"The earth and the White Wings" 
Inspired by the children and adults of Mozyr, 

A fairy tale with illustrations, poetry and prose compiled as part of the International Peace Festival, Mozyr, Belarus, 2000.

A ray of hope UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace

"Let us not forget the suffering but to the future strive"


This publication is dedicated to the children of the world who have so much to offer. It is the responsibility of all adults to provide an earth fit for the potential of children to be realised.

The creativity in this book is a tribute to what can be achieved when dedicated teachers lead pupils desirous of knowledge.

The paintings published are the creations of the children of Mozyr, Belarus and in particular from the wonderful Art School, Mozyr, under the directorship of Larisa A. Maltseva. The poetry was written by the children and adults of Northern Ireland and the messages were sent from our friends around the world who believe as we do.

Our thanks to Eddie Gornall for his inspired cover and preface image : and to our patrons and sponsors who enthuse us to achieve more.

As for the fairytale - the ideas and experiences of one added to by the magic of another.



Our Story 

A traveler went to a far off land where the learned of this tale through the eyes of the people he met.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there lived a wizard who advised his people that life would be much easier if they could catch a monster and train him to do all their work : thus saving their own energy. This they did.

The monster was locked away but he was continuously used by his captors For his energy .

The monster worked so hard that he grew stronger and increased in size until his enclosure became no longer large enough to house him. Eventually he burst through the walls.

The monster was so angry at being continuously abused that he took his havoc out on the area around his home The monster continued north and then circled the earth leaving death and destruction in his wake.

Then one day the monster disappeared and was never seen again - some people say he fell off the end of the earth but he might still be out there somewhere.
 Unfortunately his terrible deeds remained for all to see and the effects lingered for many years.

The people were mot aware at first of how much destruction had take pace. Many thought that it would be a good idea to find another monster to do all of their work so that they could again have a restive life style.

The wizard, who had advised the people, was feeling so remorseful that he fled.

The Wizard had been watching from afar, and knowing that it was partly his fault, decided that the people had suffered enough

He did not want another monster found and then escaping, so he returned to the country.

He informed the people that some day they might indeed find a monster. He told them that they then should look after him properly and make sure he is correctly housed. This monster must be well trained and content so that if he can be harnessed for work then he will be happy and will not want to escape.

.............Because the people  listened to the wizard he called on the powers of the earth to give them special qualities. 

For being attentive to the wizard he gave them the shield of knowledge to enable them to decide their future actions and to solve the problems the last monster had caused.

For their suffering he gave the children eyes that sparkled and alert so that they would always be watchful for future dangers.

.................and to save them from the need of ever having their own monster he gave the people the qualities of enthusiasm and endeavour.

Since all of these characteristics made them special to the rest of the world, he made them promise that they had to show to all visitors not their suffering but the kindness in their hearts.

....and to this day the people of Belarus work diligently, seek knowledge, open their souls through their sparkling eyes and fulfil their promise to the wizard by showing their promise to the wizard by showing kindness to all travellers who cross their land.


If I could grant one wish today 
That everyone would share. 
Then we would all in love unite 
And say this simple prayer. 
Take my hand and lead me home 
Home is where my heart is. 
Take my heart and show it peace 
Peace is where your love is. 
Take my love for what it's worth 
For you 1'd give my life. 
So take my life into your hands,
For in your hands my heart finds peace 
A peace I find with you alone 
So take my hand and lead me home.


We are not only the wind 
or the bird being carried. 
We are both bird and wind 
with a new message 
Wind and bird 
with a new song. Reaching all corners
 of the earth.

Dr. Federico Mayor-Paris, 11.11.1996

page 22

The earth is full of war and hate. 
Man kills man. 
The hope for peace and love seems bleak. 
Until the white messenger is seen. 
Pure white wings - so soft to touch. 
It cleans the air as it f lies round. 
Banishing evil thoughts. 
There are no frowns or whispers. 
No suspicions. 
The good is rekindled in an instant.


A narrow beam of light 
Comes into my mind each day.
That we will all join together as one
Harmony and union I pray.

Sitting on the dew - filled grass, 
Letting all my worries pass. 
Thanking for a world at peace, 
Hoping that it's not on lease.
page 23

Now we hold our heads in shame, 
We destroy the earth from which we came. 
Our fragile earth on which life depends, 
Moves ever closer to the end. 
Hungry mouths we never feed, 
Some hare more than they never need ,
You give us more than we need to live, 
It's a lot more than we can give. 
What a better globe our world would be, 
If we let the white wings fly free.


The foundation stone of peace is 
Building with the bricks of tolerance. 
The window of opportunity is open to all. 
Soaring upwards with determination, 
Rooting out all mistrust and thoughts of vengeance. 
Building each day Peace by piece.
page 26

The Earth is a precious and beautiful thing. 
Were the white dove soars high flying on wing. 
Symbolizing hope and peace. 
Beautiful forests - clear mountain glens. 
A sight your soul to cleanse. 
Vastness of oceans - deep blue of the sea. 
Forest ranges-diamond rainbows. 
Earth laying at our feet. 
Hoping the soil and our conscience meet. 
Stop the conflict and hatred and spite. 
Just a little bit of effort. 
Take a leaf from the dove's book. 
Let peace come around us - such warmth. 
Our wonderful planet and the things that it holds.
No other beauty can the eye behold.


