Ulster Star Borough Supplement
Saturday, 27 June, 1964



Furious Drivers
At a meeting of Lisburn Town Commissioners on March 3, 1862, it was proposed by Mr. McCall, seconded by Mr. Jefferson and carried-that hand bills be printed and posted to prevent soda water carts and other cars etc. driving furiously through the streets.
Workhouse for 77 Years
In 1841 Lisburn Workhouse was opened for the reception of paupers. It was closed as a workhouse in 1918 and the inmates transferred to Lurgan Union.
Bank Shortlived
Messrs. William Brownlow and Company opened a bank in Lisburn in 1804, but apparently closed it almost immediately afterwards and recommenced business in Lurgan.
£20-Per Annum
John Pennington was acting clerk to the Lisburn Town Commissioners in 1853. His salary was £20 per annum.

Early Theatre
Even in the early 19th century Lis-bury was not without its drama. In 1804 Robert Owensons' Theatrical Company gave performances at a theatre improvised out of a large hayloft in Bow Street, situated at the rear of Mr. Stewart's house.

Appointed Clerk
Mr. Richard Young was appointed clerk of the Town Commissioners on February 4, 1889 in succession to Mr. James Wilson, deceased.

Rector's Row
In 1687 the Rev. Silvanius Haslam, rector of the parish, built a row of cottages which street still bears his name—Haslam's Lane.

A MESSAGE from the Mayor of Lisburn, Alderman James Howard to inaugurate the Civic Week celebrations:-
Lisburn is known and respected in many parts of the world to-day because of services rendered in the past by her sons and daughters to Monarch and country, economic development and in the realm of sport. But if we are to continue to develop and keep pace with our neighbouring Municipal Authorities, who are combining to make this Province one of the finest in the United Kingdom, then we must look to the future.
In accepting this challenge of the future, I do so with confidence in the name of the youth of  Lisburn, impressing upon them that it is their duty to avail themselves of every educational facility offered in order that they may rise to the top in the profession of their choice.
Let civic pride and devotion to duty and others, before self, be placed high on your list of priorities, for by so doing you will be assuring that the Lisburn of the future will surpass anything we have known in the past.
Lord Wakehurst, K. G., K. C. M. G.

Governor's Message

His Excellency the Governor of Northern Ireland The Lord Wakehurst, K.G., K.C. M.G.
I am very glad to join in celebrating the granting of a Charter to the Borough of Lisburn and send my best wishes for its future development and prosperity.

Prime Minister Northern Ireland

In extending my best wishes to Lisburn on attaining Borough status, I would like to congratulate the community on its initiative in organising a Civic Week to mark this very special milestone.
Lisburn has been an important centre since the early 17th century. It played a leading role in the growth and development of linen manufacture and in its Huguenot graveyard is the tomb of Louis Crommelin, who brought the first stages of automation to the industry.
Lisburn is still famous for its linen but several fine new industries including two American concerns are also adding to the prosperity of the community. Lisburn is also a busy market town serving the rich farming area of the Lagan Valley.
I am confident that Lisburn's, progressiveness will be maintained and I sincerely hope that even greater prosperity will be achieved in the future.
I congratulate the " Ulster Star " on this supplement. Our provincial newspapers have contributed in no small way to the development of civic pride. Their independence and high standards constitute one of our greatest assets.

SALUTE the Borough of Lisburn. It gives me great pleasure to have this opportunity to express greetings and good wishes to my constituents, the citizens of the new Borough. May they and their Mayor. Aldermen and Councillors work together with energy and vision for the future of the community.
You have a tradition of great men in history, for names such as the Duke of Schomberg and Bishop Jeremy Taylor were well known in the Lisburn of their day. But Lisburn does not live in the past and the citizens are wise to busy themselves in the present and look to the future. I am impressed by the new houses which are appearing, by your established factories, and the new works which are coming to the area; by your hospitals and schools and the care that is being taken of old folk and children who have started life with a handicap. These are true signs of a busy, healthy and energetic community. What of the future? The initiative, ability and hard work of the Lisburn people will ensure a future expansion in the area and the continuing existence of a thriving,
The grant of a Charter is another important step forward in the progress of the town of Lisburn. Our town has over the years established a reputation as a prosperous and efficient business place and the quality of our workpeople has made us not only one of the chief and oldest centres of the linen trade but has attracted many industries besides. Although we are within easy reach of the capital city of Northern Ireland we are proud of our separate entity and this is now emphasised by our Borough status.
The town has had a distinguished history and can look forward to a progressive future under a conscientious and experienced Borough Council. I offer my congratulations to those who have been elected Alderman and Councillors and wish them every success in the satisfying task of working for the people of Lisburn. Indeed, I have been most happy representing at Stormont a community in which the people work so well together and have a friendliness which makes it so easy to work for them.
The Government has plans for the development and modernization of Northern Ireland and in these our town will share to the full. The fact that the Council is looking ahead and anxious to co-operate with the Government in planning for the future is shown by the imagination and practical approach to the new plan for the town centre produced by Mr. Bell. The Council also have plans for building many more houses which are needed by our townspepole and for redevelopment of the old areas to provide better conditions and amenities for the people who live in them. The Council is also well known for the ready assistance which it gives to industrialists who wish to set up new factories.
I am happy to have had the pleasure in the past of working with the members of the Urban District Council and I look forward to co-operating in the future with the members of the new Borough Council in a common effort to create a finer and more prosperous town with more houses, more factories and more amenities, so that we may become the foremost Borough in Northern Ireland.


