Sloan Street Primary School 1954

Sloan Street Primary School 1954

Photograph submitted by James Hamilton Australia

Back row left: Bert Downey, Will Crothers, David Connor, Wesley Clark, Will Graham,  Alfie Mckibben, Bobby Keery

4th row:  ?,  Maureen Skillen,  ?,  Ester Chapman, Ann McBurney, Marianne Gorman, Olive Clarke.

3rd  row:  Doris Hanna, Elizabeth Alexander, Lorraine Smith,  ?,  Violet Bryans, Sylvia Morrison,  ?,  Doreen Mercer,  Marie Pendleton.

2nd row: Billy McDonald, Cora Patterson,  ?, Margaret Parker, Maureen Walsh, Joan Wills, Daphne Crothers, Trevor Hewitt.

Front row: Billy Allister, Jim Hamilton, Billy Boyd, John Mc Burney, Eric Dowds, Walter Bruce.

Names thanks to Margaret Scott nee Irwin

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