforcement of regulations relating to construction and erection of buildings, alterations and extensions to existing buildings, execution of works and installation of fittings, and change of use of existing buildings; Dangerous buildings;
Subsidies for new houses.
District Building Control Officer,
Building Control Office, Town Hall, Castle Street, Lisburn. Tel: 2259.

Environmental Health
Concerned with food and food premises inspection; monitoring of water supplies; atmospheric pollution control; consumer safety; nuisance and pest control; shop and office health and safety standards; dwelling inspections (under Rent Order).
District Chief Public Health Inspector,
Borough Offices, The Square, Hillsborough. BT26 6AH. Tel: 682477.

(For cinemas, entertainments, petroleum, street trading, hoardings)
Chief Administrative Officer, Borough Offices, The Square, Hillsborough. Tel: 682477.

Technical Services
Concerned with street cleaning; refuse collection; public toilets; maintenance of parks, playing fields and cemeteries; local amenity schemes; litter prevention; motor car removal; petroleum inspections; postal numbering schemes and provision of street name plates.

Chief Technical Officer,
Borough Offices, The Square, Hillsborough. BT26 6AH. Tel: 682477.

Recreation Services
Development of community services, arts, entertainment, sport, tourism, museum and general recreation.
Chief Recreation Officer,
Borough Offices, The Square, Hillsborough. BT26 6AH. Tel: 682477. See also pages 49-57.

(Department of the Environment, N.I.)
Contact for Co. Antrim
Local Vehicle Licensing Office,
County Hall, Galgorm Road, Ballymena. Tel: 3333. Contact for Co. Down
Local Vehicle Licensing Office,
Mount Crescent, Downpatrick. Tel: 2358.
Both offices open to public � 9.30-4.00 Monday-Friday. For postal applications for licence renewals:
Vehicle Licensing Control Office,
County Hall, Coleraine. Tel: 4133.

'Ulster Star' (Fridays)
'Dromore Leader' (Thursdays)

The Commissioner for Complaints investigates complaints made by the public against District Councils and other public authorities whilst the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration investigates complaints referred to him by the public through their M.P. against Government Departments.
Office- River House, 48 High Street, Belfast. BT1 2BE. Tel: 33821.

Ordnance Survey Shop.
83 Ladas Drive, Belfast. BT6 9JF. Tel: 58225/54580/56286.

Applications for Planning Permission including change of use, mineral working and tree preservation orders, enforcement of Planning Control, applications for consent to display advertisements, preparation of development plans.
Town and Country Planning Service,
(Department of the Environment, N.I.)
Rathdune House, New Bridge Street, Downpatrick. BT30 6EA. Tel: 3721. Planning Appeals Commission,
Carlton House, 1 Shaftesbury Avenue, Belfast. BT2 7LB. Tel: 44710.

The following seven divisions serve Lisburn:
Lisburn Sub-Division. Tel: 77421.
Serves Lisburn, Ballinderry, Stoneyford, Aghalee, Hillsborough.
Dunmurry Sub-Division. Tel: Belfast 622711.
Serves Dunmurry.
Newtownards Sub-Division. Tel: 2777. Serves Drumbo and Boardmills. Banbridge Sub-Division. Tel: 3636. Serves Dromara.
Lurgan Sub-Division. Tel: 5144. Serves Moira.
Antrim Sub-Division. Tel: 2222. Serves Glenavy and Dundrod.
Andersonstown Sub-Division. Tel: Belfast 614330.
Serves Twinbrook and Poleglass. In all areas, dial 999 in emergency.

The main office is at 2 Linenhall Street, Lisburn. BT28 1AA. Tel: 3339 (Postal Queries); 2389 (Counter Queries).
Open 9.00-12.30 and 1.30-5.30 (Mondays to Fridays)
9.00-12.30 (Saturdays)
Town Sub-Offices (all in Lisburn) are:-46 Grand Street. BT27 4UD. Tel: 2441.
5 Knockmore Square. BT28 1SZ. Tel: 79139. 139 Longstone Street. BT28 1 ET. Tel: 77016. 1 Pond Park Road. BT28 3LH. Tel: 2173. 27 Sloan Street. BT27 5AG. Tel: 3579.
Open 9.00-1.00 and 2.00-5.30 (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) 9.00-1.00 (Wednesdays and Saturdays

Northern Ireland Railways operate passenger services from Portadown through to Belfast Central and Bangor; and from Lisburn to Ballinderry, Glenavy, Crumlin, Antrim and on to Londonderry via Coleraine. The inter-city 'Enterprise' connects Belfast with Dundalk, Drogheda and Dublin. An express parcels service, "Railfast" operates through Lisburn and provides express parcels deliveries to all stations on the system.
Head Offices - Belfast Central Station, East Bridge Street, Belfast. Tel: 35282.
Passenger service enquiries - Belfast 30310.
Local Stations - Lisburn (Tel: 2294) Dunmurry; Moira; Glenavy; Ballinderry.

