Hilden School football team, Lisburn Schools Cup 1936--1937

Hi Jim
I came across this photo in the Ulster Star quite a few years ago I was very much aware of it as it hung in my Grandparents home in the early 40s as my uncle Harry is in it, then one day quite a few years ago sitting with the staff in the Niagara Jimmy Lewis asked me did I know anyone in it. I was aware of three individuals, for some reason I must have cut the photo out of the star and came on unexpectedly while going through old photos so I took it to my Uncle Bobbie Rooney (Bricklayer & Fair Dart Player) and he filled in the rest some Christian names are missing and some nick names are used,  I hope this doesn't give offence .

The Match was the final of the Lisburn School Cup 1936--1937 played at Hilden. It was Hilden School against the Lisburn Boys the final score was Hilden 5, Lisburn Boys 2, the names are as follows

Back Row L--R Harry Rooney --? Johnston--? Mc Clurg--Billy Dornan--Nick Mc Guinness--Chigo Gorman--John O Kane

Centre Row Mr Woodend--Goals Jackie Sharkey-- Mr Towman

Front Row L--R Kenny Friars-- Clute Hanna--Mc Kittireck -- Mr Barbour--? Mc Guinness-- P Towman Jr--Bobbie Gorman.

Last but not least the kid peeking round the corner on the right is Larry Close (Mousey)
Regards Ted

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