Couple seeking old friend from Lisburn

A COUPLE from Sedgefield in Co. Durham are keen to get in touch with an old friend from Lisburn they have not spoken to for many years.
Don Morrison and his wife Jean were neighbours of Lisburn man Bob Kelly (son of James Kelly) and his then wife Christine in naval married quarters in Gibraltar during the period 196566.
At the time both men were Leading Electrical Mechanics based at HMS Rooke and the two couples lived in apartments at Rodgers Road on 'the rock'.
Mr. Morrison explained that Bob married the former Miss Christine Loney at Guisley in Yorkshire in September 1964 when he was 21 and she was 19.
At this stage he was serving as an Electrical Mechanic at HMS Sea Eagle.
His new wife had also served as an Officers Steward while a member of the WRNS.
Their first son, David W. Kelly was born in September 1965 at the Royal Naval Hospital in Gibraltar.
Mr. Morrison who left Gibraltar with his wife in 1966 knows the couple later had another child but is unaware of his or her name.
He also said Mr. Kelly was a member of both the HMS Rooke and Royal Navy Soccer Teams and described him as 'a pretty good goalkeeper'.
Mr. Kelly and his wife are now divorced and Mr. Morrison said he managed to locate the former Mrs. Kelly who now lives in Hampshire through the website 'Friends Reunited'.
He did send her an email but received no response to the communication.
If you can help put Mr. and Mrs. Morrison in touch with Mr. Kelly in the first instance please contact Neil Greenlees at the Ulster Star on 9267 9111. E-mail

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