(Department of Finance)
Rating Office, Bow House, 71 Bow Street, Lisburn. BT28 1BJ. Tel: 77620/9.
District Valuer, 16 Bow Street, Lisburn. BT28 1 BN. Tel: 77527.

Town Hall, Castle Street, Lisburn. Tel: 2259. ROADS

Roads and bridges, traffic management including signs, lights and pedestrian crossings, street lighting, foot-paths, car parking, private streets, access to public roads, overhanging hedges and grass cutting. (Department of the Environment, N.I.)
Main Office - English Street, Downpatrick. Tel: 3211.
Section Office - Benson House, Antrim Road, Lisburn. Tel: 75331. (For minor complaints and emergencies).
Emergencies outside office hours - Tel: Seaforde 619.

Senior Road Safety Education Officer, S.E. Education and Library Board. 44 Ballylesson Road, Belfast. BT8 8JS. Tel: Drumbo 404.
For local road safety matters:
Lisburn Borough Road Safety Committee, Town Hall, Castle Street, Lisburn. Tel: 2259.

Social Security Offices,
Bow House, 71 Bow Street, Lisburn. BT28 1BJ. Tel: 77621.

Home helps, meals-on-wheels, blind and handicapped, craft instruction (handicapped), adoption, child care, child fostering, family counselling, residential care of elderly.
District Social Services Officer,
Lisburn Health Centre, Linenhall Street, Lisburn. Tel: 5181.
Emergencies out of office hours � Tel: Belfast 668246.
Old People's Homes:
Drumlough House, Moira Road, Lisburn. Tel: 6228.
Warren House, Woodland Park, Lisburn. Tel: 79235.
Kilwarlin House, Hillsborough. Tel: 682275.
Seymour House, Dunmurry. Tel: Belfast 617829.
Children's Homes:
Glenmore House, Hilden, Lisburn. Tel: 2081.
Terrace Hill, Shaw's Bridge, Belfast. Tel: 642453.
Wallace Avenue Day Centre, Lisburn. Tel: 78111.
Home for Mentally Handicapped: �
Millhall Home, Lisburn. Tel: 79364.
School for Mentally Handicapped: �
Parkview School, Wallace Avenue, Lisburn. Tel: 6197.
Hostel for Mentally ill:
Ballymacoss Hostel, Lisburn. Tel: 76277.

N. Ireland Tourist Board,
Tourist Development Officer 176 Newry Road, Bangridge. BT32 3 B Tel: 23759. Tourist Board H.Q., River House, 48 High Street, Belfast. BT1 2BE. Tel: 31221.

(Department of the Environment, N.I.)
For Lisburn, Dunmurry, Dundrod, Stoneyford areas:
Sub-Division Water Office, Harmony Hill, Lisburn. Tel: 2606/3518. Emergencies outside Office hours
Belfast 746581 (water); Lisburn 2086 (sewerage) or Belfast 53126. For Hillsborough, Dromara, Killaney & Drumbo areas:�Sub-Division Water Office, Upper Galwally, Belfast. Tel: 649044. Emergencies outside office hours
Belfast 746581 (water) and 641465 (sewerage) or Belfast 53126
For Moira, Aghalee, Ballinderry, Glenavy areas:
Sub-Division Water Office, Goban Street, Portadown. Tel: 32397. Emergencies outside office hours � Lurgan 5781.

Provision of facilities in conjunction with other agencies, provision of social, physical and cultural activities and assistance to voluntary organisations. Provision of advice and resources
(South Eastern Education and Library Board)
Lisburn Youth Office,
29 Railway Street, Lisburn. BT28 1XP. Tel: 74089.

The Council wish to thank the undernoted individuals and organisations who contributed material and in other ways assisted with the production of the Guide. Their help is warmly appreciated.

Canon J. Barry, M.A.
District Development Office, Lisburn Rev. S.E. Long, L.Th., R.D., J.P. Rev. J.B. Lowe, M.A.
Mr. T. Neill and Lisburn Historical Society
Northern Ireland Tourist Board
Town & Country Planning Service, Department of Environment
Ulster Architectural Heritage Society Lisburn Camera Club
Graphics Unit, Department of Environment
Ulster Star

Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this publication and the statements contained herein are believed to be correct, the publishers and the promoters cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies.
Reproduction of any part of this publication without permission is strictly forbidden.