I am deeply indebted to the members of the Lisburn Historical Society for the publishing of this book, especially to Trevor Neill. The chairman, and the committee; Harold Duff and Valerie Harkness, who proof read my articles; John Chapman and the Historical Society for the illustrations. I am particularly grateful to Judy Cinnamond for the illustration on the cover.

  To the staff of the Public Record Office, where I spent many happy hours gathering information, and to all those worthy citizens of Lisburn who contributed knowingly or unknowingly b the contents of this book, I say "Thank you."

IN the following articles, written about the Lisburn area and published in "The Ulster Star" at various times, I have derived most of the material from my own experience as the Public Health Inspector under the Antrim County Council and the Lisburn Rural Council, but principally from my work for the Lisburn Urban Council. I was Inspector from 1928 until

1982 and saw the old courts, lanes and entries gradually disappear, the occupiers dispersed to new developing areas and the old homes crumble into heaps of bricks and rubble.

  My job was to recommend to the Councils that these slum dwellings should be taken down and that new housing be provided. It was not until approximately 1960 that demolition commenced. Are the people any happier in their new homes? I don't know; at any rate, they are healthier. Here's a little story to illustrate the complexity of the situation:

Fredrick Kee 

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