Hilden Recreation Cricket Club Mid 40's

Hilden Recreation Cricket Club Mid 40's

Hilden Rec. Cricket Club. somewhere around the middle to late 40's. This will be the first of three photos I will send. My father is on the back row, right end. Bob Harrison, the others as best he can remember, and he can remember, are...

Back row: left to right, Dick Shirlow, Billy..., Matt Williamson, Ernie Ervine, Victor Parker, Jim Pootes, Jim McCrea, and Bob Harrison.

Front row: Arthur Bowman, Charlie Donegan, Jimmy Corken, Stanley Berry, Billy Taylor, Tommy Topping, Stanley Kerry.

My Father is fascinated with the internet, but at 89, he just can't understand it. The Lisburn site has been a great source of pleasure to him through me. If there are ANY of these guys still around, it would be wonderful for him to hear of them.

Submitted by Allen Harrison, (Carolina).

If you recognize any of the missing names or would like to get in touch with Allen or Bob Harrison please email me at: info@lisburn.com