St Joseph's Hall

Hope this finds you well Jim, I came across this photo which I took some years ago, I was wondering would it be of interest to you for the web site it is a image which would bring back memories to people of a certain age, myself included, of my schooldays as the school was incorporated in the hall also it hosted some great concerts, dances, plays also the Lisburn feish for many years, also it at one time hosted a great gymnasium team ran by an ex-army man I think his name was Edward Kerr and he ran a tight ship, Jim I could eminence all day as with hindsight I now realise how much the hall meant to a lot of people, it seems a world away from the social life young ones enjoy today, of course we graduated from there to the one and only Verneys? I am sorry I haven't got a photo of it of course you could write a book about it as well. Enjoy the web site very much, Jim I will close now by the way the house in the photo on the Low Rd the one beside the school is the house were nine of us was raised it has now been viewed from Trim to Main to Melbourne to Alice Springs Kind Regards Ted Rooney.

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