Rev. Kenneth McConnell, B. D.

Ordained 1991

Installed on 19 April 1991

Rev. Kenneth McConnell, B. D.

Ancient Helmet

Found in an island in Killeney Lough, Townland of Breasagh, near Saintfield, County of Down


Reproduction of Certificate of introduction of John Gill and Jean Gill or Shaw to Mr Issac Duncan of Philadelphia from Minister and Elders of the Church

Rev. A. M. Downes, A. M.

Ordained 1827

Rev. John Rogers

Rev. George Hay Shanks

Ordained 1840

Rev. Thomas Clugston

Ordained 1846

Rev. John Moody, B. A.

Ordained 1886

Rev. W. D. Killen, D. D.

Rev. Alexander Dobbin

Ordained 1855

Rev. J. W. Dobbin, B. A.

Ordained 1903

Rev. John Edgar, D. D., L. L. D.

Rev. John L. McCandless

Ordained 1889

John Todd

Former Clerk of Session - Killaney

Robert Shaw

Former Clerk of Session - 2nd Boardmills

Rev. Walter Kerr, B. A.., B. D.

Ordained 1933

Rev. Robert Kelso

Ordined 31 October 1907

Installed as Minister of the United Congregations on 30 July 1925

Died 16 June 1950

Rev. Frederick Pickering, B. A.

Ordained 21 February 1951

Rev. Harold Graham, B. A., D. D.

Ordained 17 October 1957

Rev. Harold Graham, B. A., D. D.

Ordained 17 October 1957

Rev. William Trevor Coburn, B. A.

Ordained 1964

Rev. George David Simpson

Ordained 1974

Installed on 27 February 1975

Rev. William Caughey, B. A.

Ordained 1978

Installed on 5 September 1978

Rev. John Brackenridge, B. A., B. D.

Ordained 1985

Installed on 7 March 1985

Historical Roll-Call of Ministers

First Boardmills Bowling Club

Baillies Mills Accordian Band playing at A. G. M.

Boys Brigade - Anchor Boys

Christian endeavour Group

Members of church Choir 1998

Girls' Brigade Company Section 1998

Praise Service Orchestra at the G.B. and B.B. Service 1998

Midweek Meeting 1998

Presbyterian Women's Assocation 1998

Sunday School 1998

The Attic Group 1998

Young Women's Group 1998

First Boardmills Committee 1998

Second Boardmills Committee 1998

Boys' Brigade Company Section 1998

Carr Primary School Choir providing entertainment at A.G.M.

Church Elders 1998

Girls Brigade Explorers 1998

Junior Boys' Brigade 1998

Killaney committee 1998

First Boardmills Church

Second Boardmills Church


Killaney Church

Ye Olde Meeting House

Stone Tablet above Killaney Entrance