Lisburn Boys Club

This photograph of Lisburn Boys' Club which met in the E.M.B. Hall, Hilden, Lisburn, was taken in 1943. The club had members from all denominations.
Back row, from left, are W Morrow, J McCrea, Lavery, D Savage, S Hanna, M Connor, R Kingsberry, R McCabe, N McMullan, J McCabe.
Middle, P Doman, N May, N Stevenson, . Irwin, F Watters, P Waring, W Kirkwood, L Hanna.
Front, S Lynn, D Brodie, J Fleming, R Smyth, N Heasley, W Coates and H Robert Six of  the members pictured have died down the years, M Connor, P Dornan, N May, J Irwin, L Hanna and D Brodie.

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