Gavin Bamford

Hi, I have attached a few images of old Lisburn post cards for you.  Hope you can use them on your site.
 I moved into 12 NCR a few years ago now and am very interested in the old road.  I would love to know its history and also if anyone has any old photos of the houses at my end (the park).
 I have seen moving film images taken in 1897 from a train as it passes through Lisburn of the whole road behind the big railway wall.  My group of 3 Victorian terrace are there to see.  It's in the library under Digital Film Archive for all to see; just search under Lisburn.  I think my block may have been built in 1870 with the 4 semi-detached ones on either side possibly later in the new century.
 Hope you can help. Regards & thanks
If you can help please

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