Lisburn Technical 1946

Lisburn Technical 1946  
Lisburn Technical 1946 
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Can you name anybody in the photograph?

3rd. row from front,1st.from right side is Daphne Gracey.

Name submitted by Thomas (Allan) Gracey

Names taken from an article by The Digger Call Lisburn 3111 to get `education with an aim!' 

An old friend of mine recently produced a photograph taken outside the Technical College in about 1946. There were some signatures on the back including S.E. Silcock, W. Dodds, James Heaney, J.S. Waring, W.J. Dowling, P. Anderson, Henry McConnell, F.A.Mackinnon, Ronald Matier, ES. Hodge, A. McKelvey, Edward Moreland, Stanley Lindsay, Victor Chambers and J.C. McKeown. I would be interested to know if anyone can recognise any faces and provide names. There is no doubt the person to the extreme right- 2nd row from the front is the late Dr. Samuel Semple, MBE