The Earth is a precious and beautiful thing. 
Were the white dove soars high flying on wing. 
Symbolizing hope and peace. 
Beautiful forests - clear mountain glens. 
A sight your soul to cleanse. 
Vastness of oceans - deep blue of the sea. 
Forest ranges-diamond rainbows. 
Earth laying at our feet. 
Hoping the soil and our conscience meet. 
Stop the conflict and hatred and spite. 
Just a little bit of effort. 
Take a leaf from the dove's book. 
Let peace come around us - such warmth. 
Our wonderful planet and the things that it holds.
No other beauty can the eye behold.



Flapping wings 
Clap behind the back of the rising dove. 
Her soaring joy 
Flattens to smooth flight 
While gliding now to view 
The lake, the trees, the green. 
Wind through the feathers 
Whispers of hope 
And stooping to listen, 
She dives towards fluttering leaves. 
A smoking shot 
Punches from the shoulder 
Of the hidden marksman 
And the warm white dove, 

Stuttering in flight 
Floats in the ripples 
Of the cold dark pond. 
In peace now she rests, 
Waiting to soar again.