If I could grant one wish today 
That everyone would share. 
Then we would all in love unite 
And say this simple prayer. 
Take my hand and lead me home 
Home is where my heart is. 
Take my heart and show it peace 
Peace is where your love is. 
Take my love for what it's worth 
For you 1'd give my life. 
So take my life into your hands,
For in your hands my heart finds peace 
A peace I find with you alone 
So take my hand and lead me home.


We are not only the wind 
or the bird being carried. 
We are both bird and wind 
with a new message 
Wind and bird 
with a new song. Reaching all corners
 of the earth.

Dr. Federico Mayor-Paris, 11.11.1996


The earth is full of war and hate. 
Man kills man. 
The hope for peace and love seems bleak. 
Until the white messenger is seen. 
Pure white wings - so soft to touch. 
It cleans the air as it f lies round. 
Banishing evil thoughts. 
There are no frowns or whispers. 
No suspicions. 
The good is rekindled in an instant.


A narrow beam of light 
Comes into my mind each day.
That we will all join together as one
Harmony and union I pray.


Sitting on the dew - filled grass, 
Letting all my worries pass. 
Thanking for a world at peace, 
Hoping that it's not on lease.