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Council leads enthusiasm

News Letter Saturday May 4, 1974

The old dock area on the River Lagan which was in use when coal barges
The old dock area on the River Lagan which was in use when coal barges worked from Belfast to Portadown. It is here that Civic Week canoe races will be held.

The Mayor of Lisburn, Mr. J. M. Gilchrist, in a message of "good luck to the participants coupled with good weather for the spectators," says that with the re-organisation of local government and the area of the borough now stretching from Dunmurry to Moira and from Aghalee to Dromara, this first Civic Week was planned to engender a "borough spirit" among the people.

"The organising of this Civic Week," he says, "has not been without its difficulties, the threat of petrol rationing, the interruption of work due to a general election, and of course our recent troubles in the town of Lisburn itself, have all affected the council's plans and had to be overcome.

"I am, however, pleased that in spite of the limited time (less than six months) and the outside difficulties, there has been a great deal of enthusiasm in the district, and it has been most gratifying to have found such considerable support for the venture. In arranging most of the week's activities, six committees were established and I am particularly grateful to the members of council who acted as chairmen of these committees, thus spreading the load, which I believe has resulted in many more people from various parts of the district being encouraged to participate in the activities of Civic Week.

Above: Lisburn Cathedral stands in the centre of the town.
Above: Lisburn Cathedral stands in the centre of the town.

"A good deal of the emphasis will be on sporting events, largely due to -the interest shown by sports organisations, coupled with the council's desire to encourage youth to involve itself to the greatest extent in Civic Week. Nevertheless, a wide range of other activities have been planned, and I trust that those who have worked hard in the preparation of the various events will receive support from you all and I am sure that this is the only reward they would seek.

"In conclusion, may I repeat what 1 said at the meeting last December when Civic Week was first discussed with representatives from organisations throughout the district - 'The council considered that by giving this lead it will direct enthusiasm into a creative and participating end-use rather than create a feeling that the borough council is some aloof and distant body which is only remotely interested in the welfare of the inhabitants of the area."

Garden party at the fort

While all the items on the programme for Lisburn Civic Week have been planned for the pleasure of both participants and spectators, one has a definitely heart-warming aspect.

It is a garden party for senior citizens to be held in the grounds of Hillsborough Fort on Tuesday afternoon.

Members of nine organisations in the. borough will transport about 500 elderly people to and from the party and while they are there they will be entertained to a musical programme by the band of the Royal Regiment of Wales.

Riding events

An equestrian contribution to Lisburn Civic Week will be provided by Killultagh Pony Club, which will organise a gymkhana on the old golf course land at Longstone Street.


One of the finest parks in Ulster, Wallace Park, will be the venue for many events during Civic Week.
One of the finest parks in Ulster, Wallace Park, will be the venue for many events during Civic Week.

A Civic Fair which will be held in Wallace Park on Saturday will include side-shows, stalls and amusements, together with displays by the Fire Service and other organisations. Many of the floats which are taking part in the Mayor's Show procession from Hillsborough to Dunmurry will be returning to add their gaiety to the scene. It is also hoped to present a free-fall parachute display.

How the scene has changed

A social exhibition of paintings, photographs and items of local historical interest will be opened by the Mayor in the assembly hall of Lisburn Technical College on Monday evening and will be open to the public from 2-00 to 5-00 and from 7-00 to 9-00 p.m., from Tuesday to Saturday.

The exhibition, which is being mounted by the local Historical Society, Camera Club, Art Club and Lisnagarvey Art. Society, will also feature a map of the new Borough of Lisburn, bowing the locations of planned leisure centres and other items of interest.

In addition, the Department of Housing, Local " Government and Planning will display information about the Government agencies established after .he reorganisation of local government. last October.