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Richard McBroom

Richard McBroom

Richard McBroom

RICHARD McBroom is the Area Manager for Lisburn based company Carrier Rental Systems / SLD Pumps & Power which nationally provides a market leading range of specialist Pumps, Power, Temperature Control rental products & technical solutions to a wide variety of industries and clients with an international depot network. Born in Strathaven, Scotland, Richard moved to Northern Ireland in 2006 and has worked in the equipment rental/engineering industries for 12 years, beginning his career as a mariner engineer within the Merchant Navy. He is married to Stacey and they have a two year old son called Lochlan.

Each day is always busy, but what I am working on very much depends what projects are ongoing and upcoming. In the morning when I arrive I check my emails and follow up as many enquiries and phone calls as I can before speaking to my depot team individually and making sure everything is in place and the staff know what has to be carried out. I try to hold weekly team briefings so any issues can be addressed then an all of my team have ample time and opportunity to talk to me and
bring any issues to my attention.

The group provides equipment and services to a variety of industrial and commercial clients. Sectors served include chemical and pharmaceutical, utilities, construction, contracting, offshore, manufacturing and building service sectors to name but a few. My varied and challenging positions sees that in addition to my overall Operational General Management responsibilities I am out and about as much as possible meeting with clients and finding out their needs and what they would like us to do for them. We provide high specification equipment and an understanding of client's requirements this enables SLD Pumps and Power to offer a complete solution to many critical and diverse applications. SLD Pumps and Power is a key part of the Carrier Corporation, a United Technologies Company.

The days are long, and the associated responsibilities challenging but it is something 1 am very passionate about.

Being part of this highly regarded group of companies gives clients the knowledge they are working with a professional organisation that places great importance on delivering a high level of service and also places a high priority on all Environment, Health and Safety issues in every aspect of its operations During the meeting with the client I will get an idea of what requirements they have and then I will work with them to personally develop on a number of bespoke solutions for their project, at this point I will always go back and talk the client through each stage, product and operation.

I always advise the clients what I believe is the best course of action, taking into account safety, quality, reliability and of course cost. Due to the vast nature of our client base, some projects could take two days and others 6 months - it just depends on what is involved and the magnitude of the task. Whether it's emergency support or an intricate planned project, SLD has the equipment, flexibility, knowledge and personnel to offer an efficient and cost-effective solution. People can call in to the depot to hire equipment but most of the work takes place in the workshop and offices with our bespoke vehicles and experiences drivers taking our equipment straight to the customers door. When I'm back in Lisburn I will be working on technical drawings and equations and drawing up layouts so the team know where to put the different pieces of equipment. If gives everyone an idea of what is going on as sometimes it can be difficult to put into words. All in all I do love my work - the days are long and the associated responsibilities challenging but it is something I am very passionate about. I enjoy the progression of the projects and the mechanical aspects, from dark and dingy site visits to boardroom presentations, to digging in deep and oily leading the workshop repair team, I thrive on challenges and meeting customers who need solutions this gives me a great buzz.

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