Flapping wings 
Clap behind the back of the rising dove. 
Her soaring joy 
Flattens to smooth flight 
While gliding now to view 
The lake, the trees, the green. 
Wind through the feathers 
Whispers of hope 
And stooping to listen, 
She dives towards fluttering leaves. 
A smoking shot 
Punches from the shoulder 
Of the hidden marksman 
And the warm white dove, 

Stuttering in flight 
Floats in the ripples 
Of the cold dark pond. 
In peace now she rests, 
Waiting to soar again.



Why wait ? Why pray ? 
Why fight ? Why stay ? 
Children so small. 
Not knowing. No reason ,
No understanding.

Love me. Love me not.
Love me. Love me not. 
Hlate blown away like pollen in the wind. 
The world blossoms into a new dawn.


The pale men come with their strange ways. 
Like a pack of hungry wolves 
They devour and destroy the land. 
Every part of the earth is sacred to me, 
From the dark misty woods 
To the shimmering sea. 
How can we buy and sell our heritage. 
Every tree and rock has its name, 
Every waterfall and rapid - impossible to tame
We dream and hope to wipe out the agony. 
Our ray of hope. 
The morning sun streams through the trees.

A dove soaring high in the sky, 
With the wind whispering 
Through its feathers. 
This is what peace is.

A meadow filled with golden corn, 
Bowing stalks to each other 
in the gentle breeze.

A swan gliding on the deep still waters 
Its proud head 
This is what peace is.

Stillness and quiet. 
No noise except the contented breathing
 As you drift of to sleep. 
This is what peace is.

This is what peace is.

page 33

FromAngela Manchester

United states

Dawning of a new day

It is our hope that ,you are already enlightened and that you will step forward and listen to the voice of the children. 

Take the knowledge you have acquired and use it to enrich the lives of those around you. Every smile, every couch, every little acknowledgement is nourishment for a child. 

Open your heart, lift up your voice and give our children a future rich in culture, rich in heritage but mostly rich in the fruits of human compassion and love. 

Tolerance and acceptance can be your greatest gift to future generations. 

It costs nothing and yet is the greatest gift of all.

A thought of man has built this portentous establishment of war and only a thought of Man will make it disappear again from the earth".

"And so it is not a great master how long men refuse to believe the advent of peace: war is on its last legs; and a universal peace is as sure as is the prevalence of civilization over barbarism, of liberal government over feudal forms.. The question for us its only How soon?"

The fact that brutality has increased, that Man's increasing material intelligence has also bred the ability of unbelievable destruction, unbelievable hedonism, laziness and conceit, all these are the rocks that have to be climbed. How, long? I think, that it will be centuries. Today we have to look for the uncorrupted and good among the thriving vegetation of horror and inhumanity. But efforts such as these are the really important ones and will, in the end succeed. Mankind will have to be brought very low with its own destructive devices. 
But the truly free choice is helping others and not living for oneself.

Tom Forman 
Boston, United Stales of America

page 38

From Debbie Gornall & Marie Niblock


It is a great pleasure for Venture Productions to be associated with the initiatives emanating from the children of Northern Ireland and in particular A Ray of Hope. In Venture we value and strive towards the ideals of UNESCO and United Nations and by doing so attempt to make a little difference in a world that continues to have so much sadness and suffering. 
And to those who read or hear this message let the white wings of the dope enchant you - let the peoples of the world find their pearl of wisdom and realise that our differences be they colour, race or creed should be seen as magical and not a source of malice.

"Teach me to feel another's woe 
To hide the fault I see 
That mercy I to others show 
that mere shoes to me" Pope

page 40


Life is a pretty precious and wonderful thing that we are privileged to have. We tend to underestimate its value as our survival seems to overtake most of our precious time - Time to reflect has come and now that we are approaching the millennium our duty is to contribute towards the development of a Culture of Peace for a better world around us. 
A peace is not just feeling content with ourselves and our surroundings - because there are others who may not have that peace - others whose suffering is overtaking their lies - so peace at the present time requires our co-operation and if we can share our individual fulfillment with others, we will be flooding the earth with the love that the actions need to reach out for.
Contribute to the recreation of an environment where children and the young can reach out for their own fulfillment - a continuous endeavor for a better world.

page 41

 What if you slept? And what it; in your sleep you dreamed? 
And what if; in your dream you went to heaven and there 
plucked a strange and beautiful flower'? And what if, when 
you awoke, you had the flower in your hand`.
~Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Where there is love there is life. 
~Mahatma Ghandi 

If there is light in the soul, There will be beauty in the 
person. If there is beauty in the person, There will be 
harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, 
There will be order in the nation. If there is order in the 
nation, There will 
The goal of a peaceful world must, today and tomorrow, 
shape our decisions and inspire our purposes 
John F. Kennedy

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better or 
happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness; kindness 
in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in 
your smile; kindness in your warm greeting. 
Mother Teresa

Good thoughts will produce good actions and bad thoughts 
will produce bad actions. Hatred does not cease by hatred at 
any time; hatred ceases by LOVE. 
Chinese Proverb

His Holiness Pope John Paul II

Mr. James Galway 
Mr. Rashid Kareh, United Nations Association 
Sir Brian Mawhinney, MP House of Commons

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Naoufel and Rafaa Ghellam, Algeria 
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M. Kofi Annan Secretary-General, United Nations 
Embassy of the United States of America

Special Note - It is with appreciation that we acknowledge the enthusiasm shown by Raymond Kinghan, {Summit Printing (Systems) Ltd.} for this compilation and are sorry to record that Raymond passed away without seeing the completed publication.

To Federico, our friend, (Dr. Federico Mayor, Director General of UNESCO) - thank you for empowering us.