A Ray of Hope

UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace


Press Release

Largymore Primary School    

8th December,2002

Embargo  : 10th December, 2002

 Largymore Primary School and friends
represent children of Western Europe in global choir.

The children of Largymore Primary School accompanied by a few friends  have just finished recording John Lennon’s “Imagine”. as part of Amnesty International’s message of hope and humanity for all.  This will be one of the largest campaigns in Amnesty International’s  40 year history.

Yoko Ono Lennon has allowed for John Lennon’s “Imagine” to be used as the centre piece of the global campaign which will commence  in Los Angeles and New York on 10th December “International Human Rights Day” The “Imagine” message will be conveyed across various media from TV to PC – with a full length music video, CD single, TV and radio PSAs, outdoor and indoor street posters, an extensive online campaign and curriculum based educational materials. All will be made available for use globally.

Music teacher, Don McBurney was delighted to have been afforded the opportunity for the children to participate. “It is more part of a global family than a world based choir – I am sure the children will remember their involvement for the rest of their lives.”

The voices of children around the globe will be backed up by a group of world class musicians. Currently a film crew is travelling to the five continents capturing the voices and images of children, in Croatia, South Africa and India, to  become part of the video and final mix.

Mr. Stewart, principal of Largymore, commented that it was a wonderful honour for the school to be part of the process by which the message of peace will be globally transmitted and welcomed  and appreciated such an awesome undertaking and initiative.

Mr. Karim Derrick, webmaster at Tag Teacher Net, an on- line organisation of 29,000 teachers, praised the children who they are affiliated to,  through UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace.  Karem  said that the news of Largymore being chosen for such a global accolade did much to promote the oneness that was being extended from children in the United Kingdom to their all inclusive family around the world.


Largymore Primary School is part of an ever growing grouping entitled “ A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace” This was a unique  honour bestowed by the Director-General of UNESCO to a group of 60 children. The small acorns have now grown to 130,000 oak trees and continue to profess the ethos that diversity of culture is enrichment. Such was the exceptional nature of the appointment that it was raised in the House of Commons at prime minister’s question time.

From Hansard

"A Ray of Hope"

Dr. Spink: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he will make a statement about the award of the UNESCO youth ambassador for the culture of peace to the choir, "A Ray of Hope"; and what assessment he has made of the contribution of the choir to the development of a more integrated society. [3436]

Mr. Ancram: The "Ray of Hope" choir is worthy of the warmest congratulations on winning the award of youth ambassador for the culture of peace. The children and teachers of the choir are fine examples of how mutual understanding among our young people can produce very positive results. By spreading the word of peace and reconciliation wherever they perform, they are making their own special contribution towards a more integrated society.

For further information :


Don McBurney  07720 420500     E-mail don@unesco.co.uk


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