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Jill Ellis

Jill Ellis

Jill Ellis

Jill Elliis a consultant and team developer with weightloss group Slimming World.

She lives in Upper Ballinderry with her husband George and daughter Ruth.

The former Civil Servant got involved with Slimming World after seeing the benefits when her parents became members. Jill was soon inspired to become a member and lost three stone. She loved the plan so much she decided to become a consultant and now runs classes at St Johns Parish Centre Moira on Thursday mornings and evenings. Jill is now working full time as consultant and team developer and says she can't believe how much Slimming World has transformed her life.

Every day is different for me now I am working as a team developer too. I usually get up about 7.30pm and walk two to three miles as many mornings as I can. Then after a shower I will start do do some work in my office at home. I provide support to the members of my classes so I will be responding to emails and telephone calls or texting. I could also be organising new venues for classes. We provide support to our members 52 weeks a year and never close. As a team developer I am also there for the consultants who have any questions.

I recruit consultants from the membership base and I have to regularly visit the groups I manage in the Bangor/Ards peninsula area. I will go out to observe and ensure the consultants are happy with their role and encourage them and mentor them a bit. The Slimming World way is not to judge but to help. The ethos is very positive and the management style is on the same level. I have a very hands on role and it does feel good to be out and about.

To see a member becoming confident as they lose weight is s lovely and means a lot

I also have weekly contact with the Northern Ireland Manager and NI consultants and attend quarterly meetings with the District Manager as well as monthly team meetings.

When I am taking classes I usually arrive an hour before. There is a format to setting the room up that all the consultants follow. Everything is run electronically so I will set the computer up and then once the class opens I will spend the first half hour talking to new members and explaining the plan. While I'm doing this the register attendance will be done and the members will be weighed and their money collected. I couldn't do without these helpers. There is a shop where members can purchase Slimming World products and an interest table will be set up in the middle of the room to raise awareness about certain foods. It is very relaxed and tea and coffee is available. This all helps create a busy atmosphere. After the weigh in the image therapy session begins. We discuss the group's experience. We don't talk at people but instead facilitate discussion. At this point I will also give out awards for every half stone lost.

Slimming World's modem and highly effective approach to weight loss is empowering and enabling. Our support is based on a deep understanding of how you feel and a passionate desire to help you achieve your personal weight loss goals — and maintain them for life.

Success isn't achieved by setting impossible standards or through humiliation it's achieved through caring, compassion and respect for you. You decide what size you want to be and we'll help you get there, where you want to be. At Slimming World we work together to help you look and feel great — body, mind and soul. There is no shame in gaining weight so we try to motivate members and don't humiliate them as it is hard for them to walk through the doors. No one is told off or told what to do - it is all about choice. You really can learn a lot from the members.

It really is so rewarding to see the changes in people's lives. To see a member becoming confident as they lose weight is so lovely and means a lot. I really enjoy my work and I have to pinch myself sometimes as I enjoy it all so much.

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