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Codie's family to give a home to abandoned pup


The new pup which doesn't have a name just yet Guinness the family's new kitten.THE MAGHABERRY family whose pet dog Codie had to be put to sleep after thugs viciously set it alight have decided to re-home a collie pup abandoned last weekend.

The Agnew family were hesitant at getting another dog after what happened to Codie but when they were contacted by the Dog House Sanctuary in Banbridge to say that collie pups needed a home, they decided it was the right thing to do.

Martin Agnew explained: "The wee pup we are getting hopefully in a few days after he gets vaccinated is seven weeks old. He is a long haired collie or will be eventually."

Martin continued: "A friend of the girl who runs the Dog House Sanctuary found eight pups in a box on a driveway - she got four homes for them and gave the other four to the sanctuary. They then contacted us through Facebook and we took it from there."

Martin said: " We thought it was too soon after Codie for a new pup but it might be good for the kids, we also have a new kitten called Guinness that has them busy too."

The family were invited along to the Belfast Dog Show Society event in the Kings Hall last Sunday. We did spend most of the time watching the collies but all the show dogs were fantastic."

Martin said: "After the dog show our youngest boy was very upset as I think as much as he enjoyed it - literally going round hugging dogs, it made him miss Codie even more. He was begging for a new pup so when we got this phone call we decided we would go and have a look at the pups."



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