Ravarnett Primary School 1949-50

Can you fill in the missing names?

Back Row from Left: Eddie Sinnerton, Kenneth Walker, William Welsh, Reggie Wilson, Stanley Swann, Tommy Waterworth, Dennis Topping ? Horner, Eric McClatchey, Jim Todd.

Third Row: Edward Welsh, Alan Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Iris Walker, Beatrice Portis, Doris Cowan, Jean Walker, Muriel Curry, Sarah McLorn, Robert McLorn ? Portis.

Second Row: Reginald Friend, Stephen Wilson, …..?...... Evelyn Wilson, Edith Ritchie, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Agnes Welsh, Valerie Topping, Alison Friend …..?.... ...Sidney Copeland, Samuel McLorn.

Seated in front: Adrian Wilson …..?.....Jim Curry.

Dear Jim.   Could I ask the help of your forum members in completing the names for me on this  school picture.  I am presently working at putting together a book on Ravernet and a century of Christian witness in the village, including some of its early history.   Some of your contributors who have left Ireland's shores may recognise someone they remember, as well as those closer to home.  In any case I would be grateful for your help.

Mavis Heaney

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