Mum and daughter seek information about ancestors

IS your name Lane, Irvin(e) or Irwin? If so, then you may be able to help a mother and daughter seeking information about their ancestors.
Suzanne Stephens who lives in Kuerten, Germany and her mother lone Harriet Irvin Stephens of Fairfax, USA visited Ireland three years ago and traced family roots in Co.Down.
Two years ago Suzanne visited the Dumfries area of Southern Scotland and traced their path from there across the Irish sea.
However, she is not sure when they left Scotland for Ireland or when they left Ireland for the USA.
Mrs. Stephens Senior has been carrying out genealogy research for many years and knows her grandfather James Irvin was born in Co. Down in 1836.
His wife Lizzie Lane was born in Co. Antrim in 1856 or 1859 and the couple were married on March 8, 1855 in Bushmills.
Mrs. Stephens great-grandfather John Irvin was born in Co. Down in 1804 as was his wife Mary in 1800.
Other ancestors were also born in Co. Down and research carried out by the two ladies at the Public Records Office in Balmoral Avenue has shown there may well be strong family ties with the Ballynahinch area.
If you can help in any way please' contact Neil Greenlees at the Ulster Star on 02892679111. Alternatively you can email

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