AS LORD MAYOR of our Capital City it gives me great pleasure to send warmest greetings to the First Citizen and the people of Lisburn.
We in Belfast are delighted that this prosperous town, which has such close links with the city, has now been granted Borough status.
I sincerely hope, that the Borough of Lisburn may long continue to flourish and that a progressive Council may plan wisely for the welfare of the people.
Lord Mayor of Belfast
IT GIVES me the greatest pleasure as Mayor of Londonderry to send my warmest congratulations to the new Borough of Lisburn.
I know that all the citizens of the ancient city of Londonderry will join me in these congratulations, and in wishing the new Borough every success and all prosperity in the future.
I am sure that the new Borough will add lustre and distinction to the civic life of the Province.
Mayor of Londonderry
ON BEHALF of the citizens of Bangor I convey congratulations and good wishes to the first Mayor and Borough Council and the People of Lisburn on this special occasion in the history of the town. You will have the honour of being the first Mayor of Northern Ireland's tenth Borough and I feel sure that the ceremonies which will mark the beginning of the Borough Council's activities will focus the attention of all residents on the affairs of the town and will give them a fresh sense of civic pride.
I wish you and the people of Lisburn all success and prosperity in the new status which you now enjoy.
Mayor of Bangor
I gives me pleasure, on behalf of the Borough Council of Carrickfergus, to convey warmest congratulations to Lisburn, on attaining Borough Status. This progressive step should lead to the continued and growing prosperity in a town that has played an important part in the economy of Northern Ireland. We in Carrickfergus appreciate the happy relations that existed between our respective Councils over the years. On this happy occasion my Council colleagues and officials join me in sending our profound good wishes that the new Borough of Lisburn will march forward from strength to strength, bringing in fullest measure prosperity and happiness.
Mayor of Carrickfergus.
IN the name of the Borough of Lurgan I extend to the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Lisburn cordial greetings and good wishes for the future prosperity of their Borough.
I personally am very pleased to see Lisburn advance to Borough Status as it is an indication of a forward-looking local authority. If social and economic progress in any area is to be maintained the fountain of it must be a virile and active local government and that body will invariably be found to demand respect for its own standing, not just out of pride, but from a healthy self-respect.
Mayor of Lurgan.
MAY I on behalf of the Borough of Enniskillen send our sincerest greetings and congratulations to Lisburn on becoming the 12th Borough in Northern Ireland,
Enniskillen has many close links- personal and commercial-with your Borough. Your town has always been a leader in progressive ideas and with your enhanced status will continue in the advancement of our Province.
 Mayor of Enniskillen.
Mayor of Newtownards.
AS Mayor of the Borough of Newtownards it gives me great pleasure on behalf of the Council and people of the town to welcome Lisburn into the group of Ulster Boroughs. I congratulate Alderman James Howard on being elected first Mayor and it is my sincere hope that he may enjoy a very happy term in that office.
I send the Borough of Lisburn every good wish for its future prosperity; may its progress be maintained over the years that lie ahead.
Mayor of Newtownards.
"MY I BE permitted to add, on my own behalf, and for the people of Ballymena, congratulations to the Borough of Lisburn on attaining Borough Status, and to express the hope that Lisburn may continue to progress."
Mayor of Ballymena
ON behalf of the people of Larne I have great pleasure in conveying to the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Lisburn sincere congratulations on attaining Borough status,
I hope that the granting of the Charter will mark the beginning of a new era of prosperity and successful administration in Lisburn.
Larne has just had a Silver Jubilee Festival to commemorate the inaugural meeting of the Borough Council and I feel sure that the ancient town of Lisburn will for many years to come, grace the ranks of those towns in the Province which have been granted the dignity of Borough Status.
I hope that the current Civic Week will be a great success and I know that the special supplement of the Ulster Star will be of interest not only in Lisburn but in many towns throughout the Province.
Mayor of Larne.
AS Mayor of Portadown I gladly send this message of greetings and good wishes to the Mayor, Aldermen, Councillors and people of Lisburn on the occasion of the town being granted the dignity of a borough. Lisburn has for a long time been recognised as one of the leading and most progressive towns in Northern Ireland. As a textile centre its name and fame have spread far beyond the shores of our Province and in these changing industrial times many new industries have made their home in Lisburn and the surrounding area.
I trust that the granting of Borough Status will be the beginning of a new era of progress and prosperity, and my fellow townspeople join me in fraternal greetings to Lisburn at this very happy time.
Mayor of Portadown.
ON my own behalf and on behalf of the people of the Borough of Coleraine I am delighted to express our congratulations to Lisburn on having been granted Borough. Status and to wish its people an even greater prosperity than they have enjoyed in the past.
Lisburn has always been in the forefront of local government in Northern Ireland and has set an example to all local authorities in not confining its efforts to the good of Lisburn alone, but for the benefit of the people of the Province as a whole and may this long continue.
It is indeed fitting that a Civic Week should be held to mark the occasion, and we here in Coleraine wish it every success and also offer the Mayor and his Aldermen and Councillors our best wishes for the advancement of their Borough during their respective periods of office.
Mayor of Coleraine.