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Matt Owen

Matt Owen

Matt Owen

MATT Owen is a fully qualified Podiatrist/Chiropodist who works in the The Clinic at the House of Vic-Ryn and in his home town of Crossgar.

Matt who is originally from England, is married with two young daughters. He originally studied for a degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences and worked as a fitness instructor and tennis coach.

Matt was always more interested in the injury side of the fitness industry, and had previously had Podiatry treatment involving special insoles to help fix his own foot problem. This helped him decide to re-train to become a podiatrist- to learn more about feet. Once he was qualified and registered he worked in Belfast before setting up his own business. Three years ago he launched 'Feet Feet Podiatry'.

When I arrive at the clinic I will check the diary on the computer and then organise myself for the first patient arriving. The receptionist takes calls from people who would like to make an appointment with me or I will get referrals from the other departments in The Clinic. It's a great set-up at the House of Vic Ryn and it really is lovely to work there and for our clients to come along to.

At Feet Feet Podiatry I can help you to get to the foot of the problem. With professional and effective routine foot care (chiropody). Your feet have a profound effect on you. Their comfort can help you achieve almost anything. From a pain free walk, to running a marathon, you can guarantee that if they feel good, you feel good. My patients range from children with verrucas to people with flat feet and ingrown toenails. The treatments I provide range from traditional Chiropody (nail care and removal of corns and callouses), surgical removal of ingrown toenails, right through to biomechanical video-gait analysis which is taking a more detailed look at the patient's feet seeing them walk and filming it in slow motion on a treadmill so I can help correct their problem by looking at the way they walk and the shape of their feet.

T0 see people get back a  better quality of life is great.I specialise in orthotics (specialist insoles) to aid foot and lower limb pain, for both athletes and everyday people.

If it is the patient's first visit I will carry out an assessment which normally lasts half an hour and I might be able to carry out treatment then and there or else organise another appointment for minor surgery or insoles.

I work alongside a Specialist Physiotherapist, who treats sports people and those with chronic back pain.

People are finding that they are waiting a long time between NHS appointments, or have been told they are not entitled to treatment on the NHS. With rapid access to treatment I feel that I can help 'fill the gap' when people need it most. I cater for all types of foot related problems.

I also do home visits which is particularly popular with the elderly. My job is flexible but most days I do work 9-5 as well as some evening work. I divide my time up between Lisburn and Crossgar and it is working out well.

In my spare time I like to spend it with my family and playing sports. I am currently taking a 'ski-fit' class with my Church group and it is a great way of helping people get fit for a good cause.

The best part of my job is seeing people getting relief from pain. Helping in a practical way gives me a lot of satisfaction and to see people get back a better quality of life is great.

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