Glenmore Swiss Embroidery girls taken about 1957 

Glenmore Swiss Embroidery girls taken about 1957

Hi Jim
Here is a photo of some of Glenmore Swiss embroidery girls taken about 1957. I know most of the names some I forget or may have got them mixed up.

Back row left to right, Frank Bell, Edmund Coulter,
Next row. Adam, ? ,Mabel Bell, Harriet McGuire, Sarah Davis (Sally) now Sarah Ervine, Joan Orr, Elizabeth English.
Next row Gladys Dory, ?, Jean Bain
Front bottom row Ann Chricton, Sandra O'Haire, Hilary Bromley, Vera Bain, Ray Black

I do know that Frankie Bell married Mabel Bell. Also a few I know have passed away.

I must have taken the photo as I cant see myself in there....Maybe someone else has ideas of who I missed or corrections of who I may have got wrong. I also tried to fix a photo so I will send both and let you decide which one to use. I enjoyed the lagan walk in May and I will be back over in Oct. (God willing)

Regards Vera Hall nee McClatchey