I have essayed to put on paper the story of Maze Church. It is a bare outline. It touches only upon the externals and the big occasions. More happened than can be chronicled here. Sabbath by Sabbath, week by week, the Spirit of God was at work in the sessions of silent thought, in the deep heart's core, in the private lives of those who sought to know God's Will and to walk in His Ways. The Recording Angel has entered in the Book of Gods remembrance the story of the saints of Maze, of this one's anonymous kindnesses, of that one's unsuspected valour, of still another's quiet, brave endurance. Their faith and love are set down in the archives of Heaven if not here.

And as to the future, -may there ever be staunch souls to serve the Sanctuary here, and in this place may the Redeemer's glory be

Rev Thomas Dunn

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