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Catherine McClelland


CATHERINE McClelland, 30, from Maghaberry is married to Simon and they have two boys, Reuben aged 2 and Archie aged 6 months. She is currently on maternity leave from her full time job but recently became the new consultant of the Slimming World group in Maghaberry Community Centre which takes place on a Monday evening at 7pm. Catherine lost over three stone from March by following Slimming World.

What do you like doing on your day off?
I love jumping into the car and heading off out somewhere with my husband and the kids.

Favourite meal?
A hard question, because I love eating, especially eating out. I prefer not having to travel too far, so you would probably see me quite regularly in the Tannery, Pretty Mary's or The Masala Hut in Moira.

Proudest moment?
Having my 2 babies, though I'm sure most mummies would say that.

Most frightening moment of your life?
When I was held up, by armed robbers, in my mum and dad's shop in Belfast. This ended up happening to me a number of occasions between the ages of 16 and 19. One of the times though I got them caught red handed by the police for which I got a police commendation!

Your taste in clothes?
I like to think it is smart casual. I usually try to play it quite safe, though now that I have lost weight I am getting a bit more adventurous.

What would you do if you won a million pounds?
I'd clear the mortgage, go on an amazing holiday, give my family a bit of money and keep enough to help us be comfortable for the rest of our lives. I'd treat myself to a new wardrobe or skinnier clothes too.

Most embarrassing moment?
My life has been filled with embarrassing moments, which my family never let me forget.

What music do you like?
That depends on the mood, it could be anything from a bit of Barry White to Muse.

Describe your best ever holiday.
My best holiday was in Thailand. I loved the culture, the landscape and the weather. We stayed in Bangkok for 4 nights and then headed to a 5 star beach resort for a bit of luxury. The whole trip was amazing from start to finish. There's so much to see and do in Thailand, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Greatest remaining ambition?
To bring up my kids as happy, pleasant and well rounded individuals.

A celebrity to spend a day with?
Prince Harry. So I could get to see how the 'other half' live and I think he'd be great craic.

Three things to take to a desert island?
Insect repellent, my iphone and internet connection.

Favourite things

  • Car: Audi TT
  • Film: Sound of Music
  • Comedian: Jason Byrne
  • CD: Blondie's Greatest Hits
  • Book: Slimming World's Secret to Success
  • Actor: Tom Hanks
  • Actress: Keira Knightly
  • Drink: Vodka and Diet Coke

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