Committee & Session, January 1952.

Back Row: T. Gourley, J. McKibbin, D. Kirk, R. Irvine, D. Campbell, O. Green, W.J. Rainey, J. Murdock, R. Bell, Wallace Beatty.
Fron Row: S. Rutherford, H. Scott, J. Eddie, J. Scott, Rev. J.H. Rankin, W. Irvine, S. Bell, J. McDonald, W. Rutherford, F. Magowan.


Mr. Creelman with his mother

at his installation on 19th April, 1939.

Mr. Rankin after his robing

with Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Irvine and Mrs. Beatty

Mrs. A. Johnston with Mrs. Rankin

and the twins, David and Jonathan.

Mrs. Eddie presents a silver tea service to Mrs. Crooks.

Others in picture (from left) Mr. J. Eddie, Clerk of Session; Rev. A. Crooks, Miss M. Reid and Mr. J.O. Greer.

Rev. D. McConaghy & Rev. A. Crooks

with members of the Watson family outside the newly dedicated doors.

Rev. James Moorhead 1877-1938

Rev. A. Crooks 1964-1971

Mr. McConaghy 1972

Rev. Rankin 1947-1963

Rev. D. J. Creelman 1939-1946


The old lead Communion Tokens in use up until 1957

The first time Elders accompanied parents at the font for . Baptism

From left: Rev. J.H. Rankin, Rev. Tommy and Mrs. Watson, John Scott, Elder; Wendell & Mrs. Watson with baby Shannon, William Irvine, Elder.

Mrs. I. Scott with Miss M. Irvine

who has been a choir member for seventy-two years

Elders in 1966

T. Gourley, T. Mitchell, J. Eddie, Rev. A. Crooks, S. Bell, R. Irvine. B. Graham

P.W.A. at 21st Birthday Dinner, 1978.

P.W.A. at 21st Birthday Dinner, 1978.

A ticket for a bygone social.

Jennifer Stewart presenting Mrs. Haire with a bouquet, March 1971.

The Church 1916

Mr.McConaghy & Mrs. Scott

in the new Choir Room, 1981

The Session Room

Built in earlt 1800's

Loughaghery Junior & Intermediate G.A. Session 1962/63

Back Row: Anne Hunter, M. Kirk, D. Carlisle, Linda Beattie, Y. Greer, A. Graham. Middle Row: S. Rush, F. Bell, J. McCord, M. Beatty, A. Brown, D: Carlisle.

Front Row: L. Beattie, R. Greer, O. Gourley, F. McDowell, J. Duncan.


A Sunday school fete on the Manse Lawn in 1930.

Back Row: Mary Patterson, May Irvine, Tommy Gourley, Rev. J. N. Moorhead, Dinah Patterson, Cissy Johnston, and William Irvine.

The Moorhead grave dating back to 1837



The Church Today

A harvest Time Arrangement on the Communion Table

Choir in Portrush 1952

The Elm Tree

with the one-time sexton's house in the background, built 1830

Choir in 1981 at opening of the Choir Room

Senior G.A.

I. Scott, M. Reid, Mrs. Rankin, M. Scott; May McCord, F. Rainey, R. Campbell, Maureen McCord.


Mavis Scott presents Miss Mary Read with a gift

for her work for the past 21 years