Why wait ? Why pray ? 
Why fight ? Why stay ? 
Children so small. 
Not knowing. No reason ,
No understanding.

Love me. Love me not.
Love me. Love me not. 
Hate blown away like pollen in the wind. 
The world blossoms into a new dawn.


The pale men come with their strange ways. 
Like a pack of hungry wolves 
They devour and destroy the land. 
Every part of the earth is sacred to me, 
From the dark misty woods 
To the shimmering sea. 
How can we buy and sell our heritage. 
Every tree and rock has its name, 
Every waterfall and rapid - impossible to tame
We dream and hope to wipe out the agony. 
Our ray of hope. 
The morning sun streams through the trees.



A dove soaring high in the sky, 
With the wind whispering 
Through its feathers. 
This is what peace is.

A meadow filled with golden corn, 
Bowing stalks to each other 
in the gentle breeze.

A swan gliding on the deep still waters 
Its proud head 
This is what peace is.