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Brownlee Primary School Lisburn c.1946

This old school photograph holds special significance for LISBURN.COM - it shows the sites founder and developer, Jim Collins, at Brownlee Primary School Lisburn in 1946. (Front row, second from left).

It was sent to the site's new custodian, Darryl Collins, in March 2013, sadly four months after his dad Jim passed away. It was sent by Robert Beckett, who's father Thomas (sadly passed away June 2005) is also in the photograph. This has enabled us to replace the torn version that has been on the site for over four years - you can see it below.

It is hard to know if Jim ever saw the full photograph or only the torn version.

Brownlee Primary School Lisburn c.1946
Brownlee Primary School Lisburn c.1946 - torn photograph

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Back Row: Sammy Thompson, Thomas Beckett, Unknown, Artie Curry, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Walter Titterington

Middle Row: Jim Forman, C. Farnsworth, Unknown, A. Todd, Stanley Knox, Phillip Shields, Freddy Alderdice, Ben Greer.

Front Row: John Gracey, Jim Collins, John Grey, Unknown, Unknown, Andrew Cinnamon, Reggie Harrison, John Campbell

Robert's father is Thomas Beckett (14th Dec 1932 to 25th June 2005) standing in back row, second from left. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Robert for sending this photograph and filling in some of the blanks on the names above.

One other thing of note - Brownlee Primary School Lisburn was opened in 1913, so 2013 is its centenary year.

If anyone can fill in any more of the "Unknowns", please email us at One other small mystery... why are there only boys in the photograph? If anyone knows, please let us know.